Video: An in-depth look at the Xbox One controller

CVG: The Xbox 360 controller is widely considered to be the best current-gen pad. Microsoft has claimed '40 improvements' have been made with the new Xbox One controller, and that makes it kind of a big deal.

CVG's Rob Crossley goes hands-on with the new pad in the video below to offer an in-depth look at exactly what's new and how it all feels in the palm of your hands.

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Ksar1951d ago

Looks so much more expensive and modern. Best controller is now better in every single way.

BiggCMan1951d ago

The ONLY thing I didn't like was that the light on the home button is very dim. I kind of like the bright on the 360 controller, makes it easy to tell what player, and what the battery level is.

It's really dim now, but I do actually like the white color better than the green. Otherwise, it seems like a nice improvement, albeit fairly similar to the 360 controller.

I haven't heard much on it though, unlike the Dualshock 4 which seems to be getting an unusual amount of praise JUST for a controller. I'm really curious to see what the big deal is about it.

ConwayGritty1951d ago

You will not need to know which player your controller is, the kinect automatically will switch players/controllers by whoever is holding a certain controller!

I'm not nessisalary on the kinect wagon but I does dissolve this part of your issue with the controller :)

BallsEye1951d ago

Awesome controller. Looks super pro! Just the light makes me think, how will we know now which pad is which player if it doesn't have the 4 piece ring...hmmm.

Jrxbarrett1951d ago

I don't believe it's that dim. That's just a very lit room. I believe the home button on the controller and Xbox do that same light up blue them white thing. Some transparent ish. Ish but its cool to me.

CRAIG6671951d ago

The Dualshock 4, was bound to get praise because it's such a MASSIVE improvement over the DS3, which is awful, sure some people love it but I have always hated it, very much look forward to Sony exclusives next-gen with a comfortable pad.

tigertom531950d ago

it doesn't matter with Xbox one which controller is player one or player two because Kinect knows what person instead of a controller which player is who,,,

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gaelic_laoch1951d ago

'Best controller is now better in every single way' same old AA's though!

Other then that it looks great!

GarrusVakarian1951d ago

Xbox 360 controller is my favourite controller of all time, i wonder if the new one will feel as comfortable to hold.

Hufandpuf1951d ago

Nice comparison video. Can't wait to see it in action.

vikingland11951d ago

Looks like they made it even better than the 360 controller in many subtle ways.

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