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SEGA customer service thinks Bayonetta 1 and 2 are the same game


Someone reached out to SEGA in order to find out if there was a chance for Bayonetta to receive a Wii U port. If there is no chance, the customer was going to purchase Bayonetta on the 360 or PS3. The response that SEGA customer service gave is absolutely mind-boggling. (Bayonetta, Bayonetta 2, Sega, Wii U)

nick309  +   531d ago
They need to audicene people who know about sega games.
falcon97  +   530d ago
Try Bayonetta1 is crap with washed out visuals and jaggies all over the place ??

Bayonetta2 is Nextgen in action,graphics,gameplay.....
Venox2008  +   530d ago
maybe you didnt play xbox360 version, I still hope for Bayo1 on Wii U
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gamer42  +   531d ago
I wonder if anyone's going to tweet Kamiya about this, I want to see what he thinks.
animegamingnerd  +   531d ago
i am tempt to but scared on what will happen
gamer42  +   531d ago
I can't blame you, he would probably rage if he heard about this.

Edit: Well, not rage, more likely insult you
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falcon97  +   530d ago
Bayonetta 1


Bayonetta 2


Please 2 dissagrees for saying the truth,look the 1st one is washed out,WiiU version is dazzling,in fact look at the animations on wiiu,her clothes blowing all over the place,movements are more elegant if you can't see that this sequel absolutely squashes the 1st your the biggest fan boy on earth...wow

On a side note the demo at E3 was the biggest best demo ive ever seen for any video game....
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ritsuka666  +   530d ago
Common gamer for Kamiya: customer service thinks Bayonetta 1 and 2 are the same game, Kamiya!

Kamiya: What???? Fu** off!!

Gamer: It's looks the same graphics...

Kamiya: You eat shit?
deafdani  +   530d ago
Sounds accurate. XD
Neonridr  +   531d ago
And somehow this article will be spun into "Nintendo sucks", lol.

Wow, they hire anybody nowadays don't they? Wanna be a customer service rep for a video game company? Who cares if you actually play video games at all... you're hired.
KillrateOmega  +   531d ago
To be fair, that would kind of be unrealistic of them to try to search for and hire people based on their preferred hobby and gaming experience.

I imagine that that would also be very difficult to accurately gauge as to whether or not it meets their criteria. What exactly would their criteria be? How much gaming experience is enough?
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caseh  +   531d ago
'How much gaming experience is enough? '

Being aware that games exist.
RFornillos4  +   531d ago
the fact is, most of the customer service representatives are at best, only have basic knowledge in what they do. companies don't hire them for their extensive knowledge of their IP's or works, otherwise if you have such an extensive knowledge you'll be classified more as a consultant. it's a bonus if they do find someone with enough knowledge and skills for it.

on the other hand, they may encourage their employees to stock up on information about their products, but for the average employee who's in it for the pay, such information may just be a bore.
Neonridr  +   530d ago
While I don't necessarily expect a CSR to know everything about their company, it wouldn't hurt to browse their website or read a publication of theirs from time to time. I would hope that there would be some required reading from time to time to keep your staff up to speed on what your company is doing.

Clearly this isn't the case.. XD
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porkChop  +   531d ago
So it seems like they confirmed that the first Bayonetta will be getting a Wii U port.
maniac76  +   531d ago
Obviously a verbal mix up lmao. And didnt bayo suc on ps3 and ran smoother on xbox,or somethin lol
fsfsxii  +   531d ago
The first bayonetta was meh at best. Sorry, but it failed to surpass even DMC2. Hopefully the second game will be better
Concertoine  +   531d ago
DMC 2?! Your kidding right? There has yet to be another action game that surpasses bayonetta in terms of scale, combat depth, or replayability. And the reviews definitely support that sentiment.
fsfsxii  +   531d ago
I kinda overexxagrated in that statement.
The story was absolutely shit!
The gameplay is what kept me playing, and it was alright. Everything else wasn't worth mentioning.

Nothing can top NGS2. NOTHING!
DoctorJones  +   530d ago
Yeah, Bayonetta was much better than DMC2. It was better than NGS2 as well imo.
plmkoh  +   531d ago
Doesn't matter to Sega, if they sell the first game or the second, they still profit.
Deadpoolio  +   531d ago
They do not profit off of Bayonetta 2...Are you high Nintendo is paying platinum for development not Sega...Sega dropped the IP hence Nintendo paying for development of the sequel
Pancit_Canton  +   531d ago
Sega are stupid enough to not publish this game and give the publishing rights to Nintendo. They should know this by now that New IP tends to sell less given it's popularity. They should have took the risk and publish the second one to all consoles. I hope they would not do the same thing to Vanquish.
LOL_WUT  +   531d ago
I have a bad feeling about this game... ;)

Hopefully SEGA advertises the hell out this ip
kratos_TheGoat  +   531d ago
after a boring story Bayonetta the gameplay was fun but story was a dub
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kirbyu  +   530d ago
What would make you think that? Doesn't the title "Bayonetta 2" tell you it's a sequel?
Kennytaur  +   530d ago
Sounds like this Sega employee thought: "here's a fool, I'll make him or her buy the first one so we at Sega make the money. Mwuhuhaha!"
thomasmiller  +   530d ago
they are trying to calm down all the trolls who are throwing a sissy tantrum about Bayonetta 2 WILL NOT be another platform except the wii u... so this will probably calm them down... Sega knows it's a different game, they are just tired of all the threats from trolls they are getting.. Hey if this will shut them the hell up, I say go for it!!
timeon11111111111  +   530d ago
calm down everyone. This doesnt sound as bad as you think it is.

Demon Souls and Dark Souls are both the same game from a gameplay point of view.
But both of them were great games.

Dark Souls were from many angles, more polished than Demon Souls.
It had things that Demon Souls didn't.

Bayonetta 2 will be a more polished Bayonetta 1, have coop and new story and stuff.

You cant ask for more from a sequel...
Infact the coop of Bayonetta 2 could elevate Bayonetta 2 to a

10/10 game.

Either way you wont know how different Bayo 2 is to a good degree until you play the game.

You have only a rough view of it, which applies to most games.

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