Netflix app for Xbox 360 updated with new design, profiles

Netflix updated its Xbox 360 app Friday, bringing the interface more in line with the streaming service's app for Windows 8 and Windows RT as well as adding support for the service's new profiles feature.

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mochachino1777d ago

Still can't believe MS doesn't allow you to use Netflix without first paying for Live Gold.

N7Lukas1777d ago

A payment to access a payment. Its the MS way.

1777d ago
ABizzel11777d ago

It's borderline criminal. If the movies are streaming from M$ servers than you're paying M$ to simply access your Netflix account, something EVERY other devices lets you do for free.

Keep spinning it, to make you feel better, and try to save face for M$.

nukeitall1777d ago

MS puts plenty engineering effort behind their apps, and all the apps are done by MS.

They removed the Xbox Engineering Blog, but in it they detailed how MS made seamless transitions on their Netflix apps.

This was at the time only available on the Xbox 360.

Your fee allows MS to not only bring apps like Netflix (MS pretty sparked the Netflix revolution), but also bring new features, tailored UI and uniform experience.

Everyone else just dumps their vanilla app on their console.

blackmanone1777d ago

Nuke, you're giving MS credit for starting the "Netflix Revolution"??? Seriously? Do comments on here get anymore silly than that?

mcstorm1777d ago

Edonus nice to see someone thinking with a level head rather than being a fanboy. What I find funny about all this is how many people on here that have a 360 don't have Xbox live?

Khajiit861777d ago


It doesnt matter how you start the show or movie you watch the same stuff we watch on ps3. I like simple menus and we got profiles on ps3 couple weeks ago.

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Kayant1777d ago


All those apps are mostly proprietary by nature.... If you look at apps in general platform to platform they tend to take advantage of most aspects available on the platform so apps like netflix having voice commands, gesture controls etc are just enhancing and taking advantage of what's available on the xbox platform which is kinect. They are doing this through developer api's and the sdk's provided by MS to build apps for the xbox. I doubt MS pays devs often to do things like that.

cee7731777d ago (Edited 1777d ago )

Netflix,internet explorer and YouTube are behind A paywall on Xbox, these shady practices are the reason I will never own an Xbox. I'll simply play on friends and family if I feel the urge I simply can't support Microsoft ways.

Its not the about the money its the principal.

Jrxbarrett1777d ago

It's Xbox live. Either you like it or you don't. It's about the principal lol. Oookkk.... They do not force you to buy the console or live. Leave them alone. MS has said nothing about Sony but somehow Sony always has MS in their mouths. The ps4 is a real system seller. I wonder what else is free. 0% of time is put into those free services. Don't you get it? They don't care? Fuck it. It's free. I kill myself sometimes. Haha

1777d ago
CRAIG6671777d ago

who gives a f*%k, I purchase consoles to play games, if Microsoft think blocking Netflix in order to seemingly add value to gold,whatever,I don't care,I purchase consoles to do something extraordinary... get a load of this, its crazy -PLAY GAMES.

dale_denton1777d ago

a new design to bring in more ADs

Jrxbarrett1777d ago

Do you have an Xbox? They advertise great products. TB headsets, movies, free 2 play games.... Etc

dale_denton1777d ago

yes i did and i took a dump on it after the so called "great product ads" came on my screen.

1777d ago
koolaid2511777d ago

I've been a gold member for ten years so yes it does suck for the broke people not to have xbox live lol.

dale_denton1776d ago

broke people? sorry i don't think they're broke.. smarter yes. and a lot smarter for sticking with ps+ =)

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GraveLord1777d ago

We got the profiles feature last week on PS3. There wasn't even an update...I wonder how that works?

Software_Lover1777d ago

Probably some approval process.

Software_Lover1777d ago

I personally do not like the netflix interface on the 360 or the ps3, they are a cut above the netflix app I have for my television though.

I prefer to use the Media Center netflix app with windows 7, or the nice windows 8 netflix app.

WildArmed1777d ago

The UI is very restrictive on consoles, sometimes I feel like they are forcing me to look through stuff I've never watch

Ripsta7th1777d ago

To everyone bitching about having to pay on 360, just watch it on ur pc.

No_Limit1777d ago (Edited 1777d ago )

or laptop, smartphone, tablet. There are multiple options out there. Also, since buying a Xbox in the first place is to play games, and online games especially, most people have gold accounts anyways and all the features like Netflix, music, skype, NFL, TV, DVR are part of the package and $30-$60 a year is not that much. If you people don't like to game online and just want to watch Netflix, there are other options available instead of b!tching about a product that you people have no interest in the first place.

An example was online play, now the PS4 also requires paywall for it, the part about "I will never pay for online gaming" suddenly never existed. It is all propaganda, nothing more.

KonsoruMasuta1777d ago

Not everyone who has a Xbox also has a smartphone or PC. And not everyone games online.

There is no reason for MS to pay wall thing we already pay for.

And before you try telling me that I'm just hating MS for being MS, I should tell you now, I own a 360.

Everybody tries to justify the pay wall but there is no way to justify it.

LAWSON721777d ago (Edited 1777d ago )

They need to add profiles to the Windows 8 app and android app still, for a while I could only use profiles on website and PS3

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