Gamescom: Phil Spencer to talk about "Next Generation Gaming"

Microsoft's Phil Spencer will talk about Next Generation Gaming during a keynote at this year's Gamescom.

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NewMonday1778d ago

it will be disappointing if all MS dose is a re-messaging campaign, they need some good shocking surprises to even begin to turn things around.

Septic1778d ago

I don't think they need 'shocking surprises'. Yeah, a bad taste does linger on with the X1 after the way it was revealed but MS have clearly done quite a bit to set those things right.

* The launch line-up is great
* The headset issue is sorted
* The DRM stuff is gone
* MS are more forthcoming in their communication

Certain things will sting like the Xbox Live paywall and mandatory Kinect, but these aren't major things. Well, the mandatory Kinect has riled a few feathers but I reckon once the consoles grace our living rooms, it will be an exciting period for everyone.

I do agree that he can't keep regurgitating the same old stuff about 'The Power of the Cloud' etc. Gamescom should be accompanied with at least one other exclusive (which early reports suggest will happen) and more information about how the UI works in the game etc.

I also expect a show of support for indie developers.

thehitman1778d ago

To be honest even if MS did everything right out the gate I think they wouldve had trouble against Sony at $100 more. I think MS stopped the bleeding they caused themselves but now its just a big scar that wont go away.

GodGinrai1778d ago

I think they should go the whole hog. Shock and awe. announce a bunch of non-timed big exclusives.

Diver1778d ago

They need to do something for gamers of their own free will. Do something they weren't forced to do by gamers beating their ass in the press

IAMERROR1778d ago

I wanna see what the Japan studio is working on! I'd probably have to wait till TGS. I hope the unannounced game is Crackdown 3 or Banjo 3, that'll be nice. I'm liking the recent efforts MS is doing, I hope they keep it going and hopefully remove some of the ridiculous paywall stuff.

Minato-Namikaze1778d ago

I think they do need that shock and awe factor. They need something to take away the negative press they caused since the reveal. It doesn help that sony keeps hammering them everytime they make a somewhat decent annoucement.

Plus they have to know sony is gonna be coming to gamescom with quite a few new titles. They need to go big or go home.

No_Limit1778d ago (Edited 1778d ago )

good one Septic. MS already steered the ship in the right direction with all these great announcement and policy changes well before the release date. LOL, outside of fanboys infested sites like this and Neogaf, the rest of the population can care less about some lame excuse about "it is to little, too late" preaching when the system won't be out until another 3 months. If these changes happened after launch, I can see the point but a product still currently in development, this should only be looked at as a positive. Keep the great news coming.

JokesOnYou1778d ago (Edited 1778d ago )

Septic what newmonday means is he's already disappointed. You've seen his history and you know how most of trolls on n4g follow everything about xbox just to spread their hate. People here have done nothing to make the X1 better it was real xbox fans on dedicated xbox forums that Microsoft to their credit have been very responsive to the feedback from the xbox community.

I think most xbox fans just want to see more gameplay about all the exclusive games announced so far, we want to see more Kinect in game use, we want to know the exact release date, we want them to elaborate/demo a bit more on all the X1 UI features and finally a surprise or two we didn't know about= that would be a awesome GamesCom showing.

Salooh1778d ago Show
NewMonday1778d ago


yes I'm disappointed like the huge majority of the gaming community, just saying what I think MS should do to turn things around and convince people like me the XB1 is worth it, it was the same with the PS3 for me, I never owned one till late 2009 after Sony started to turn things around.

"People here have done nothing to make the X1 better it was real xbox fans on dedicated xbox forums.."

I'm sorry but MS was listening to me and my money, not you and your passion. if "yes men" are the only thing MS wants then that is all they will get, just like the WiiU and look how that ended up.

1778d ago
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miyamoto1778d ago

From my experience talking about working class Xbox 360 gamers they have really negative word of mouth about M$ Xbosed 180. and they wont even bother to know the changes M$ has made.

1st impression do last for a long time.
Hate not love at first sight.

The same happened to the PS3 and Wii U with their price points and it took a long while for people to reconsider.

Its gonna take years and billions from M$ to control the damage they have done with Xposed 180.

they said they will buy a PS4 a year later after launch but will buy a cheaper PS3 this holidays.

Belking1778d ago (Edited 1778d ago )

lol..are you serious? hey have definitely turned things around already. But it doesn't matter, people will still hate. It's part of the game.

CRAIG6671778d ago

I really want another Conker game...

Ausbo1778d ago

im excited. Out of all microsoft execs, i like phil spencer the most, cause he comes across as someone who actually plays games.

Don Mattrick on the other hand didn't seem like he did.

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JBSleek1778d ago

I find this whole situation weird to be honest.

People didn't like what the Xbox One was doing initially so they spoke out for them to change it.

Now people are faulting the Xbox One for going "180".

If MS would of stuck to the original plan people would have hated the Xbox One.

When MS did switch things up to appease its consumers they get criticized for going 180.

Then they say well MS should of got it right the first time. Which to that arguments credit is valid yet the main issues that people didn't like with the One is gone so I would think tempers would go down yet they haven't.

Yes MS still uses a paywall yet they have always done this. Not saying that is an excuse but it isn't a shock.

Yes it is expensive for marginally less hardware(I know I will get shit for such a statement but so be it) because of the added Kinect. Yes you don't want a camera but that is a critical design in the Xbox One like it or not, and no it isn't a spying mechanism...that argument is one of the worse.

Honestly the console has little legitimate gripes. I just don't think the console in its current state deserves to be damaged like this. This is just about what the PS3 went through and now look at it.

Lastly, people wanted games that is all they ever say they want and MS gave that to them and they still hate it...I think that right there just shows that this is mob mentality at this point.

Edward751778d ago

Bubble up JB. You sum'd up n4g's masses and how many feel about the Xbox one in that comment.

sarcastoid1778d ago

I think that once that final straw breaks the camels back and you realize that this company just cannot be trusted, then yeah... it's easy to get on them for everything they do. It may not be 'fair' to MS, but... it's MS-- when are they fair? Unless they're backed into a corner and are forced to be fair.

Bathyj1778d ago

Youre right. It is weird. Many of the things I hated are now gone. I should be happy.

But the bottomline is I just dont trust Microsoft. I dont believe they have gamers interest at heart. Past experience has told me they will go hard in the early years of the gen, and then just pay lip service to their console scraping by with the bare minimum.

And many of the things they wanted to implement they acted like it was part of a grand scheme. If they truly believed that they would have stuck to their guns and sold it better.

The truth is they just wanted to see what they could get away with, how far they could push. They stepped over the line and then quickly jumped back when they realised they were in no mans land.

I'm going with PS4 because of Sonys unshakeable track record. No one can doubt their commitment or the fact they will deliver great games. They have gamers and the gaming industry as their top priority.

These are my main concerns. I dont care about the price. I dont care the Xbox is less powerful. Ive no doubt the Xbox will have great games. My biggest issue with Xbox is Microsoft. Their pattern of behaviour suggests they will turn their backs on us again, and introduce practices we dont want or need.

I'm not falling for it a 3rd time. If I did I would have no one but myself to blame. I waited for the XBOne reveal with an open mind but it was horrible. Their flip flops, rather than sway me back just illustrated their lack of a clear vision.

I cant and wont deny XBOne will have its merits, it will have good games, but I wont get into bed with MS again, the same as I wouldnt sleep with a hot chick I knew had herpes. I might have fun at the time, but it just wouldnt be worth it.

SuperLupe1778d ago

"But the bottomline is I just dont trust Microsoft. I dont believe they have gamers interest at heart. Past experience has told me they will go hard in the early years of the gen, and then just pay lip service to their console scraping by with the bare minimum."

First of all dude, its just a games console, dont take it so seriousy.

Second, according to people like you MS was supposed to drop support for the 360 as soon as the Xbox One was out. 360 still going strong and still gonna be around for years.

Stop the pathetic "past record" crap. Sony wasnt capable of protecting our credit card info this gen. So according to their past record I should expect my credit card info to be stolen again this gen right ?

What about PS3 having two disastrous first years when it comes to exclusives ? So according to your logic I shouldnt get a PS4 until at least 2016 since all their games will suck ? I mean it is their "past record" right ? Pathetic.

JBSleek1778d ago

"I'm going with PS4 because of Sonys unshakeable track record."

And you lost me right there and that is the one sided argument that really puzzles me.

Sony comes out with a $600 price point and all is forgiven.

They remove features that was advertised in the beginning yet all was forgiven.

They have one of the biggest shutdowns of a network in quite some time and then don't tell their own customers they were hacked till a few days after and all was quickly forgiven.

My real problem is that people can easily find faults in MS yet don't even bat an eye when it comes to Sony.

If you can forgive Sony than you can forgive MS. Stop the nonsensical one sided arguments.

In my post I acknowledged what MS has done wrong in my post and the legitimate gripes it has. While the other side has not, will not, and won't ever have a sensible discussion on this topic.

Saddam_hussein1778d ago

Sucks for you man. It's not a life altering decisions

DragonKnight1778d ago (Edited 1778d ago )

@JBSleek: "Sony comes out with a $600 price point and all is forgiven."

Are you serious? Where were you when that happened? It was NEVER forgiven. EVER. Sony had to have that hanging over their head for the entire generation. Even after slashing the price several times, they were always ridiculed for their launch price.

"They remove features that was advertised in the beginning yet all was forgiven."

OtherOS was never advertised bud, sorry but you're wrong there. And if you're talking about B.C. they delivered it in the $600 console and people b*tched about the price. So they told everyone they were releasing a new SKU without B.C. If you wanted B.C. you could have had it at any time. And just as you have proven with this comment you made, it has obviously never been forgiven.

"They have one of the biggest shutdowns of a network in quite some time and then don't tell their own customers they were hacked till a few days after and all was quickly forgiven."

A) Not their fault, which is important to remember.

B) That's standard protocol so as to come up with effective solutions and not cause widespread, unnecessary panic.

C.1) You have just proven it was never forgiven yet again.

C.2) If it was forgiven, it's because of A.

It's like you were absent from the entire generation. Everyone knows that a new gen means a clean slate. And what did MS do with that clean slate? Try to remove consumer rights, force network connections, act arrogant and dismissive to those with concerns until pre-orders and Jimmy Fallon handed them a cold hard slap of reality straight in the face and then they turned everything around after telling everyone they couldn't just do that.

The difference between your examples of Sony vs. the examples of MS is that you're using PS3 vs. PS4 examples when PS4 is a new game altogether. The MS examples aren't 360 vs. Xbox One. They are MS/Xbox One vs. Gamers in the Present Day.

Notice how no one is saying "there's going to be another RROD" or about how MS used to have wi-fi as a separate device you had to pay $100 for? Why is that? Because they aren't talking about Microsoft's mistakes with the current gen, they are talking about the mistakes MS have made going into the next one.

JokesOnYou1778d ago (Edited 1778d ago )

-First off it was forgiven with tons of ps loyalists from this very site like some above saying how it was worth $600 because "teh power of the cell",(which has been ditched) and all the other Ken Kutaragi 120fps type-hype saying it was cheap.

"OtherOS was never advertised bud, sorry but you're wrong there"

-From official playstation site:

There is more to the PLAYSTATION®3 (PS3™) computer entertainment system than you may have assumed. In addition to playing games, watching movies, listening to music, and viewing photos, you can use the PS3™ system to run the Linux operating system."

"By installing the Linux operating system, you can use the PS3™ system not only as an entry-level personal computer with hundreds of familiar applications for home and office use, but also as a complete development environment for the Cell Broadband Engine™ (Cell/B.E.)."

-Wow, I just stopped reading right there. Yep they took it away after using it to sell the console to early adopters, then used firmware updates to take it away AFTER YOU PAID FOR IT. I could go on about arrogance and "things" they sold gamers on then never produced but honestly although a prefer my xbox, sony is a great company that made mistakes, and the FIXED THEM, so my intent is NOT to bash them, just highlight the hypocrisy. Clearly you're conveniently re-imagining history but its OK you ONLY want to see the mistakes of Microsoft.

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Blackdeath_6631778d ago

well they said skype isnt a spying mechanisim and look where we are now. microsoft is the first to be apart of the NSA scandal and i have little trust in them. privacy concerns are very much legitimate and MS has done nothing to address that

Jaqen_Hghar1778d ago

but MS has less games. They announced that they would have 15 exclusive first party titles in the first year and then Sony came out a couple weeks later and said "20 in the first year" and also announced they had more new IPs. A man also sees more and more things behind a paywall for MS while Sony just keep countering by saying Plus is only needed for online MP.

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Wikkid6661778d ago

I hope they tell us more of how the 360 will interact with One.

DoctorXpro1778d ago

Even if MS said Xbox One will be free that still would be a reason for sony Nazis come here and say something bad about...

mafiahajeri1778d ago

Couple of years late, eh m8?

SuperLupe1778d ago

"Couple of years late, eh m8?" Says the gus who makes RROD jokes.

WeAreLegion1778d ago

Actually, the PS3 launched at $499. The 60 Gb was $599, however. So, the Xbox One is launching at the same price as the PS3.

Just saying.

DoctorXpro1778d ago

no need to complain about prices when you see people paying stupid prices for smartphones and other devices.

Companies like Sony and Apple, and thats very visible, thats why Samsung is heading to the top

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