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Mass Effect 4: Why Isn’t Commander Shepard Coming Back

It has been confirmed that Mass Effect 4 will have a completely new focus, since Commander Shepard’s destiny has been fulfilled and there’s nothing much to go on about. There are mainly two reasons that won’t allow the hero of Mass Effect to return in upcoming games, at least not as a main character. (Mass Effect 4, PC, PS4, Xbox One)

GusHasGas  +   594d ago | Well said
Hooray, Mass Effect is ruined & doomed now!
Senyra  +   594d ago
Not necessarily but yes the original story ended for good.
Canary  +   594d ago

That happened a long, long time ago.
Senyra  +   594d ago
Not now, I just gave my opinion about why Shepard won't come back at all.
JohnnyBadfinger  +   594d ago | Well said
No Shepard no Mass Effect. Enough said. Like taking Mario out of mario
GusHasGas  +   594d ago
SpideySpeakz  +   594d ago | Well said
Sorry, I don't see Shepard's name as the title like Mario. The entire Mass Effect universe doesn't revolve around Shepard. I'd like to see someone NEW for once.
Deadpoolio  +   594d ago
That just sounds stupid...How the hell is it ruined because they choose to focus on a new story that doesn't involve Shepard? His story is pretty much finished...People complain when other games keep going with the same people, they also never said that they wouldn't ever do anything with Shepard
3-4-5  +   594d ago
First game was awesome. It felt like a real world that existed.

I was pretty disappointed with ME2 & 3.

2 had Thane, but it also was 90% " Go find person A, get attacked, leave area with them."

ME3 was just.....ehhhh, lazy
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pacostacos  +   594d ago | Well said
If only EA wouldnt have bought bioware...smh
Cobberwebb  +   594d ago
As time passes, my disappointed in ME2 and 3 grows. I've just lost all interest in this universe. I'll only be slightly interested in the new game if it is set AFTER the events of ME3 and even then it will not be likely a day one purchase.
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DARK WITNESS  +   594d ago
most people will disagree, but you are not alone.

the more i think about it the less i like it, to the point that now I can't see myself playing it. there is a lot that went wrong with it that just turned me off the game completely.
medman  +   594d ago | Well said
I disagree completely. The journey through the three games was among the best experiences I've had in videogames. The ending could be considered questionable, but for me it in no way "ruined" what my Shepard had experienced up to the finale. If your experience was completely tarnished by the final 20 minutes and that ruins the series for you, I would question if you enjoyed the ME galaxy to begin with. The characters in Shepard's crew are memorable, far more than most in gaming.
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UnHoly_One  +   594d ago | Well said
The fact that the ME universe and the characters they created were so great and memorable is exactly WHY the ending ruined the series for me.

I have played through ME 1 and 2 at least 6 times each, doing different things, with different character classes, etc, then ME 3 comes along and destroys everything in the last 15 minutes.

I expected to replay ME3 at least 6 times, plus playing through the whole series of 3 again a few more times on top of that. But no, haven't touched any of them since the ending of 3 killed it for it.

Instead of having a reason to go back and see how many different things I can change and see differently, there is no reason to go back, because I'm going to get the same trash ending regardless.

It still infuriates me over a year later every time I think of that garbage.
Cobberwebb  +   594d ago
Don't get me wrong, I had fun and it has NOTHING to do with the ending. I wasn't one of those screaming for clarity or whatever. For me, Mass Effect was perfect, Mass Effect 2 had great characters but the planet scanning and the terminator at the end was terrible. And in Mass Effect 3 Shepard should have been wearing a shirt and tie, the game's story in general was bad.
Blachek  +   594d ago
I think the game play was terrific with choices and actions that altered outcomes, the writers did a fantastic job in my opinion. I enjoyed the ending, I liked it enough to play through to see the others and got hooked to the ME3 multiplayer along the way.

I am excited to see what they produce.
Senyra  +   594d ago
It's true. The next game will focus an entire new story, probably after the events of ME3 with a new protagonist and enthusiastic new companions.
Blachek  +   594d ago
I think it would be good to have a new set of playable characters and storyline trajectories.

I believe it should be a sequel and it would need to make some assumptions as to your choices from the decisions from the 1st trilogy. It would be incredibly difficult to further the universe without picking a plot line to run with.
The Meerkat  +   594d ago
With the power of the new consoles I want to be the main character.

The consoles could synthesise any name I type for my character and blend it seamlessly into conversations.

The Kinect / PS Eye could capture my features and make the character look just like me.

They could even record me reading a page of text to get my voice print and from that recreate my voice to say anything they want in game. There could also be personality settings. So I can pick between polite and rude version of me. With one dropping F-Bombs every few minutes like Deb in Dexter.

I want to say bye bye Commander Shepard and Hello to ME.
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Phoenix76  +   594d ago
If they are doing a new mass effect game it should centre around the tech left behind by the reapers and an alien race who stumbles across it. Which would be a more ideal setting. But that my opinion
Senyra  +   594d ago
That's quite an interesting idea and BioWare will most likely make at least some great quests about that.
Phoenix76  +   594d ago
Thanks :-)
Foxgod  +   594d ago
I would like to see some intergalactic space faring, instead of Milky way traversing.
Foxgod  +   594d ago
As long as EDI comes back, i need my dose of artificial camel toe.
webeblazing  +   594d ago
New Game please. why these devs constantly work on the same franchise at lease go do something else then come back.
Senyra  +   593d ago
Easy. The series became really famous and what's famous sells well, no matter what it really is once it achieved the "celebrity status".
BOLTZ93  +   590d ago
so he died in the first mass effect then he was brought back to life in number 2 and now he is separated in the mass effect world by putting himself into the cycle in number 3. Why can't he start out as a child and then as he gets old lets say 18 years later he starts getting flashbacks and it starts out as a new series of mass effect
Kitsunegahoole  +   588d ago
I think it will be fine without Shepard. He made the other three games, but let someone else take over. If not, then eventually Shepard would get too over played. Changing everything worked for Star Trek when they did The Next Generation, so it can't be that bad right?
batmarkboost  +   586d ago
all series of mass effect was tremendously awesome and extraordinary. I love mass effect 1,2,3. I would like to see a new character in mass effect 4 including shepard. And would also like to see how they incorporate other characters as well in the next game. which would engross us the same way as it had done before.... waiting like hell for ME4
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