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PixlBit | "So, you’ve died. Kicked the bucket. Bit the dust. That’s unfortunate isn’t it? You may think so, dead before it was your time to go. Now you have nothing to do except gaze upon the mortals. Wait! Not so! Not when you get the badass job of bounty hunter, hunting souls and returning them to the underworld. There you are, partnered up with a senior hunter, and you get cool weapons to fight the Deados. You’ve got skill on your side, wit, and you’re the good guy. Imagine it: A super cool job in the afterlife, filled with danger and excitement for your enjoyment. Now you get to live through this fabulous life in a game with just that type of character! This game could be amazing! Unfortunately, as cool as the idea behind the story is, the game doesn’t live up to any expectation you might have had."

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TheEnigma3131662d ago

why would they make a game for such a terrible movie?

Eidolon1662d ago (Edited 1662d ago )

and who would buy it..

oh right, achievement/trophy hoarders.

1661d ago
OhMyGandhi1662d ago

just returned it to gamestop!