Next-Gen: 'Microsoft Has Been A Really Good Partner'

NowGamer: "Since the announcement of the Xbox One Microsoft's reputation has taken something of a nosedive, most recently from indie developers insisting the company has only been a pain to deal with.

It's not all bad, however, since Crytek's technical art director Christopher Evans recently discussed Crytek's work on Xbox One exclusive Ryse: Son Of Rome."

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Septic1807d ago

Aside from a few indies, I haven't really heard any big developers complain about working with MS. Obviously, this is a first party exclusive title so Evans' doesn't speak for all developers, but have there been any big name developers that have said that Microsoft have been other than 'good partners' to deal with?

allformats1807d ago

Of course MS has been a great partner to Crytek. They game them free rain to do whatever they wanted with Ryse, which first started out as a Kinect title, to now an Xbox One launch exclusive.

What else would the developer say, 'oh, MS has just been terrible'?

Septic1807d ago

Yeah that much is obvious but that doesn't mean we should discard their opinion. There might, and most probably is, truth to it.

Regarding MS giving Crytek free rein, that is surely a positive thing, no?

JokesOnYou1807d ago (Edited 1807d ago )

Septic I don't think any big dev has complained about microsoft or sony. As for indies naturally some of them were upset because they wanted more access on 360 xbl which has changed with micros recent annoucements about self publishing. At any rate hopefully Crytek and Microsoft build on this relationship because Ryse looks like its going to be helluva game. I'd like to see what else this new partnership can do together to push the X1 in the future.

Gamingcapacity1807d ago

No publisher or developer will bite the hand that feeds them. If somebody that worked under Sony or Microsoft, third party included, bad mouthed either of them, Sony and Microsoft would call for their heads. It's not good business practice and you hardly see it happen.

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Salooh1806d ago

Yep, the problem is only when it comes to the indies. Both next generation are easy to develop for but ps4 is now more comfortable then the xbox but it's not a big deal..

PrivateRyan1807d ago

Crytek saying the publisher funding their next-gen title is a good partner

In other news: rain is wet!

TimmyShire1807d ago

OMG. I can't believe you're such a fanboy troll!


Boody-Bandit1807d ago (Edited 1807d ago )

Agreed Timmy


Geesh, I wish you sunshine fanboys would get over yourselves already. If sunshine is so damn great why aren't you out soaking it up instead of living on the net talking smack about rain? You sunshine fanboys are just jealous because the only time you get wet is when you take a shower.

True_Samurai1807d ago

^^^ (regular show voice) oooooooh! Lol

Foxgod1807d ago

But when Naughty Dog says Sony is good to work with, you obviously eat it up.

But when Crytek, Playground, Ruffian, Mistwalker, Epic or other 3rd party devs say something good, its the money talking, right.

HammadTheBeast1806d ago

Where did Sony and Naughty Dog come from? This is about Sunshine and Rain.

MRMagoo1231798d ago

hmmmm foxgod once again the first person to bring up sony into this lol, you xboners are just as bad as the sony trolls. funny tho this being a pro sony site you have 5 bubbles but the sony fans have 3 or less.I will let you think about that for a while cos i know how slow you can be making stuff up sometimes.

True_Samurai1807d ago

No freaking way! Where are your sources to back that claim up!? Rain is wet? Hahaha pleases next thing you'll tell me is that dodo birds are extinct

maniac761807d ago

To get boned by maybe...aska indie lmao

urwifeminder1807d ago

Cool hope for many games in the future.

NeoTribe1807d ago

Its like naughty dog saying sony is great to work with. Nobody is gonna bite the hand that feeds. Not when money is involved. These developer praise articles need to die.

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