The Evil Within Preview – Quake Con 2013 I TheKoalition

Garrett Glass of TheKoalition writes:
“Pure, old-school survival horror.” These are the buzz-words spoken by Bethesda’s representative, Pete. To accomplish this, Bethesda has teamed up with survival horror legend, Shinji Mikami, and his team at Tango Gameworks. I’ve had the fortunate opportunity to see the team’s live demonstration at this year’s Quake Con, and I can safely say that everything I’ve seen from The Evil Within screams pure, old-school survival horror.

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rbailey1877d ago

Definitely looking forward to this.

showtimefolks1877d ago

No doubt a old school game many of us are looking forward to

Is this only for next gen systems or also on current systems too?

rbailey1877d ago

It's actually coming out for both current gen and next gen systems. Not sure what the difference will be besides graphical enhancements but yeah this is definitely a day one purchase.

1877d ago
rbailey1877d ago

Hey man this looks great. Definitely looks and plays like Resident Evil 4 and thats not bad at all IMO.

jaggernaut251877d ago

Yeah, that's from the presentation we got to see at QuakeCon. Looks pretty awesome!

Murad1877d ago

Gave you a bubble for giving me a link