DayZ standalone lack of public alpha explained

The lack of a public alpha test has frustrated DayZ fans and today Dean Hall explains why an alpha test has been delayed.

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syrinx1875d ago

All the reasons seem fair enough to me. Would rather have it as a solid release and not a bug-ridden mess.

1875d ago
JunioRS1011875d ago

Games like these lose relevancy every single day that they hold off on releasing it.

Doom 4, DayZ, Arma 3... It just isn't a good idea.

Release it or cancel it. You're losing all your hype by taking forever, and your sales are going to show that.

Good luck though!

Blacktric1875d ago

"or cancel it"

Good one... That was a joke, right?

JunioRS1011875d ago

ya I was joking. i wanted to play DayZ 2 years ago when I still had my pc.

uncharted561875d ago

Yup because one just decides to sell of his pc if a certain game is delayed :/

JunioRS1011875d ago

Nope because one sold his pc for other reasons and wishes the game came out before he sold it so that he still had it when it came out and therefor would have been playable to him?

uncharted561875d ago

Im sorry but wtf are you talking about. The game went into development last year if I am not mistaken then how in the hell would you had liked to play this two years ago on your pc. Feel free to message me because I think u have a time machine that u are hiding from the world cuz u want to play a game that went into development last year on your pc two years ago.

Kryptix1874d ago

If you don't want to wait till the bugs get sorted out and not be broken then go play some War Z. You'll know what a rushed product looks like and that's the prime example of a game losing it's fanbase quickly. Just give the developers the time they need to fix the bugs and give you a quality experience. Think about this, the longer they take with Day Z, the better it will be for you once you get to play it.

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Bonerboy1875d ago

Iam happy they are taking their time to smooth things out here. With any luck oculus rift will support as well. ....<WANT>....

SIRHC131875d ago

Zombies seem a little too fast IMO.

TheSaint1875d ago

They're currently too slow and easy in DayZ, I'm sure they'll tweak it after it's released.

Klonoa-dreamtraveler1875d ago

the guy in the brown shirt says uh like 50 times lol

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