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What are the best Xbox 360 games to own forever?

SBG write:

The Best to Own Forever series isn’t about what’s great right now. It’s about what will be great in 10 years, even though there will be better-looking games and later sequels, and what will keep you pulling that dusty old console out of the closet every once in a while. This time, we pick the best of the heavily third-party-driven Xbox 360 library. (Dance Central 3, Geometry Wars 2, Lost Odyssey, Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, Mass Effect 2, Red Dead Redemption, Rock Band 3, Shadow Complex, Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise, Xbox 360)

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iliimaster  +   736d ago
Lost odyssey
jeannesson   736d ago | Spam
ThanatosDMC  +   736d ago
Dead Rising 1 <-- I still think it's the one game worth having a 360.

Edit: I thought it was gonna be exclusive games...
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Electric-flamingo  +   736d ago
Burger King sneak king
Gamer-40  +   736d ago
Lost Odyssey and Witcher 2.
dark-hollow  +   736d ago
I would say without any doubt, halo 3.
Halo reach and halo 4 were great sure, bu they lost a lot of their identity with all the classes and the sprinting and such.

Halo 3 on the other hand, was just you, your gun and your own skills. No other bullshit advantages like jet packs or custom classes.
DasTier  +   736d ago
Including multiplats? Halo 3 and Red Dead, hopefully GTA V will be in my lifelong collection too.
FanboyCrusher  +   736d ago
Halo 3. Probably one of the top 20 shooters of this generation.
Wikkid666  +   736d ago
Shadow Complex was awesome! Hoping another one soon.
Thomper  +   736d ago
I'd ave to say Halo 4. Still the best Halo FPS.

My fav 360 game is still Halo Wars though. Had many, many a fun evening playing that on-line
FanboyCrusher  +   735d ago
Nope, it's the worst. MLG dropped it within weeks, and the population as of January has been a total joke for a Halo game. Fans have cried out, its the worst installment yet because it ran so far from what made Halo great.
Thomper  +   735d ago
I liked it
Jakens  +   729d ago
I liked Halo 4 because it was large.
memots  +   736d ago
Assassin's creed 2 , they kep saying you get to keep it forever
TheMutator  +   736d ago
Lost Odyssey
ShaunCameron  +   735d ago
The Gears Of War series.
Oldman100  +   734d ago
I can't believe The Orange Box hasn't been mentioned yet.
DARK WITNESS  +   730d ago
well my collection right now;

All the halo games
Dead Rising 1
Lost Planet 1
Deux EX
Red Dead
Dead Space 1
Orange Box
Batman AC
Bioshock 1
either forza 3 or 4. take your pick.
Gears of war 1

and what I would say is the final bit of the puzzle and the crowning achievement for this gen; GTA5
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Jakens  +   729d ago
Halo 3 was very well done and Test Drive Unlimited are still my favorite.

Borderlands 1 was great standout too.

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