Killzone: Mercenary Mantys Engine & Porcupine Gameplay

Check out two direct feed videos showcasing the Mantys Engine and Porcupine in Killzone: Mercenary

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Kanzes1699d ago

is this game related to KZ Shadow Falls?

Mikey322301699d ago

no not at all. stand alone mercenary game.

Ron_Danger1699d ago

Guerilla hinted months back that the multiplayer would connect somehow with Shadow Fall (probably just skins or unlocks) but they are separate games story wise.

Kanzes1699d ago

Thank you for the reply! I'm buying this one, the graphic looks awesome on Vita

Thirty3Three1699d ago

The game's pretty much 1.5 in the series. It takes between the first 2 games. That said, however, they've stated you really don't need to know anything about those 2 games as far as spoilers are concerned to play this game.

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Pixel_Enemy1698d ago

Holy $#@*! MY VITA IS READY!

rajman1699d ago

By the way guys I have uploaded a direct feed video of the full demo here:

Showing a complete level from the game, along with more weapons/vanguard weapons

r211699d ago

Dat Mantys! Cant wait to use that in the game >:D

younglj011698d ago

after watching those two videos I would love too see some-type of Bad Company spin off on PSVita with 8v8 MP would be sweet.

On topic:KillZone Mercenary is looking like an can't miss game.

Aggesan1698d ago

A Bad Company would make me buy any portable game device. Then again, I'm a sucker for that game.