The Elder Scrolls Online Won't Be A "Repetitive Grind" Says Dev

Zenimax Online Studios has announced that it is determined to keep The Elder Scrolls Online from becoming another repetitive MMO grind.

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Fistedcupps1765d ago

Its hard not keeping a MMO grind heavy. Glad to see this game trying hard to stray from that.

JunioRS1011765d ago

I am not excited for this game.

I love elder scrolls, but this is just a lazy way of sedating the people who want the next ES to come out.

I am annoyed by Skyrim's overly simplistic combat mechanics, and I wish people would stop loving on this series so that the devs get the hint to actually step out of the safe zone that they've been hiding in since Morrowind.

ramtah1764d ago

I'm with you with this one!

MizTv1764d ago

The fact I couldn't lvl up my jump made me very unhappy

kalkano1764d ago

Actually, I'm waiting for Skywind to be complete, because I want to play Morrowind, but the combat looks horrific.

AzureskyZ1765d ago

Very nice-- would like to try the beta

FrightfulActions1764d ago

A bold goal. We'll see if they can actually pull through with it though. It'd probably be one of the first MMOs to manage it.

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The story is too old to be commented.