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Dead Rising 3 Allows You To Push Zombies Off With Kinect

"In a interview with Josh Bridge, the executive producer of Dead Rising 3, he confirmed that Kinect will actually allow you to physically push zombies off of you in the game by pushing the controller away from you. This shows that games are starting to figure out cool ways to integrate the Kinect into our core games while enhancing our immersion by making the virtual world even more real to us. This goes along with the news that loud noises in your background will actually attract zombies in the game and I'm sure it won't be the last we've heard of Kinect integration in Dead Rising 3." - Xbox Uncut (Xbox One)

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Neoninja  +   780d ago
That's pretty cool. I mean it's nothing groundbreaking, but I can imagine it'll be put to good use when jump scares happen.

@FordGTGuy - I agree it is only the beginning. I'm also looking forward to see the other creative ways kinect will be used.
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FordGTGuy  +   780d ago
The coolest thing about it is that it's only the beginning of what developers will be able to do with Kinect, can't wait to see more creativity.


There are two big differences here.

1) It's going to be included with every console so more developers will use it.

2) It's a way more powerful motion device than any of the ones you listed.

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Snookies12  +   780d ago
Yeah it's pretty cool, but honestly I've said the same thing about the Wii remote, Kinect 1 and the PS Move. "Can't wait to see what developers do next." Yet even when I said that, nothing great came of it... I have faith that one day they'll do something truly incredible with motion gaming. It's just that I'm a little skeptical about it right now. Considering being burned 3 times now. :\
Fireseed  +   780d ago
This is what I've been saying every time someone makes the half brained comment, "Make Kinect optional and maybe I'll buy an XBONE"

If they make it optional they WILL NOT make more core aspects of games use Kinect, because they cannot guarantee you have it.

It's like releasing an FPS on a console where controllers with analog sticks are optional. You have to make it work for the lowest common denominator, cause making core elements require a device is the kiss of death to a game.
HammadTheBeast  +   780d ago

Yes, but no one really likes Kinect. I mean sure, its cool the first few times, but after a while, do you really want to repeat the same things using motion controls, over and over? In the end its a gimmick.
georgeenoob  +   780d ago
I really don't get the heat MS is getting with kinect. They're the ones bringing new, innovating tech to the table, whereas Sony is just playing it safe.

No one likes kinect? 80% of Kinect haters are Sony fanboys just as Winter has stated.
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MysticStrummer  +   780d ago
@George - "80% of Kinect haters are Sony fanboys"

Less than a third of 360 owners bought Kinect. Most people may not hate Kinect, but most damn sure don't care about it.
georgeenoob  +   780d ago

They don't care about it, until they watch Project Spark demo.
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HammadTheBeast  +   780d ago
Actually, I had a kinect for a bit, the only game that mildly interested me with motion was fruit ninja kinect, and then after RROD I sold the 360.
Bigpappy  +   780d ago
There are many that would just love for M$ to drop Kinect. But, the big story is that kinect is what will deffrentiate Xone from PS4 in a major way. Kinect will be what make many no hard core gamers pickup the X1 over PS4 whether or not there may be a difference in power, or even price. If it is attractive enough a feature, they will get it. That is what M$ is banking on.
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Tatsuya  +   780d ago

good for your sheep, good for you. "The only people that want MS to drop kinect is Sony fanboys because kinect is a constant reminder that they have no innovation. They just want the rest of the world to be as behind the times as they are."

yeah,. why should we care exactly? You called it innovation and yet we don't want it. Have fun, flailing yourself around while using Kinect and make yourself look like a fool while, we the core gamers enjoy the true gameplay innovation that the PS4 is giving us next-gen.
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thedon8982z  +   780d ago
This is retarded...Sooo now I flail my arms around and now the zombies fall off me...f@ckn stupid...I'd rather have my controls in one place and anyway I could make this even simpler for gamer's and use six access controls...shake the controller and do the same thing,if this M$ NEXT GEN ACTION then it failed to impress!!!
Fireseed  +   780d ago
Or you could just do the little shake and bump motion that they demonstrate. No need to "flail your arms around" unless you can't grasp the simplicity of the motion they described.
thedon8982z  +   780d ago
@WinterSoldier: "shake and bump" WTF is that a new dance move I got to learn to use kinect...LMAO!!!
TheDivine  +   780d ago
Sony uses motion in the six axis and its awesome, we get to shake the controller, push it, and tilt it. Sony makes the move and we get to slash, flail, use a sharpshooter for a tps and its the best. MS adds some reactionary flips of a controller and its stupid? Idc whether you like it or not but its dumb to bash this and say il use the six axis. You prob already preordered sony's shitty ass camera also. I bet your hyped for the playroom and all that jazz. Hypocrisy.

I personally don't much care for motion but I think the new Kinect has mad potential. We have horror games taking pics of you scared shitless, a zombie game where zombies ACTUALLY HEAR YOU and react, a game that lets you use a controller and push zombies off, the Xbox automatically sees you and logs you in, we get to skype while watching tv or gaming, we will get to see friends as we play the same mp, this is bad ass stuff mate, the type of stuff I expected with the last Kinect. It may not hit all the potential but its damn cool and being a standard is good. With Sony they couldn't do this because not everyone would have a camera, its only going to be a tacked on option like last gen Kinect and move.
GunsAndTheBeast  +   780d ago
and you'll look stupid too, keep waving that arm bro.
thedon8982z  +   780d ago
Thank you could not agree more!!
KionicWarlord222  +   780d ago
Next will be falcon punching zombies.
thedon8982z  +   780d ago
Next will be"smell-O-vision": You fart and the zombies smell AND hear it, then its YO A$$...You got to "shake and bump" yo ass out of sight before they bite a but-cheek off...lol!!!
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-Mika-  +   780d ago
Cool. This is why im hyped for the kinect. Choosing between the PS4 and XB1 is going to be hard for me.
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HammadTheBeast  +   780d ago
Don't get either. A troll of your level needs, nay, deserves an OUYA.
Mr_Nuts  +   780d ago
Can you push the zombies off with a button or do you HAVE to use Kinect ?

If not then this is why people need to complain about Kinect more, the longer you have to use Kinect the more games developers will have to patch later on (with those must Kinect features) when Microsoft finally does give in and make a Kinect-less console.
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Fireseed  +   780d ago
Which is exactly why they will never make a Kinect-less Xbox. And also why they shouldn't. Having things like this implemented in a smart and subtle way helps immerse the player even more. Would definitely love to use my knowledge (albeit arbitrary) of tactical hand signals to order my team around in the next Rainbow Six.
R_aVe_N  +   780d ago
or you can just push a zombie off with a "button" like the cool kids....
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SilentGuard  +   780d ago
I think after pushing a few zombies off with Kinect most people will default to the button after the novelty wears off. It would get pretty tiring and old constantly pushing your controller out for an hour or two.
strifeblade  +   779d ago
well if you are playing dead rising and you are are always getting caught for an hour or 2 straight then you my friend are not very good at dead rising- if we had a zombie apocalypse, well lets just say you wouldn't last very long. lol
Belking  +   780d ago
Nice feature. Kinect is good.
HammadTheBeast  +   780d ago
Just cause I like messing with you:

Belking  +   780d ago
Just because i can dish it out too.


Booooya! Sucka
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badz149  +   780d ago

so..motion control in general sucks, am I right? you're just proving his point!
MooseWI  +   780d ago
Honestly, no thanks, when it comes to games like this, and more "hardcore" games, I want all the controls to be on the controller, I am not one for this motion control stuff.
LordMe  +   780d ago
Eh... This sounds more bothersome then anyhing, hopefully a button will work still. I don't like tacked on motion controls.
jukins  +   780d ago
I guess its a neat feature but something like this could be done by the wiimote or the ds3/4. I'm still waiting for a real innovative feature to come out of all these "new" input methods (wiimote, kinect, move etc) to offer something unique besides optional gimmicks.
Supermax  +   780d ago
Next gen should mean next gen
TuxedoMoon  +   780d ago
So...it's just a slight waggle of the controller and the Kinect will read it? Hasn't the Wii been doing this for years? Waggle to get an enemy off of you?
r21  +   780d ago
Nice little neat feature. It could get tedious though so hopefully a button option is available as well.
karl  +   780d ago
can the zombie push u?
supraking951  +   780d ago
LOL. I guess next gen has finally arrived...xD
WhyHate  +   780d ago
It's only the tip of the surface. The Xbox One will be awesome!
WeAreLegion  +   780d ago
I'm pretty sure even the PS2's EyeToy could do something like this.

I imagine Kinect 2.0 will give us some cool features, but this is not something new.
Grimhammer00  +   780d ago
It's the tip of the iceberg? The future?

Hmm....I'd rather just push a button.
This is rather underwhelming. And keep in mind that MS have had Kinect 1 + R&D for Kinect 2.0 for many months.......yet this is best use I've seen yet outside of dance dance revolution. Lol

Here's an idea....you want a unique kinect game that no one else has thought of yet?

Have kinect record you while you sleep....then watch the playback. If your lucky enough to have talked in your sleep....say using the word bom& or gunn.....you get bonus pts if the NSA request your appearance for questioning!
theWB27  +   780d ago
"I'd rather just push a button."

It's people with this kind of sentiment that hold back any kind of innovation. There will come a point where the power of the consoles will only do so much.

Hypothetical question- Say a system releases that can run Avatar visuals with ease and you still play with a regular ol controller.

Then we get a device- oculus rift like- that puts us IN THE GAME. Im talking about being on a fully simulated field in the NFL. Barking orders. The device uses motion control. This scenario goes for games in all genres.

You still gonna go with the buttons? Just buttons?
dcj0524  +   780d ago
Yeah. I'll still use buttons.When I can put the oculus rift on me, run in place, in-game actions with kinect call me.
MrTrololo  +   780d ago
What if the zombie bit you ? Can you feel the pain !!?
ninjagoat  +   780d ago
Excellent so if a zombie grabs me now I've to swing my arms round like a twat and risk knocking a mate out with a xbox controller -_-.
M-M  +   780d ago
It's all fun and games until the zombie pushes you back.
theWB27  +   780d ago
There's also a feature in the game where the Kinect can detect noises from within your house that will alert the zombies in-game.


So even coughing during the game can alert the zombies. Pretty awesome to me.
MysticStrummer  +   780d ago
That reminds me of playing SOCOM: Confrontation, which had proximity chat. I was the last person alive on my team and trying to pull out an amazing upset, and my little brother called me. My cell phone ringing tipped off the enemy and they killed me. Good times. That taught me to put my cell phone on silent when playing that game.
theWB27  +   780d ago
Did you answer and tell'em what horrible, horrible timing he had? Woulda been a heartbreaker.
MysticStrummer  +   780d ago
Oh yeah I told him what had happened and we had a good laugh. It was definitely a cool gaming moment, despite the outcome. My blood ran cold when the phone rang.
lgn15  +   780d ago
That is cool no matter what fanboys say. Notice how they are on the attack in the comments section because they feel threatened after they realize how cool that is XD
WhyHate  +   780d ago

It's amazing how the system isn't even out yet and your so hyper critical.... bias much?

Kinect 2.0 can be played seated and can read if your hands are open or closed allowing you to pickup and grasp virtual items. With those two small examples of what Kinect can do it's easy to see we haven't seen anything yet from the new Kinect.
WeAreLegion  +   780d ago
You just described the PlayStation Move.
WhyHate  +   780d ago
Your trying to be sarcastic and failing at it.....

As you know I mean reaching out and being able to grasp virtual objects with your actual hands. Good luck ever seeing that on the PS4.

Again Xbox One will be awesome.

Also WeAreLegion go to hell your a moron.

I'm done with you two go back to your trolling...
B1uBurneR  +   780d ago
It should have a option to switch off to button mode . I cant wait for the next gen fight night to have this feature with a direct option between rounds
mydyingparadiselost  +   780d ago
People with seizures are going to kick ass at this game lol
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the worst  +   780d ago
Grimhammer00  +   780d ago
Some of you missed my point - and apparently live in bubbles.

I was referring to the kinect 2.0 as a NSA listening device. And you can't argue it because MS has already admitted they must comply with US law.

But - lets stay on target. A friend of mine says --in the not too distant future...one may come home from long day of hard work. Your home opens its doors to your presence - no need for a key. The lights turn on and music is played....all tailored to your mood. Perhaps, your fridge/microwave chooses your fav meal.

All this is possible because of targeted marketing.

Problem is - you have to give up your privacy so that these devices (powered by future kinect interfaces likely).

Now you can argue that ones metadata is already looted by corps we all use services of. Google, Apple, MS....etc.
Yet we have expectations....we believe we control the flow of this information by agreeing to terms of service. (ToS)

Kinect is a different beast....the other people in a room your playing a game in didn't sign any ToS! And in order for the device to work....it must always be listening. Don't be naive and tell me it's only listening for "kinect on"....because I'll point you to Skype. MS already got caught recording video and sending it to NSA. Even when cameras are supposedly off.

Of course - you got nothing to hide so bring on 1984!

Problem is, Govs aren't altruistic. They have agendas. And will use data to further their own ends.

So no matter how minority report the future gets - if it's tied to devices that are connected to the Internet...I'm out. Big corps can say anything - that kinect is not sharing data. Do you believe that? Millions of dollars tied up in R&D building kinect 2.0 to read what jersey your wearing and reading what drink is in your hand.....for what? Come on.

How is it possible that this amazing device has nothing awe inspiring shown for it at E3? Where's the game that difinitively proves its worth?

It's because Kinect biggest use is metadata recording. Video & audio.

Food for thought - if the device was meant to be amazing gaming device.....why don't we have a perfect fencing/lightsaber sim? I'm talking about 1:1 with zero lag. So good one could train in fencing!

Bigpappy  +   780d ago
Calm down there 'Osama Grimhammer'. The 'Govmunt' aint come to get yah. The sure aint coming to get me.
Grimhammer00  +   780d ago
Wait until tech gets perfected for thought control. It's not far off.
Agent_hitman  +   780d ago
Ehem, did I hear it right?, you can push the Zombies on Dead rising 3 using the NSA's Surveillance device?..
Tatsuya  +   780d ago
Still not dead as how people want it
hahaha it's here finally,. can't wait to see all those funny videos kiddies and retards do when they use the Kinect 2. More so, when the kinect 2 spies on the people using it!
I'm glad there are still Xbots to keep me laughing. Go ahead, buy your Xbones.
lgn15  +   780d ago
PS4 fanboys on the attack here eh? Feel a bit threatened? If PS4 fanboys ruled the world we would be in the stone age they are so afraid of anything new or innovative.
Grimhammer00  +   780d ago
You know how I know this Kinect bs is fake....MS pays for Rep. Having individuals talk up Xbone.

You know how I know it's mostly MS hired peeps posting positive Xbone crap? Look at their account start dates.

Soooo funny.

Real gamers don't want a spybox.
Normally I'd loathe such a broad statement....but it's simply true.
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