Edge Preview: Killzone: Shadow Fall – Guerrilla Games steps out of the corridors and into open air

The game itself doesn’t quite offer the reactive sandbox of AI, explosions and physics enabled objects you see in Halo – it’s a slower, more methodical shooter. But still, Killzone: Shadow Fall equips players with a variety of tools and enables a host of approaches – and lets events spool naturally from the players’ own decisions.

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wonosnchon1619d ago

most anticipated game this year (:

ArchangelMike1619d ago

I'm getting this with my PS4 bundle :D

1619d ago
wishingW3L1619d ago (Edited 1619d ago )

the preview in a nutshell: They are liking the game because it reminds them to Halo....

Flying_Squirrel1619d ago

Having played and enjoyed Killzone 3, I'm looking forward to see what they do with this on PS4.

r211619d ago (Edited 1619d ago )

Oh man oh man, now I cant really wait to play this :D Especially with this line 'Your character moves slowly – almost sluggishly' which if i understood correctly, KZ2 weight! Hell yeah.

So far GG is making this to be the best KZ. KZ2 weight, secondary fire, that OWL thing, open way of play and health packs. Healths packs arent mentioned here but check this video:

The point after 6:06, you can see a notification that says something like press L3 to use health packs.

Dont really see a health bar though but whatever, excited as hell!

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