How to survive a Wii U game drought

mii-gamer writes:

Times have been hard for Wii U owners. It can be disheartening seeing your new console struggle in the charts and receive a constant flow of “Wii U is doomed” articles. Perhaps the most frustrating part of being an early adopter of a Wii U is the game droughts. The year so far has been dry to the bones. Game releases have been few and far between. Sure we got Lego City: Undercover, Injustice: God’s Among, Need for Speed: Most Wanted U and Monster Hunter Tri Ultimate, but that isn’t enough. At least, not enough to satisfy my appetite for games.

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PigPen1691d ago

A article that's wants to teach me survival skills, i'll pass. I do just fine with my games, thank you very much. A very stupid article indeed.

Locksus1691d ago

Pikmin 3 launches this month in Europe and hopefully Wii U starts to pick up on sales little by little. Next month it's TW101, and then the system is going to get good games at a steady pace from that point on.
I'll hopefully get it by the end of this year.

NexGen1691d ago

Seems like I'm playing as many WiiU games as actual WiiU owners. I don't own a WiiU.

Triforce0791691d ago

Love my wiiu play black ops all the time and get joke off all the spank 360 as well...

1691d ago
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