DayZ Standalone Seeking Internet Radio Show Hosts

Bohemia Interactive announced that the DayZ standalone will feature radio stations that players can tune in to, and they're looking for internet radio shows that are willing to follow a post-apocalyptic theme to be broadcast to gamers lucky enough to find a radio device.

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Timesplitter141993d ago

Awesome feature if they can find them

AcceptedWalnut1993d ago

If these are live DJs/hosts then i assume they'll be able to talk too?

Imagine getting status updates on bandit locations or news reports of suspected heli crashes over the radio.

MMOGames1993d ago

Yeah people can host live talk shows, play music etc - as long as it's themed around DayZ. It makes me think of the radio stations you could listen to in Fallout, but with actual people roleplaying instead of pre-recorded messages.