The iPhone: Finally PWNED

Theiphoneproject writes:

"As of tomorrow, Sunday, March 30'th, the long awaited project iPhone PWNED will be available to the public! - it's what we've seen on YouTube and many of us have disbelieved. However, it is real and allows for custom unsigned firmware to be flashed on to the iPhone."

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TriggerHappy3703d ago

With the SDK released and about to go public, a lot of potential programs like this will come about.

decapitator3703d ago

I think, the SDK is what will make the iPhone an even better device when released to the public instead of just developers.

SuperSaiyan43703d ago

There is no way in hell I would do this to an iPhone if I had one, after spending hundreds and on an expensive contract only with 02 you would have to be really rich to want to take the chance of bricking your iPhone.

wageslave3702d ago

Who approves this junk? cellphones?

BilI Gates3702d ago (Edited 3702d ago )

It's in the Tech section so what's the problem?

Idmpc3702d ago

I read on a technology brazilian site and on a few american sites that there is a 3G version of iPhone coming out on Europe with a modest stock on May but starting full production on June... Has anyone else read this on websites?

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