PALGN: Army of Two Review

PALGN writes: "Electronic Arts' Army of Two is the first title in a franchise based on the concept of military privatisation. The game follows the adventures of two mercenaries contracted by the government to complete missions too secretive or sensitive for conventional forces. The third-person shooter operates on the notion of 'two-man' gameplay – players must work together with their partner to successfully complete assignments. Squad-based gameplay isn't anything new, but EA have created a new system for outmanoeuvring the enemy, known as 'Aggro'. The result is that, despite a few flaws, in Army of Two is a highly polished and enjoyable game, especially when played with a friend.

Army of Two's story is built upon the world of private security corporations. After the game's first mission, two Army Rangers are recruited by SSC – Security and Strategy Corporation – to carry out assignments for the government. Frustrated with the conventional infantry, they willingly accept, and are quickly seduced by the high pay and superior equipment provided to them. Army of Two provides a useful insight into the privatisation of defence, but fails to leave any lasting impression on the issue. The story is straightforward and tightly scripted, but unfortunately, the motivations of the game's villains are not fully explained. The real potential lies in the dialogue and accompanying cutscenes, which are CGI-rendered. Together, they deliver an explosive and entertaining plot, something many games have failed to do of late."

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