MMO-Play on Final Fantasy XIV: Starts off a Bit Weak

Last weekend, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn launched into Phase 3 of its closed beta, which finally brought to life the PS3 version of the game. Now, during E3, we got to hop into a group and attempt to bring down raid boss Ifrit on the PS3, but the closed beta is our first chance to actually explore the game world in the console version of the game.

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vishmarx1994d ago


its super solid imo

you make it sound like the game already out

Need4Game1993d ago

Final Fantasy XIV please be Great, or Final Fantasy XV will turned into an Action-MMORPG.

dendenmooshi1993d ago

The article addresses the PS3 version, to which I kind of agree with his position. I've played MMOs my entire life with PC and it's going to take a while to switch to MMO on console. There's just a lot of hotkeys and targeting that I have to get used to.

Given a choice, I would much rather play PC version.

Also, once they put in voice acting, the game will be much livelier.

Kamikaze1351994d ago

I thought it started off strong. It was very optimized for me, had a fair amount of content for beta, leveling speed was good, audio and graphics were amazing, and the combat was decent.

jukins1993d ago

my feelings exactly. Good leveling pace quests were plentiful felt like a better optimized ffxi and i cant wait to play the full game to fully explore the cross class ability combos. I just hope the end game doesnt involve to many 3 hour sessions of sitting and hoping your linkshell gets claim on HNMs.

NatureOfLogic1993d ago

FF XIV:ARR Phase 3 beta actually launched two weeks ago.

mi_titan271993d ago

does anyone know if you begin your game on ps3, can you pick up where you left off on ps4?

dendenmooshi1993d ago

I would assume so since you can play your ps3 character on PC. You would just have to buy another PS4 copy.

Toon_Link1992d ago

Yes you can. I played on both PC and ps3 and everything stays the same.

mi_titan271992d ago

I signed up for this beta, yrs. ago, I have PS+, I preordered from Amazon with early access, and still havnt gotten invited into either PC or PS3 beta. I want to play this game so bad.

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