PlayStation at Gamescom: Five games that might (and should) be shown

Ninemsn games writes: If E3 wasn't big enough for you, then Europe's answer to that show, Gamescom, should stem your next gen cravings heading into the busy holiday season.
The convention promises to be one of the biggest events on the 2013 gaming calendar, with Sony promising to showcase a plethora of new games, hopefully with plenty of PS4 action. It didn't go overboard with its list of exclusives at E3, but with 20 confirmed PS4 exclusives for the console's first 12 months, it might be time for Sony to bring out the big guns in Germany.

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SquareEnixFan1996d ago

I will continue to hope for a new Syphon Filter but as far as things that will actually happen I'm intrigued by what kind of new ip Guerilla is working on.

FlameHawk1996d ago (Edited 1996d ago )

Didn't they announce a new Syphon Filter like years ago?

SquareEnixFan1996d ago

No just lots of rumors as far as I know.

wastedcells1996d ago

I've never been so excited for gamescon. Hoping for some reveals from Sony. Also for TGS I hope they shed some light on the last guardian.

jonboi241996d ago

I hope a TGS we see some JRPGs. Maybe Dark Cloud or The Legend of Dragoon

SquareEnixFan1996d ago

More JRPGs are always welcome especially a new Dark Cloud.

MysticStrummer1996d ago (Edited 1996d ago )

Right after Gamescom there will be SOE Live in Las Vegas.

They should at least talk about the PS4 versions of Planetside 2 and DC Universe, and hopefully announce EverQuest Next for PS4.

DeadlyFire1995d ago

They will announce Everquest 3. One site claims they had a closed doors preview of it at E3 and it floored everything that has come before it. So I am a little anxious myself to see it unveiled.

6DEAD6END61996d ago

I can see LittleBigPlanet 3 happening but not the other games they mentioned.

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IMightBeRetarded1996d ago

I agree to an extent. LBP can be tough to make what you want at first and simpler creation would help that, but once you fully understand the game's logic you can create the most incredible things, so I wouldn't want it to be too simplified.

BitbyDeath1996d ago

True, simplify but not at the expense of what can be created.

Or even just offer an option for both.

PositiveEmotions1996d ago

I wonder if its gonna be live throu the ps site.

matrixman921996d ago

MM has shown stuff before, so that is likely...but I cannot see something massive like Uncharted 4 being announced at Gamescom. Im expecting next E3, maybe VGA's

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The story is too old to be commented.