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Guerrilla Games talks PS4 launch title Killzone: Shadow Fall

Hermen Hulst, Managing Director at Guerrilla Games, talks with News10's Game Guy about Killzone: Shadow Fall during E3 2013 including how the game will utilize the PS4's new controller. (E3, Killzone: Shadow Fall, PS4)

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Tuxmask55  +   585d ago
I never really got into the Killzone games. I did quite like Resistance, however. Is there going to be one of those for PS4 as well?
xPhearR3dx  +   585d ago
Considering Insomniac is developing a game exclusive to Xbox One, I highly doubt it.
Soldierone  +   585d ago
Maybe Sony will give the franchise to another studio. A bunch of their other studios could do awesome things, not sure why Insomniac started drifting away like they did....
NewMonday  +   585d ago
Shadow Fall looks to turn it up to 11 with single player

KZ consistently has the best SP in a FPS alongside Halo, the MP is good but doesn't take me away from BF. we are yet to see the MP in this game so we will see.
morganfell  +   585d ago
Insomniac doesn't own the Resistance IP, Sony does. The same is true for Ratchet and Clank.

Sony can have anyone develop Resistance they want for the PS4. And judging by the latest Insomniac game, they would love for Sony to pay them for anything. But more than likely Sony is going to give Resistance to an internal studio.


Can't wait for Shadowfall. The fidelity in this game is astounding and the always brutal MP will be revealed at Gamescom.
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Relientk77  +   585d ago
Insomniac Games are making Xbox One exclusive Sunset Overdrive at the moment. They have not mentioned any other games, or what's coming after they're done with that game, so potentially but no one knows.

I hope their next game is a Ratchet & Clank game like A Crack in Time (the original platformer formula)
Doctoglethorpe  +   585d ago
Sony own Resistance though, could be handed off to another studio. Dunno if it will be or even should be, but its possible.
pixelsword  +   585d ago
Maybe, but Insomniac wanted to end it after 3, so look for another company to do it.
MizTv  +   582d ago
Killxone2 is my all time favorite game ever!!!!!!
ape007  +   585d ago
game look AMAZING, one of the best new things aboutit is the new objective completion , u can do missions without a specific scripted route, a page out of goldeneye's book
cpayne93  +   585d ago
I still play those old shooters on n64, goldeneye, twine, and perfect dark. Loved how they would just drop you in a level, give you objectives, and let you complete them at your own pace. Not like today's shooters, which are usually much more linear.

Really looking forward to shadowfall.
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Relientk77  +   585d ago
Definitely looking forward to playing this game at launch with my PS4
A-laughing-horse  +   585d ago
Feel better?
ThatCanadianGuy514  +   585d ago
Money is going to be pretty tight around launch for me.Was going to hold off and get KS:SF later down the line and just get BF4 for the multiplayer, but i may just have to pick this up.

These guys love their KZ man.Great team, lot of dedication, gotta support em.Shadowfall looks by far to be the best KZ too.
MYSTERIO360  +   585d ago
I think the only thing missing within the KZ single player are open sections/areas vehicle gameplay similar to halo. I think players should be given a choice in how they approach a section either on foot or on land and it shouldn't be done in KZ3 fashion were only some missions allowed it. I also think it would be cool if you could manually pilot one of those air-craft thingys they show in the concept art for the game. Game looks good though will buy.
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fOrlOnhOpe57  +   585d ago
You play as a HELGHAST Shadowmarshall?? Did I miss something?
XisThatKid  +   585d ago
Seriously I don't know what to think about this piece I don't know what's legit in this article. Who ever reads this help me, who the hell is "Hurst" they keep referring to?
fOrlOnhOpe57  +   585d ago
I think he means Hulst.
A-laughing-horse  +   585d ago





fOrlOnhOpe57  +   585d ago




Destrania  +   585d ago
I think it would be cool if Guerrilla did the next Resistance. I would love to see their take on it.
lyliade  +   585d ago
Titanfall looks better than this game with good graphic but not comparable to the last killzone opus.
Rhezin  +   585d ago
Titanfall looks good but NOT better than Shadow Fall. And no Insomniac should handle resistance and Guerilla should keep doing Killzone. Although I would like to see Guerilla's new IP. Really excited for that.

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