The Difficulty Curve: How Hard Is Too Hard?

We all love a good challenge. At least, most of us. Well, it depends what you define as a gamer. Obviously, we’re not referring to the anyone who counts Dogz on the Nintendo DS among the badass gaming challenges of all time, no matter how fond we all may be of Labrador puppies. You often hear more mature gamers waxing lyrical about how “games were much more difficult back in my day”. This is often true, but it’s often true because the early pioneers of this young medium actually didn’t have a clue how to build a decent difficulty curve into a video game. The real question is, how hard is too hard?

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fattyuk1729d ago

Old games didn't have a save feature!

You start, you die, you restart.

I rememeber when the PS2 came out and people couldn't afford memory cards(well 13 year olds) and we use to play GTA3 but kept the console switched on for days at a time!

I think 1 day I might give bioshock infinite a crack on 1999 mode, but with a game like that if I died after a fair few hours I would probalay cry,

ifritAlkhemyst1729d ago

1999 mode isn't that bad. Try Dead Space 3 hardcore mode if you want annoying difficulty.

I usually set all my games straight to hardest available difficulty. Anything less is such a pathetic breeze these days.

Cam9771729d ago

Or if you really want a challenge try Hitman: 2 on 'professional' difficulty without a walkthrough.

Dee_911729d ago (Edited 1729d ago )

GT5 redbull challenge.Talk about pulling hair out sheesh
and I consider myself a pro
In my opinion the lack of a save feature doesnt count as hard lol.

2pacalypsenow1729d ago

Xcom enemy unknown in classic and impossible mode .

Perjoss1728d ago

Strange thing about xcom enemy unknown was that the first 2 months were the hardest, after that the game got much easier. Very strange difficulty curve, if you can even call it that.

Why o why1729d ago

Old skool gouls n ghost...or was the harder one ghost n goblins.......infuriating

matrixman921729d ago

there is nothing at all hard about 1999 mode...i beat it in 1 day just rushing through

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fattyuk1728d ago

That's what your mum said.

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Grave1729d ago

Demon's Souls NG+ was probably pushing the limits, but I say bring it!

greatcrusader441728d ago

I personally found Demon Souls NG+ fairly easy, I even black world tendencied all the worlds so I can farm for trophies, completely starting over is more of a challenge than NG+.

Truthfully I find the Souls games difficulty vastly exaggerated, its only hard til you find out the mechanics and leveling work. They are still fun and challenging games, but nowhere near as hard as its made out to be.

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