Interview with Telltale Games About The Walking Dead: 400 Days

"Just a few days ago at E3 2013, I met with Telltale Games for an exclusive showing of their upcoming DLC, The Walking Dead: 400 Days. As someone who fell in love with the gritty realism, multifaceted characters, and nail-biting suspense of The Walking Dead: Season 1, I’ve been waiting for a new installment to the award-winning series for ages. Ladies and gentlemen, the wait will soon be over. Take a look at the group interview with Telltale’s senior director of marketing, Richard Iggo."

- Video game journalist Taylor Stein

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steve30x1798d ago

I wish telltal would continue the back to the future game. I loved that game.

nick3091798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

Same here , i need to give the walking dead a go soon it looks good.

Jovanian 1798d ago

the walking dead is probably telltales best game so far, it is just excellent and if you are a fan of walking dead comics or even the TV show you will enjoy the game. The game is arguably on par with the comic and a little better than the TV show

daviddakid231798d ago

Will be amazing on the PS Vita I can kill zombies on the go xD