Sony’s E3 Booth Laughs At Those Who Say There Are No Games For PS Vita

Some people say that the PlayStation Vita doesn’t have a lot of games. These people need to go to Sony’s E3 booth.

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Arai2007d ago

Prepare for a wake up call...

xHeavYx2007d ago

Those people who say that there aren't Vita games are delusional fanboys who are still hurt and try to discredit Sony

Dee_912007d ago

they should laugh at Sony marketing in the past for not advertising psvita and its games enough.
I have a feeling we will see more come holiday season

GribbleGrunger2007d ago

We've always known that the Vita has a ton of games but it's nice to see this turn around from the media -- the media, may I add, that are responsible for this misconception. It looks like Sony are winning the media war too.

GreenRanger2007d ago (Edited 2007d ago )

Sony should make more of an effort of making people aware of Vita games.

Sanquine902007d ago (Edited 2007d ago )

Sony is doing not enough to advertise this handheld.

@Narutone66 the thing is... Sony isn't doing advertising at all. Just advertise ps vita with a killzone mercenary bundle and tearaway bundle and show some gameplay footage! Also dropping pods in gamestores is a nice idea ( like wii U is doing at bestbuy)

Narutone662007d ago

If Sony advertises all their games, they will go broke. Too many games. Unlike MS, which can concentrate on one or two games, since that's all they got. MS spent 500 Million just to market Kinect. Now, they're probably spending 1 Billion to market Xbox One and COD. They should have spend those on developing new games instead of securing timed exclusive and DLC.

LNDCalling2007d ago

Agreed, my hope is that Vita sales will be invigorated by the PS4 (remote play) and that Sony bolster the advertising for Vita / Vita games (which includes the PS+ Vita instant games collection / Games.

rainslacker2006d ago

Absolutely agree. The vita has a lot of great games now, and more coming this year. I've been tired of this no games argument for a long time because I have quite a few Vita games, and that's not even counting all the PS1 classics/minis on there as well.:)

TongkatAli2007d ago (Edited 2007d ago )

3DS owners hate on it so much. It's like Xbox one level hate for it from them. The funny thing is the launch line up for it was fing incredible and to this day they use the meme " Vita has no games".

They're a fing cult that is what they are and they wanna talk shit about the free shit I get from Ps+ for a measly 50$ : |

PSNintyGamer2007d ago

Vita owners hated on 3ds first, so I don't understand why they can't take criticism back.

TongkatAli2007d ago

You wanna go there ? I got you, after I'm done with work going to send you two links that had me laughing my ass off. Vita owners troll with a toothpick, 3DS fanboys troll with a chainsaw.

Big difference between the two. DS/3DS fanboys troll PSP/Vita like they're getting paid for it.

Protagonist2006d ago


That is BS, I am first and foremost and handheld gamer but nintendofreaks always prevented me in getting a 3DS.

Firan2007d ago

No we don't. Well maybe Nintendo fanboys do but that's typical fanboy stuff. Pay no mind to that.

Vita had a very good amount of launch games but for me there hasn't been a must have game for me yet. Once one arrives I will buy a Vita.

RPGs man. I want a good RPG that I haven't already played.

PSNintyGamer2007d ago

Need I remind you of s*** like this

To say vita fans weren't bagging on 3ds is probably the biggest lie you could come up with.

Everywhere forums, gaming websites, you name it. People were claiming, "3ds will fail, Vita will succeed!" "Lol Ninty fanboys fell for the gimmick again!" If you honestly didn't see this you need to take those rose-tinted glasses off.

TongkatAli2007d ago (Edited 2007d ago )

I never played D3 Absence Of Justice and Persona 4 Golden and I got those games with added content to boot. It wasn't like the Tales Of Abyss port for the 3DS, yeah, no one said shit about that game being a port or Ocarina Of Time.

@PsNintygamer classic defense "you trolled me first so I'm going troll you forever" ok, go f yourself along with those pieces of shits you're defending. You guys were quick to get a Wii for 250$ but the Vita is too expensive, righhhhhhhhhtttttt and on top of that the Wii had a horrible online with no buddy list.

The Vita actually has a really good online with quick messaging and cross game party chat, but what would they say "so what! Not enough JRPG's". Like all the RPGs built from the ground up is suppose to come in the first year. I rememer how the PSP got trolled cause I played my DS hardcore, when I remembered how hard it got trolled and saw history repeating itself but even worse for the Vita I jumped ship, biggest trolls in gaming comes from the Nintendo handheld fanbase.

I got you after 6 o clock.

Firan2007d ago

People should just get over it and enjoy gaming. Both Vita and 3DS fans. I know I do.

Good for you! Those games are awesome. I agree with "Like all the RPGs built from the ground up is suppose to come in the first year".

3DS has been out over 2 years (damn time flies) and only now it's getting noticeable games more regularly.

tubers2007d ago

Funny how a lot of VITA owners are disgruntled with the questionable situation past N4G comment sections, across the internet.

Go to most 3DS boards, it's more peaceful there and bicker on mostly on actual games coming into their system and barely any IP and port begging.

cpayne932007d ago

Killzone mercenary looks like it will be the best handheld fps ever, really looking forward to it.

HarryMasonHerpderp2007d ago

Sega need to stop screwing around with Phantasy Star Online 2 and get it released in the west.

r212007d ago

That and a Yakuza game would be grand AND obviously, more VC!

Seeing as Rockstar are too busy with GTA V and will be quite some time till we a vita GTA.

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