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Submitted by GanonDorph 976d ago | interview

Dev: "PS4 and Xbox One are better than PC's in many ways"

How many years PS4 and Xbox One stay up to date? What are the opportunities in cloud gaming? What graphics can we expect from next-gen games? In an interview with PCG the developer Umbra Software talked about PS4 and Xbox One. (PS4, Xbox One)

Wizziokid  +   976d ago
It goes both ways

PC's have advantages
Consoles have advantages
Blackdeath_663  +   976d ago
i agree but quality on pc is better without a doubt. i am still very fond of my console because of the convenience and accessibility it brings and i'm glad that sony hasn't taken away that convenience with drm,always-on blocked used games and the rest of it because when you impose that much restrictions in my eyes the benefits of owning a console quickly deteriorates
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Haules  +   976d ago
PC-PS4 for me, best combination!

PC for multiplatforms
PS4 for exclusives!
TheBlackSmoke  +   976d ago
"quality on pc is better without a doubt"

Sorry but PC is not a standardised platform. The Graphics whore PC community is a tiny minority of PC gamers. Which is why that market does not sell and pc developers like crytek jump to console.

Just because YOUR PC can run games at a certain level doesn't mean the next 100 people's pc can.

Minecraft, WoW and LoL are the biggest thing on PC and they all have low system requirements.

Back to the article, its easy for people to simply look at specs side by side and say PC is better than console, but they don't factor in the talent of the developer and also the fact that consoles have full dedicated resources to the game.

Look at the last of us, there's no PC that can run anything near that quality on 512mb ram. Imagine the possibilities in PS4 future with devs like naughty dog.

edit: @decrypt

"95% games released are multiplats PC gets the best version there no question asked. Hell many multiplats on PC are like exclusives check BF3 or may be Skyrim running with a few hundered mods"

Of course and they sell like shit in comparison to console games. The only games on pc that can boast sales are low spec, ftp and mmo games.

Its funny you mention skyrim which only looks like a new game if HEAVILY modded with texture packs, enb's body replacer's, tonnes of ini file tweaking etc and BF3 which is desgined for high spec PCs in mind first, when the majority of multiplats are made for console and then ported to PC with minimal uprezzing and AA options.

The notion that a multiplat PC game with 90% the same assets as the console version somehow looks like a "new game" or a "generation ahead" is delusional.
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decrypt  +   976d ago
"PS4 and Xbox One are better than PC's in many ways"

How so?

1. Both consoles need to pay to go online now.

2. They have no BC so must create a new games library from 0 games. Mean while PC has 25 years of BC on its side and can emulate literally any console in history asides the PS3 and Xbox 360.

3. Their games cost more 10-20 usd more than PC versions.

4. Still no mods, Console makers rather console gamers bought DLCs.

5. For the price 400-500usd for console you could easily make a rig around 500usd that would beat both of them and would hold the option to be upgradable in the future.


95% games released are multiplats PC gets the best version there no question asked. Hell many multiplats on PC are like exclusives check BF3 or may be Skyrim running with a few hundered mods.

Then PC has exclusives too, its a known fact Xbox hardly had any exclusives. Nintendo games can be emulated on PC. So that just leaves the Playstation and its exclusives really. PC easily has more. Check out games like Dota 2, Shogun 2, Dayz, Arma 3. The difference is those games provide hundreds of hours of game play. Mean while the typical sony exclusive lasts 8 hours no replayability.

As for the 512mb arguement. PCs are designed for more than just games. They are designed for multitasking being able to handle several applications at once. Why do you think options like Cross game chat or a good browser never made it to the PS3? yea the 512 mb RAM.
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reynod  +   976d ago

Pretty much any low to mid range PC these days can play games in 1080p. If anyone is interested in gaming on PC they will atleast get a half decent GPU. You dont really need a monster PC to max games out. People going for the highest end of hardware are only going for bragging rights or may be interested in multiscreen gaming.


Anyone half interested in PC gaming would have a 200usd GPU atleast, which would be more than faster than any console and will max out games at 1080p.
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Panthers  +   976d ago
Im the opposite. I do PC for exclusives and PS4 for everything else.

SC2, SWTOR, and more are only on PC. If not I would be a console only gamer. So much nicer playing from my couch.
Panthers  +   976d ago
The whole "PC gets the best version" only applies to a small percent of PCs though. At least at the start of a console gen.

Most PC owners would get the better version on console since their PC isnt up to par.
Blackdeath_663  +   976d ago
wow it seems people REALLY don't like talking about PC's on this site.
TheBlackSmoke  +   976d ago
"As for the 512mb arguement. PCs are designed for more than just games. They are designed for multitasking being able to handle several applications at once. Why do you think options like Cross game chat or a good browser never made it to the PS3? yea the 512 mb RAM"

What is the point of this point? I already know that' s the reason. My point is you cant judge ram on a console the same as ram on a PC because consoles aren't running hundreds of background tasks.

People who are declaring 8gram on ps4 is "lolz weak compared to mah peecee" aren't realising that a console operates differently and so much more can be achieved with that than on a pc with the same specs.

My point stand's, you cant run the last of us on PC with 512 ram.
reynod  +   976d ago
"aren't realising that a console operates differently and so much more can be achieved with that than on a pc with the same specs."

The keyword here being SAME SPEC, you need to realise, 8GB RAM on PC has been pretty standard for the last few years. Today PCs are pushing above 16GB of RAM since its so cheap. GPU are coming equipped with super fast 3-6GB of GDDR 5 RAM. Hence making an arguement of same spec is not valid. You'd have to make a last gen PC to make the same specs as you would get on console.
TheBlackSmoke  +   976d ago
@reynod, you are talking so much bollocks.

There is NO WAY a LOW to mid spec PC can run a current gen PC game at 1080p "easily". Do you even understand what low to mid spec is? out of the box not intended for high end gaming, laptops, netbooks, still running on xp, vista etc.

Even a mac book pro you buy today cant handle 1080p games without frame loss.

And again, acting like its standard that every pc gamer has 16 gb of ram is retarded. How can PC dominate anything if only a few thousand enthusiasts have a PC with capability anywhere near that.

All you have done is prove my point that PC gamers need higher specs to achieve the same thing as a console. the only thing you are boasting about is that you have the privilege to spend money to upgrade it every 2 years. lol
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kevnb  +   976d ago
PC for multiplats and exclusives, ps4 for the other exclusives I care about.
Somebody  +   976d ago

"Just because YOUR PC can run games at a certain level doesn't mean the next 100 people's pc can.

"True...if you're still looking at the past. It's changing. Let's stop with the graphic whore argument and look at what the potential effect next gen console hardware will have on PC gaming in the near future:

If a game is optimized for an X86-based console using PC-like development process (the very selling point Sony said in the first announcement) then why do we assume X86-based PCs in a year's time would be unable to do the same? PS4 and X1 are primarily AMD machines who also make PC hardware and has planned to evolved the things it had learned in building next gen beyond that. I won't be surprised seeing a motherboard with GDDR5 Ram slots coming out by next year.

PC evolve over time while consoles stay the same...add a single architecture between them then we might be seeing medium PCs or even laptops playing multiplatform games at the same fidelity as next gen consoles. It was hard in the last/current generation since developers have to code three platforms with different hardware and architecture each. Now, there's one architecture for ALL 3 platforms using hardware that came from one shared source-the PC.
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Sonyslave3  +   976d ago
LOL what advantages does consoles have over pc none really.
DJMarty  +   976d ago
Easy of use, all consoles have standard hardware(closed system), price of hardware, console exclusive games.
decrypt  +   976d ago
The same closed hardware has you at the mercy of the console maker. They want to implement DRM, nothing you can do about it.

They want pay for online, nothing you can do about it.

PC is pretty easy to use now a days too. Its all about click Install on Steam, click Play.

Infact i would argue PC is much more convinient, Console has an update. You are stuck cant play without the firmware update, On PC well you decide when you want to update.
windblowsagain  +   976d ago
Once you've bought a game on steam it's worthless.

Making backups is easy enough though.

PS4 pay to play is disappointing.

Shame Destiny isn't coming to PC, would have been good.

Although i'm a big fan of BF3, BF4 just looks 3.5 and the same gameplay. Want something new.
reynod  +   976d ago

Games bought on Steam discounts are bought at extreme discounts, no point reselling them.

Infact they can be seen as a collection. I have over 200 of them on my Steam library, most of them bought on discounts. I am happy i can play them for decades to come. No concern not being able to play them the next time i upgrade.

Unlike console where there is no BC.
badz149  +   976d ago
I'm going to say this
high end pcs have more power and perform higher too and I'll stop THERE because there is no current PC setup that cost $399 and perform even close to to the PS4 and that's a FACT!

but when it come to a general question why console is better...I'll just say this...PS+! there is nothing else ON EARTH that gives you THAT many contents for a measly $50 a year, PERIOD!
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hellvaguy  +   976d ago
"PS+! there is nothing else ON EARTH that gives you THAT many contents for a measly $50 a year, PERIOD!"

Not trying to start up a flame war, but just days ago and for several years strong, sony fans were so proud of free online. Funny how the tides have turned and they don't critize sony now over it.
Hellsvacancy  +   976d ago
Games would be one thing, so many good console games you cant get on PC, Red Dead, MGS4, The Last Of Us for example

Other than that, none
JsonHenry  +   976d ago
The one and only advantage is a closed hardware architecture making it easier to optimized for. But that one advantage is kinda huge.

But then PC comes along and takes winning position in all else.
Haules  +   976d ago
PC will always be on top! but i Like the PS4!
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warewolfSS  +   976d ago
Are you a real person?

You do know your console dosent care about you right?
RonRico  +   976d ago
Uh, price.
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Blackdeath_663  +   976d ago
accessibility,affordability and convenience.
pc's are expensive even if you try to build one with the same specs as ps4 you will never ever be able to bring it down to $399 without skimping out on some parts and making a not very well made machine.
consoles work out of the box no need to install os,drivers no need to build it etc.. for mainstream people/layman they will not want to deal with that and much rather buy something that works as it is.
both the above points contribute to this one in that you have to go through a lot less hassle to just enjoy your games and if you're not bothered about quality (one of the advantages of a pc)then there is no reason to do so.
conclusion, if you just want to play games consoles are very suitable way to do so. PC has many advantages and i can argue for that too but it really boils down to what you're looking for.
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malokevi  +   976d ago
Did you even bother to read the article?
givemeshelter  +   976d ago
PC gamers like myself should be damn happy about the XboxOne and PS4. Why? Because they both use PC architecture as the PC and games will be so easy to port back and forth. So in the end, PC gamers will get most if not all 3rd party games hitting these systems because it will be a snap to port games back and forth. Win Win in my books.
I am getting disagrees for stating this? LOL. Only on N4G.COM
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iamgoatman  +   976d ago
Now paying for online is required for the X1 and PS4 I don't see how this can be debated at all anymore.
kB0  +   976d ago
Prefering console over pc is one thing, but PC can't be compared...not only is it a lot more multifunctional but it also has room to expand, upgrade and customize...

The two cannot be compared!

Not only that, but pc has been playing 1080p for years...even at 60+ fps and 3D.....

So really I dont get what ppl try to prove with these comments other than stirring the pot?
givemeshelter  +   976d ago
What I did find with this E3 was these next gen systems were showing off physics, graphics and gameplay that I have enjoyed for YEARS on my PC and in most cases those games on these systems did not look any better and actually some looked worse then PC games.
Obviously as time passes these next gen games will get better but I found this interesting that the games looked like PC games years ago.
iistuii  +   976d ago
I agree. I watched them race with NFS Rivals & all I could think was my PC Most Wanted maxed out already looks wayyy better than that. But as you said earlier, it'll be even better now as some of the crap ports we've had to put up with Dead Island cough cough, should be a thing of the past.
Gamesgbkiller  +   976d ago
I don't know why people think that if Pc is stronger than console , it doesn't mean its better in other things.
urwifeminder  +   976d ago
Pc is my main focus this gen and Im glad new consoles will lead to better looking pc games that said I will still get a box and play with friends.
Tatsuya  +   976d ago
PS4 has shown the Greatness that Awaits me!
Got an awesome rig right here, not going to criticize it, not going to say it's the best either. From here on, PS4 will be my lead gaming platform! I'll use my PC for work and the other stuffs.

SONY will create Legends and Legends will Rise!
kB0  +   976d ago
Its a PC in a good looking box? I don't understand your comment...there is nothing jaw dropping about what sony did other then proper marketing and giving the players what they want in terms of support...the hardware itself isn't mind blowing....the ps3 and ps2 both came with the highest available tech for consoles of its time...this is basically an overclocked and better looking xbox one LOL

Not knocking the system, I already have it preordered:) just saying, nothing mind blowing:P
DVAcme  +   976d ago
I personally don't see PC gaming and console gaming as antagonistically as many people do. PC games will always have a niche because many staple genres of the platform are not represented heavily on consoles(4X, MMOs, MOBA), especially those which heavily depend on mouse and keyboard for optimum control, and the fact that a PC can also be a work tool and not just an entertainment platform basically makes the platform unkillable. However, consoles have a myriad of advantages over PC as well, such as price range and sustainability, controllers and genres that are also heavily represented on console while being not as common on PC.

If a person is going to have more than one platform, a PC and a console more than cover any game needs. This generation, a high-end PC and a PS4 are most certainly the best combination any gamer could ask for.
ThyMagicSword   976d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(2)
ThyMagicSword  +   976d ago
Kamikaze135  +   976d ago
If you're talking about most PCs or an old gaming PC, then sure.
ThyMagicSword  +   976d ago
Many PC developer will use the Ps4 as lead Plattform in order to achieve the best possible optimisation for their games, buying a high end pc only for the third and last witcher is foolish, you can buy it for Ps4 beside games like Destiny, Final Fantasy XV Versus, Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain, Deep Down and The Last Guardian. And this is only the beginning of the next gen for Ps4, remember the Launch titles of ps3? Compare them to what is now in Terms of possibilities. The production costs of new games will rise and so the Need of profitable console Versions for game developer, PC will rest niche with small communities like The Elder Scrolls Mod Community and so on. Thinking PC oriented developer from the past will stay loyal to PC is more than foolish, look at Elder Scrolls Online announcment, what is a sign for my prediction. I'm waiting for the next Elder Scrolls and Fallout 4, PC graphic tweaks and Options add nothing to the games themselves, it's a desperate try of consumers that bought expensive PC and hopes for better Quality from the Price they've paid buying These Computers, like it is said in the article. They're better, but only on paper. The developer will take the Advantage of the easier and more profitable console development, High End PC's are more for Benchmark programms like digital painter use and so on, but not for future games, c'mon. The middleway is the best way, buy a Ps4 and be happy for the next years, without concerns and doubts. Many PC gamer are modding their games to the Maximum and not playing the games for what they are and stand for, sad but true.
Allsystemgamer  +   976d ago
U don't need an expensive PC to play games at 1080p @60 fps maxed. My 5 year old 900$ PC is still doing it today and it's easily worth 400$ now.
inf3cted1  +   976d ago paying for online, right?
ThyMagicSword  +   976d ago
Let me make an example, look at Crytek's Crysis 3, is has been consolized in many ways. Compare it to the first one, which was for PC first. What does the PC community have over consoles? Games like Crysis? Hahahaha... I must laugh my tongue off. Look at Skyrim, it has been consolized. Compare the mod tool of Oblivion with the mod tool of Skyrim, the mod tool of Oblivion allowed more liberty, because Skyrim's engine has been consolized, although the creation engine is better than gamebyro. PC will not be the first choice in future, but only an second Option...
mochachino  +   976d ago
There's no way you can build a $400 dollar rig from scratch that will come close to PS4 capabilities.

It probably wouldn't even run games in 4 years.
nepdyse  +   976d ago
I would buy a console if.....

1. It had native Keyboard and Mouse support.

2. I could play games at 120fps(absolutely can't stand anything below 110) and true/native 120Hz(DVI-D,Displayport)

3. I could play games at a resolution higher than 1920x1080. Also DOWNSAMPLING,DOWNSAMPLING,DOWN SAMPLING!!!!!

4. It supported Occulus Rift.

5. It had a modding community.

6. It had a digital distribution service ala Steam, Origin etc. Does PSN do this already?

7. Customizable graphics options. So we could choose between peformance and graphical fidelity.

8. Bat-shit insane gaming sales.

9. Free online.

If you love and are buying the new consoles awesome, more power to you. But it just can't do any of the things I want it to(besides fucking awesome exclusives.) The first 2 points being an absolute necessity.
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