Wii the Death Knell of the Bleeding Edge Console?

This generation, videogame console manufacturers somewhat literally went for broke when they entered the new interactive entertainment technology arms race.

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TrevorPhillips3765d ago

wii's manufacturer isnt that good enough

TrevorPhillips3765d ago

this year has been though for all 3 consoles

green3765d ago

I said this as far back as October,and pointed this as my only problem with the wii.If sony and microsoft's profit's fall way below that of nintendo's in the coming years,they might not see the essence of really spending bilions on the next gen consoles.

Then micro and sony will give us xbox360/1.5 and ps3.5 with fancy controllers

killer_trap3765d ago

you make a great argument but i really hope it doesn't turn out that way. one gimmiki system is enough.

cheetorb3765d ago

The Wii's success is based on three things; gimmick, price, and marketing, that is why soccer mom's and grandma's are playing the thing. It's not the quality of it's vast library of games or it's technological bells and whistles, it's like that damn whack-a-mole game at Chucky Cheese Pizza. I'm a 36 year old gamer who has owned them all including the Wii and once the novelty wore off from the few good games it did have, I got rid of it. I love Nintendo and I'm happy they are successful, I just hope they use this opportunity to step up their technology and make GOOD games again.

Whack-a-mole is fun but I sure wouldn't buy one.

SaiyanFury3765d ago

The Wii has a different audience of people. Casual gamers and non-gamers who don't care about technology or HD graphics. Many people who grew up on games like me, want to move into the next generation of consoles that provide better graphics, hardware, and media interactivity. Face it, we live in the digital age, where digital sound and HD graphics are here. People are adopting HDTVs and home theatre systems quickly. With games like Uncharted and others like it recreating the movie-like experience, only interactive, video games are replacing movies and major forms of entertainment as the mainstay. Yes the Wii has it's audience, and more power to them, but most of those people don't buy many games and don't contribute to a long system lifespan. Consoles like PS3 and 360 cater to all of us who grew up on games over the last 25 years and there will always be a market for them. Casual and non-gamers may make up the majority of the public, but it's the core players that drive the industry and it's economics.

hfaze3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

If the "Wii mentality" wins out in the gaming industry, then they will have lost one customer here. I am one of those customers looking for that quantum leap in technology in the next generation of gaming, eagerly awaiting true photo-realistic cinematic gaming. The Wii doesn't even come close to delivering that.

It's good for Nintendo that they hit a success like they did with the Wii, but I hope that Sony and Microsoft do NOT alienate customers like me and bring out a PS3.5 or XBox 540 and call it "next gen".

Here's to hoping that Nintendo takes the boatload of cash they made off of the Wii and bring out a REAL next-gen system.

Steelshaper3765d ago

and if the Wii mentality doesn't stick around then the video game industry will have lost customer in me. I'm sick of people assuming that good graphics and good sound make a game. We've been playing video games the same way since they were invented. Yeah sure we've added more buttons and different functionalities... but it's always the same button pressing. At least the Wii has changed the way we play. It's something the industry has desperately needed.

And I've been playing video games since Atari. I just understand that GAMEplay is more important to GAMES than how they look.

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The story is too old to be commented.