Side by Side comparison: Xbox One vs Xbox 360 Controller

onPause writes:

The Xbox One controller sports the guide button on the top and out of the way of the resting thumb area while the start and back buttons have been replaced also in the form of what appear to be ‘window’ and ‘menu’ buttons from the logos.

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brandonw001783d ago

I hope that the Xbox One controller is supported by Windows again. I am not too interested in the console, but I wouldn't mind playing some PC games with that awesome new controller.

Blackdeath_6631783d ago (Edited 1783d ago )

it should i wouldn't worry too much about it since some of the demos for the rumble feature were running on a pc as clearly can be seen here also even if ( for whatever reason) it won't work on pc natively there will always be software created by someone as is the case with the dualshock3 i use mine to play racing games on pc.

also for all you xbox fans and not fans these are the guys behind the technology in the kinect 2 and it explains how kinect can read your heart beat. its quite impressive give it a watch if you are familiar with programming the code that allows your camera to read your heartbeat is free you can use it for all sorts of things (non-comercial things )

titletownrelo1783d ago

If you play a fps with that thing on PC, prepare to get destroyed

NameRemoved00171783d ago

All that a controllers good for on PC is racing, platformers and some third person games.

titletownrelo1783d ago (Edited 1783d ago )

"MY" opinion
Keyboard and Mouse: first person games, MMOs, RTS games

Controller: third person games, fighting, racing, platformers

Speed-Racer1783d ago

If I had to go console, it would be the PS.

Belking1783d ago

It's a good thing nobody

Snookies121783d ago

Your response has been rendered false however, because someone agreed with him. Which means that someone does in fact care.

mcroddi1783d ago

It seems. You are wrong?

JokesOnYou1783d ago

Exactly Snookies, I cared enough to disagree with him.

On topic, seems the controller has had a lot of great feedback, can't wait to try it for myself.

saint_seya1783d ago

Nothing to do with the post, its about Xbox controllers, PS has nothing to do with this..
Please dont start something, this is for the people interested in how the two compare, if ure not interested then just dont comment.
On topic: The two look similar, i guess the biggest difference is the rumble on triggers #if i get it right# and layout of the guide button, also the buttons now are not differnte colors, same color #black# with letters on different colors.

UNGR1783d ago

Go troll somewhere else then. Why try to start a flame war? It's an article about a controller and the only thing you can do is talk about how you're buying the PlayStation. You are a troll, anyone who agreed with you is a troll, and you're the exact reason gaming is laughed at.

Hicken1783d ago

... more likely, it's your overreaction to his trolling that is the exact reason gaming is laughed at.

Who's laughing, by the way, and why should I even give a damn?

That said, it's not like you're blameless in painting gaming in a bad light; given some of your very own comments- many of which are, if not trolling, willful ignorance- you're hardly in a position to call anybody else out.

Yeah, he's trolling, but your little tirade is fairly off the mark, as well.

I mean, anyone who agreed? So because he's trolling, he's automatically wrong with what he says? I think the two things are mutually exclusive.

UNGR1783d ago

@Hicken. If you can quote me trolling I'll give you a thousand dollars. Good luck, you won't find it. How is it that being disgusted by immature children that decide that being an ass in a community where everyone used to get along, makes me the bad guy? Oh your broken logic is so cute. The one bubble you have left really doesn't help your case, I still have mine because I'm at the least reasonable. You? Not so much. Agreeing is condoning it, condoning it is harmful. If the community learnt to show a lick of respect to everyone all around the "bad light" we're painted in would disappear in an instant.

MikeMyers1782d ago (Edited 1782d ago )

Interesting. Some people will actually defend trolling as long as it's the same platform they don't care about anyways while fighting tooth and nail against trolls that are going after systems they support. No need for double standards, trolling is trolling and this topic is about the Xbox controllers.

With that said the Xbox One controller looks to improve on the already great Xbox 360 controller. I want to try those new triggers out.

GreenRanger1783d ago

The new controller is the only thing i like about the Xbox One.

cyguration1783d ago

Same here. It looks very sexy and could be mistaken for a model out of Victoria's Secret.

mcroddi1783d ago

Haha. I'm glad they didn't change much. Improvements vs redesign.

mcroddi1783d ago

I like the controller but wonder how well the bumpers work. Certainly seems cool that it has rumble in the triggers.

sandman2241783d ago

This controller will be the reason I get really fat. And I'm okay with it.

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