The PlayStation 4 Is ‘First and Foremost a Video Game Console.’ So?

Time: After Microsoft spent much of its Xbox One reveal talking about television, Sony is eager to position itself as a pro-gaming alternative.

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Chaostar1994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )

So it's important to gamers, especially those who only have one console and if a manufacturer chooses to focus on things other than games it could lead to less games for them to play.

"The result? Microsoft is winning the console wars."

Didn't PS3 overtake Xbox 360 in sales 'officially' (vgchartz officially lol) recently? Looks like Sony's gamers focus is working to me.

iGAM3R-VIII1994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )

Agreed, the author was probably messed up when he wrote this.

The author has to realise that like every company, it makes mistakes and when you keep improving, you get the Playstation 4,3,2 and 1. Sony HAVE been focusing on gamers based on the reveal and the features with the PS4.

I do not see how MS are winning the console wars when PS3 beat the 360 and IMO the PS4 reveal beat MS.

marchinggamer1994d ago

In overall sales of hardware and software the Xbox 360 and Xbox live made 2 times for money than ps3 and pan
So yes Xbox 360 did win

twinspectre1994d ago

So is a Real console for Real Gamers :) DAY 1 for Me with Killzone Shadow Fall and Knack

stuna11994d ago

I'm going to have to disagree with the last part of yor statement...j/k.

The PS4 reveal was good and all IMO, but I think Microsoft are beating themselves at this point!

I think it was pretty apparent that Microsoft was caught off guard with Sonys announcement, but Microsoft only made Sonys announcement better by trying to take the spotlight off of Sony! I bet you now they wish they had let Sony keep the spotlight.

TotalHitman1994d ago

@marchinggamer, Orly? Where are your facts and figures to back that statement up?

Shuyin1994d ago


Git off dat crack, son.

dedicatedtogamers1994d ago

I love the denial across the interent.

*gaming websites hate on the Xbox One or, at best, they're neutral*

Xbox fanbase: "j-j-just wait for E3, guys!"

*non-gaming, American-focused publications like Forbes and Times say Xbox One is going to be great*

Xbox fanbase: "HAHAH! See?! See?! Everyone loves the Xbox One! This thing is going to sell like gangbusters!"

dirigiblebill1994d ago

Here you go: actual figures that prove... something. Microsoft's IEB division took $9.6 billion in revenues for FY2012, compared to $7.5 billion from Sony's Game division.

That's just one year, of course, and it's revenue rather than profit, but hopefully it lends a bit more solidity to this, er, discussion.

waltercross1994d ago

Sony leads in Consoles, This was news months ago so no idea why some are denying it.

For those saying but but but XBOX Made more money...They charge More for pretty much everything to AND the PS3 was released a year late with a High price.

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DragonKnight1994d ago

The author was messed up. Half the article glossed over what most consider bad moves from Microsoft in favour of stating over and over that "we don't know what Sony's doing."

The final half of the article is the author telling everyone that discussing what has been happening in the past 2 weeks is pointless and we're all wasting our time and that Microsoft is somehow "Microsoft is winning the console wars."

That last bit is hilarious considering that the PS3 has outsold the 360 every year globally since it's later release, and has been confirmed to have surpassed the 360's lifetime sales. If sales determine the winner, then how is Microsoft winning the console wars? Oh, the author probably thinks the U.S. = The World. Gotcha.

In the end, Sony is going into E3 with nothing but positive PR and MS is going into E3 with mostly negative PR. As things stand right now, it looks like Sony has won (or is winning) the battle of the early adopters and the core market. Going into this new gen, the final barrier for Sony will be pricing and if they can clinch that, then anyone would be hard pressed to find anything wrong with the PS4 until it's released.

Ju1994d ago

FYI. He updated the article. And he acknowledges that Sony and MS are head-to-head on the global level.

DragonKnight1993d ago

Yeah, his update is still sad. He just can't seem to say "Sony is ahead of Microsoft."

MikeMyers1993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )

"Yeah, his update is still sad. He just can't seem to say "Sony is ahead of Microsoft." "

Neither has Sony. I have yet to hear any official announcement yet from them. Not that it really matters anymore anyways but obviously it does to some.

DragonKnight1993d ago

@Mike: When was the last time you heard any of the big 3 come out and say "We're ahead of _____" ever in their history competing against each other? And I'm not talking about standard marketing talk about specs or games or whatever. I'm talking sales of hardware. Globally.

MikeMyers1993d ago


"We look at the market in worldwide terms, and every market is extremely important to us. The facts are, we debuted the PlayStation 3 at $599, which was an extremely steep price barrier for a lot of consumers. And we debuted a year after Microsoft, but on a worldwide basis, we’ve sold the same, if not more, devices. I think we’re at 77 million sold right now — it’s basically splitting hairs. Despite all that, our message has been extremely well-received around the world."

On a global scale the PS3 has also outsold the Xbox 360 every year but 2011.

The fact is both consoles have done well, well over 75 million and the Wii at about 100 million. We have seen both Nintendo and Microsoft expand their markets from the previous generation while Sony lost its dominance. So far the Wii U is off to a slow start and the PS4 is getting the most positive feedback. As Jack Tretton said, we're just splitting hairs at this point, a new generation is upon us. But I guess some people feel better knowing who will end up last and who ended up first.

DragonKnight1993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )

You always gotta get that last dig in no matter what it is you're saying don't you? You never let up the assault. It's you against the chosen few you have to stop at all cost isn't it? You need a better hobby.

Oh and btw, I can admit that quote is borderline, but it's not exactly coming right out and saying "we sold more than ____" now is it. It's PR nicety, but at the same time the idea of him saying "we’ve sold the same, if not more, devices" isn't a direct statement saying "yes, we've sold more."

But, that IS splitting hairs. Plus, this is all irrelevant to what I was speaking to Ju about anyway as the author of this article isn't Sony or Microsoft so, once again, I fail to see the relevance of your continued efforts of pushing conversation into areas where your sole goal is to get your digs in.

**EDIT** Btw, it's pretty sad that you're following me around you know. This article has been up for 13 hours, and the first time you comment is to be in opposition to me? Yeah, I think you really need to stop because, like I said, it's really sad.

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Limit7601994d ago

Shipped Vs Sold is completely different.
The Xbox 360 has sold the most consoles (number 1 according to NPD's) for 28 consecutive months. By quite a large margin every time. So while the PS3 may have SHIPPED more than the 360, the 360 still SOLD more than the PS3.

Just to clarify: Shipped = Sony has given stores like best buy, walmart, target, etc a shipment of PlayStation 3's. That means a ton of them are sitting in the stock room of a store. Sold = some person has bought an Xbox 360 console, money exchanged for product.

DragonKnight1994d ago

Dude, you're smoking some potent stuff. MS reports shipped. All 3 report shipped. And when Microsoft's biggest sales fansite, vgchartz, puts the PS3 ahead of the 360 globally, you know it's true. Just stop.

MysticStrummer1994d ago

No Limit. Sony shipped more than MS months and months ago. They have now passed MS in sales. That actually happened a few months ago too, but even the diehard sites have admitted it now.

dedicatedtogamers1994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )

"Shipped Vs Sold is completely different."

Sold vs Installed base is also completely different. For 3+ years, 360 owners bought multiple consoles when theirs died. Yes, even with the warranty. They would send in their dead one and play on the "good" one while they waited. I have a friend with two dead 360's sitting on his shelf right now and a third one plugged in. Working for Gamestop (yeah, it's just anecdotal evidence) I saw people come in on a weekly basis to buy a cheap Arcade 360 to tide them over while Microsoft sent a replacement. I'm certain my little store in Podunk, USA wasn't the only place it happened.

Limit7601994d ago

"The latest numbers from NPD market research firm are out and the Xbox 360 was the top-selling console in April, marking the 28th straight month atop the U.S. console market.
Microsoft sold 130,000 Xbox 360′s last month — down 50 percent from last month — and also led all consoles in total retail spend (hardware, software and accessories) at $208 million. "

NPD reports on SALES. Sales are not equivalent to SHIPPED.

DragonKnight1994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )

Limit, you're talking about the U.S. only. NPD only deals in U.S. numbers. Globally, the 360 is in last place. In total sales numbers, the 360 is in last place.

And NPD also leave out a few big retailers. Also, accurate consumer sell through is a near impossibility.

And finally, Shipped are consoles SOLD to retailers. Don't get it twisted. The 360 is in LAST PLACE GLOBALLY. Those are the FACTS.

babadivad1994d ago

PS3 has caught up almost solely because the 360 is only selling in the US & Europe. They get close to zero sells in Sony's home country of Japan.I saw this coming before the consoles even launched. Microsoft main goal was releasing Sony's death grip it had on the US[the larges gaming market] which they have been extremely successful at since 360 still outsells the PS3 by large margins in the US. If they can keep the US market and pretty much split Europe like they did this gen they will be happy. They'll never crack Japan which will always give Sony a huge advantage in GLOBAL sales.

waltercross1994d ago

@ Limit760

Depends who you ask, these guys say PS3 Sold more

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NegativeCreepWA1994d ago

Just curious, what ever happened to "it only does everything"?

DragonKnight1994d ago

It still does, only it does gaming better.

MysticStrummer1994d ago

It didn't work as a marketing slogan.

MS is doing the same thing Sony did at the beginning of last gen, focusing less on games and more on the other things their console does. It didn't work for Sony, though the higher price didn't help either.

1994d ago
finbars751994d ago

I agree its important to gamers to have a console that plays games.I dont need another multi media function in my house.everything I own has what the Xboxone had to offer.I want to play games first and for most.Sony has done a great job over the years on improving themselves and it will continue into next gen.MS biggest fault to me is how the sqeeze every penny out of you for everything.You can say what you want but xboxlive is not that great for what you pay for so its time for people to start relizing what is the best bang for your buck and Sony is sitting in the right position for that.

dirigiblebill1993d ago

Making more money = winnah, surely? No point selling 100 million consoles if you're turning a loss.

I tend to assume Microsoft's ahead, simply because the hardware was less expensive to produce to begin with and they charge for Gold. They seem to sell the lion's share of multiplat, too.

I wonder if either PS3 or 360 will ever overtake the Wii, or PS2?

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Donnieboi1994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )

"Time" magazine has an opinion on gaming.


Arai1994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )

The best part is at the end of the article /sarcasm

Arai1994d ago

I guess people don't get it, I'm mocking this article because it's lame and makes no sense at all.

If anything it seems biased and misinformed...

stuna11994d ago

That why I gave you an agree, because I understood it! Anyway Time says what they've said, because they stand to benefit from the XBone being media based, since they are the media after all.

DJMarty1994d ago

So glad PS4 won't be a cablebox paywall like Xbox one.

sway_z1994d ago

'So'? we got peeps hating on games!

I didn't even bother to give a hit to this....the title sums it all up...

What a dooosh ;/

Raven771994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )

I swear, N4G just keeps sliding down hill.

This site has basically become a "forum" where every person with an opinion or a "top 10" list gets posted.

I visit this site once a day where I used to visit 5-6 times. Now I just go to NEOGAF, you know, a site where people post gaming news as its happening, not 8 hours later.

Hell I'm convinced that 90% of the stories on here are people browsing NEOGAF and then jumping out to their half-baked "game news" sites and posting it as if they are some sort of great gaming journalist.

I don't hate N4G, no, I miss what N4G used to be...

MysticStrummer1994d ago

"This site has basically become a "forum" where every person with an opinion or a "top 10" list gets posted."

When was it not like this? I didn't find the site until mid 2007 or so, but it's always been the same since I've been looking at it. The only thing that's changed is which console has more fans here.

Raven771994d ago

Take a look at the front page, at least half the stories, at all times, are "top x lists" or "PS4 will win next gen because..." just these pointless click-grabbing opinion pieces by no-name gaming sites.

Again, all the real news is on NEOGAF and most of the real gaming news stories that actually ARE on N4G are taken directly from GAF about 4-8 hours late.

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