Take-Two: MMOs don't work in the US

Strauss Zelnick says MMOs are generally unprofitable in US; "A couple of our competitors have found out that through very, very expensive lessons."

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Sandmano1603d ago

I believe MMOS work everywhere if done right.

GameCents1602d ago

You think MMO's would work everywhere if done right?

Tell me more about your extensive research and experience in the field.

Sandmano1602d ago (Edited 1602d ago )

P.M your email ill send you my study on this subject.

vishmarx1602d ago

wrong...every region has its tastes...the kinda stuff that works in japan for instance is prettyy....ummm..(to me,)quirky and awkward
like those karaoke diva games...or those games like fate/staynight..which lierally all text or date sims ...w/e

im not saying theyre bad but i doubt most of uus understand them or are willing to accept it anytime soon

Sandmano1601d ago

its an Mmo not a style of game its a whole genre there must be a audience for Mmos in NA

DeadlyFire1600d ago (Edited 1600d ago )

A MMO can work in any region with any genre.

Two things are essential.
-Price Point
-Replay Value

Many MMOs lack both of those with little replay value, bad economies, and terribly high subscription rates for anyone to take interest in it.

One big note about Asia its well over a billion people there. It will be successful there no matter what, and it gives alot of room for changes to increase popularity to consumers. So its more like the Beta test of any MMO games before they could be implemented anywhere else they can perfect them in the Asian market. Tweaks from MMOs of series that are in Asia have migrated to titles in the US/EU regions in many occasions.

Donnieboi1603d ago (Edited 1602d ago )

Oh no, not Take Two (publishers of Rockstars GTA games). Damnit...well there goes my dream of ever playing a GTA mmo Spin-off series :(

Unlimax1602d ago (Edited 1602d ago )

This might shock you guys .. Just take a look :D

Laughable .. isn't it :P

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