DLBTV: Recap of the Xbox One Reveal

"On this episode of DLBTV, DLB gives his take on the Xbox One Reveal conference that occurred last week. Was it a big deal to him? Watch the video and find out!"

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Godmars2901999d ago

I feel that the majority of 360 owners were PC gamers. People who tended to lean towards PC gaming even in the NES days. They were never actually "console" gamers to begin with, it was just a platform they had to deal with to play certain games and even got some into making games.

MS's only consideration has been PC gaming even with the first Xbox.

NewMonday1998d ago (Edited 1998d ago )

put a mice on and play some MP on the 360 and you will know who the majority are.

few PC gamers abandon the platform, they may own extra consoles on the side. the Xbox did not change PC gamers, it changed PC developers and moved many away to the consoles before Steam made PC a viable platform again.