'GTA V' to feature real-time weather effects writes, "Though it’s probably not a “back of the box” feature, Grand Theft Auto V will feature real-time weather effects. What does that mean for you? It means you’ll see furious storms, ocean waves that will make you think twice about taking a swim, and rain forming in puddles of mud."

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Wizziokid2027d ago (Edited 2027d ago )

It should include rare earthquakes being in LA, that would be awesome ;)

So hyped for this game!

stickskills2027d ago

Well, we have rumble in controllers... why not?!

thechosenone2027d ago

That would be freakin cool! And the real time weather effects is amazing! I want a PS4 version as the only games I'm getting this year for my PS3 are some indie games and the last few titles from Sony.

Wizziokid2027d ago

I really do hope they announce a PS4 version, That's the reason I still haven't pre-ordered

Irishguy952027d ago

A Tsunami would be nice...

GdaTyler2026d ago

Earthquakes in GTA V? Are you insane? Our human bodies cannot handle that much awesomeness.

k2d2026d ago (Edited 2026d ago )

Wonder if you'll be able to see local weather differences? Standing on Mt. Chilliad and witnessing total opposite weathers conditions around SA. Maybe that's for next generation.. I wish Skyrim would've had it.

DhionatanSantos2024d ago

Tell that to Rockstar maybe they put it in the game..

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ltachiUchiha2027d ago

Man this game is going to be amazing. I also want tornadoes, hurricanes lol, maybe im asking for too much. =]

Persistantthug2027d ago

There's no tornadoes or hurricanes in California.

We just get earthquakes and occasional rain storms.

ltachiUchiha2027d ago

True, I just wanted it as a feature for multiplayer mode. Have weather system. Would be cool.

Hayabusa 1172027d ago

Erm, hasn't GTA always had real time weather effects? At least all the ones I've played.

Earthquakes and tornados would be a step up, but I highly doubt that'll happen.

MajorLazer2027d ago

I believe the article means that it will be a more advanced weather system than previous Gta titles

Bounkass2027d ago

Since when is instant rainfall and instant rainstop realtime? :P

2027d ago
PersonMan2027d ago

I believe the weather in GTA IV was on a schedule. It was always the same pattern.

KumquatGOATBEEF2027d ago


You're preaching to the choir since you obviously missed Bounkass's point.

Fasttrack762027d ago

Enough just give me the game plz. :)

searchbuzz2027d ago

Grand Theft Auto: Seasons Expansion Pack.

The Sims on steroids.

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