Why Xbox One Is Better Than PS4 - Hint: The Future of Consoles Isn't Gaming

We've now seen the next generation of major gaming consoles unveiled (well, mostly - we still don't know what the PS4 console will actually look like), and it looks like the Xbox One is ready for the future, while the PS4 sadly clings on to the bygone---and less profitable---era of hardcore gaming.

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thechosenone1550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

Wait so you're telling me that the future of console gaming isn't gaming?


iGAM3R-VIII1550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )


"The future of driving isn't vehicles, its chairs that are cemented to the ground..."

The Simpsons sure have got the Xbox One right...

dedicatedtogamers1550d ago

Future of consoles isn't gaming? Then I want no part in the future, and you will be surprised who else agrees with me.

Hint: the highest-selling console of last gen was the one with the fewest non-gaming features.

Why o why1550d ago


Getting beyond ridiculous

Blastoise1550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

I wish we could get rid of this thought that gaming console has to be more than just a gaming console. We don't need apps and TV stuff, it should be a an extra and not a focus

I don't understand why people would buy an Xbox with these Tv functions when they could just buy a cable box and use a remote for a lot less of the price.

People keep saying the Xbox is all in one (hence the name)this kind of complete living room experience but so far it seems like they're the jack of all trades and master of none. I can't see hardcore gamers buying them

xHeavYx1550d ago

Xbox One BLOCKS USED GAMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES! (read with Terry Crews voice)

darthv721550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

is anybody's guess if you really think about it. it doesnt. Both ms and sony have made a general statement that used games will be supported.

Both just need to disclose more info on how those used games are attainable.

coolmast3r1550d ago

LMAO that gif made me fucking laugh my ass off pretty hard :D

finbars751550d ago

Touche way to funny.Koudos to you for that.Well played.MariaHelFutura needs more bubbles.

joab7771550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

MS did what they had to...just disnt announce it right. MS's first priority is its OS and the its future. They know the future isn't desktop PCs so they must get out ahead of it. Luckily for them Google and Apple have basically failed at getting ahold of the livingroom market. MS has a huge unstall base with the xb ox and must go the direction they r going.

That being said, they should have used the initial announcement to assauge the fear that theor core base has. They should hav started and ended with bwing the middle content. And they should hav answered more questions. Once they took care of the base, then they can move forward and begin to market to everyone else. Instead, they left an overall negative feeling with those that saw the reveal and the word spreads. They did it backwards.

I will buy a ps4 initially but will probably buy an xbox one at some point afterwards. Its too early as most reveal will be at e3 for both but I believe that the xbox one will be fine and I believe that there is room for both.

PLASTICA-MAN1550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

You know it may be true, Microsoft chose the name XBOX from the beginning, they were aiming for this moment and future, the "X" and "BOX": "X" in mathematics means a variable and can be anything and you can put anything in a "BOX". Now the "BOX"is a DVR and a TV Tuner and the "X" is your voice that changes with every user. Sony main focus was/is/will be always about gaming first hence the name "PLAY" + "STATION". What first comes in mind when you hear the world "PLAY" is playing, games of course, but further investigations can lead to find that the word "PLAY" can be accomplice to playing music, movies, videos or any other media. Without forgetting that a "STATION" is very BIG compared to a "BOX": a station can be a radio station, TV station, train station, military station, gas station, magazine station, work station... anything that everybody uses and goes to in his all day life. So a "STATION" is something NECESSARY in one's life because have you ever seen someone going to any "STATION" bringing a huge "BOX" with him? Also, as far as I know, in psychology, the majority of people have tendency to get affection for the word "PLAY" rather than the exhausting "X" in mathematics.

PS: I am either a philosopher or drunk or neither of those or just following the logics of this article's author aka a "gaminge" machine is not for gaming meaning the logic of absurdity in mathematics or the logics of the non-logics.

Nodoze1550d ago

Correction the box is NOT a DVR and it is NOT a tuner. This means that you have to waste power and space with your existing cable box (you know the tuner and the DVR). The only thing the Xbox does is change the channels from the HDMI in.

In other words it is USELESS as a cable/sat box.

Who in the hell watches live TV anymore?

Gratisfaction1550d ago

Where is that video from!

I laughed so damn hard on this!!!

kneon1550d ago


That's why I've started calling it a set top box accessory since it doesn't do much on it's own.

So Microsoft's real competition is companies like Cisco, Motorola etc. that already make set top boxes with much of the same functionality.

The cable companies have no interest in someone like Microsoft, Google or Apple co-opting their networks so expect the STBs to continue to add features over the coming years.

Autodidactdystopia1550d ago

I used to like Microsoft.

They have been added to the list of ongoing disappointments

1 Tool not releasing a new album cause maynard is a stuck up turd who wants to work on garbage music like puscifer

2 Valve promising up 3 episodes of hl 2 and just giving up midway and on top of that waiting like 26 years with no word on anything at all

3 Microsoft ruining the good thing it had with windows 7 so that they could release the trash windows 8 and later windows blue

4 Msoft just ditching the gaming community by giving up entirely on what their supporters want and concentrating on fat redneck sports fans who are gullible enough to let a fuckin hal9000 in their living rooms to watch/record everything they fukin do.

what is wrong with the world these days haha :)

DatNJDom811550d ago

As a latino, I am ashamed of this article.

vulcanproject1550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

Sony didn't show off their box when they announced their new machine. Major Nelson I believe said sarcastically 'that's one way to launch your new games console' referring to the lack of the box on display.

What was Microsoft way to show off their new games console? Show hardly any games? Dohhhhh!

I know I know. It isn't e3. But showing off a games console with hardly any games.....That is surely far more stupid way to launch a games console.

They showed off enough everything else. Utter madness.

kparks1550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

Ahhhh hahahahaha! Them gifs are hilarious!

ArchangelMike1550d ago

ahahaa that made me laugh so much... keep em coming guys :)

morganfell1550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

Seriously. The people defending MS over this used game business is over the top. If you can buy a disc and put it in you machine and have it play ONLY AFTER PAYING THE RETAIL PRICE OF THE GAME then that IS NOT allowing used game sales.

And being able to sell them only on the MS network and make any money isn't true used game sales. You are now at the mercy of what one company thinks that game is worth.

I guess by that thinking a car with no motor is a valid form of transportation and being able to trade in said car ONLY to the original dealership for any profit at all is true a resale.

malol1549d ago

Obviously the writer thinks the future of gaming is cable TV.

DonFreezer1549d ago

No the amount of ps fanboys bashing Microsoft for things Sony might do to is pathetic not this.You think developers will let Microsoft ban used games on the One and not on the PS4?Are you that stupid?

Boody-Bandit1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

The gaming audience should dictate the direction the manufacturer goes, not vice versa. A gaming consoles primary focus should be "GAMING 1ST" and every thing else an after thought.

I think it's sad and obvious that 1 or multiple mods have it in for you. You have without question some of the most insightful post over the years yet you sit at one bubble regardless of how many times you have been marked with helpful or well said post. It just proves how ridiculously broken and 1 sided N4Gs system truly is.

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Enemy1550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

According to this here perfectly sound damage control, the future of console gaming is, in fact, (hint hint) irrelevant interests.

Who needs games when you could watch The Price Is Right?
Who needs games when you could watch movies?
Who needs games when you could watch sports?

Games are a thing of the past...

The One is here, ladies and gentlemen. Xbox! Watch, but don't play

(better with Kinect)

memots1550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

who needs a Halo game when you can watch the mini series.

crazysammy1550d ago

Bubble specifically for the (better with Kinect) line at the end!

majiebeast1550d ago Show
Aceman181550d ago

not even gonna give this a click, but i can tell ya they lost me when they said the future isnt gaming.

i've been gaming for over 30 yrs, and i damn well plan to continue gaming not play with a cable box.

S2Killinit1550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

Amen to that

Nicxel1550d ago

I think that article is implying that the future is "MORE than just gaming." That sounds much more logical, and they're right.

ceballos77mx1550d ago

Amen been playing since the intellevision, and now a company that's barely been in gaming is saying that game consoles don't matter, damn shame.

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creatchee1550d ago


I imagine that your laughter is similar to laughter a few years back when cynical people had just found out that the future of cellphones wasn't actually having conversations on them.

I wonder if they're still laughing.

I wonder if you'll still be laughing in a few years.