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Using science to reform toxic player behavior in League of Legends

Beck and Merrill decided that simply banning toxic players wasn’t an acceptable solution for their game. Riot Games began experimenting with more constructive modes of player management through a formal player behavior initiative that actually conducts controlled experiments on its player base to see what helps reduce bad behavior. The results of that initiative have been shared at a lecture at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and on panels at the Penny Arcade Expo East and the Game Developers Conference. (League of Legends, PC)

WolfLeBlack  +   338d ago
That turned out to be a surprisingly fascinating read. I don't play the game personally, but the idea of using a tribunal system to deal with problematic players rather than simple banning is very interesting, and the results were certainly encouraging.

I wonder if other companies would be willing to take up a system like this?
heyjiggajay  +   338d ago
Tribunal is helpful, but it also ends in tons of people threatening to report players for nothing. I can't count the number of times I've seen someone simply get outplayed and then teammates get reported for "trolling" or "feeding".

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