'Fuse' interview: The game that will be giving 'Borderlands' a run for its money

By now, most of you have heard about the upcoming game from Insomniac Games called Fuse, and if you haven't, you should keep it on your radar for one of the biggest hits all year long.

Some folks have doubted the release of new IP at the end of a console cycle, but the truth is, there is no wrong time to let out a new franchise. With the plethora of new series being released this year, Fuse is among the games that could be challenging the addictiveness that Borderlands 2 brought to gamers last year.

Previous work that has come out of Insomniac Games over years past were titles like Ratchet and Clank and Resistance. The work on those titles has certainly prepared the studio for the work they have done on Fuse.

In an interview with, Ted Price, who is the CEO of Insomniac Games, spoke about their upcoming IP, and the influence previous Insomniac titles have had on the development of this game.

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MilkMan1894d ago

Nope. I don't think so. Not even in the wettest dream.

RuleNumber51893d ago

Blah!!! Especially given your name. Blah!! :)

Winter47th1893d ago

It's gonna run outa money alright.

AngelicIceDiamond1893d ago

The game is NOT that bad. People are having that "DMC" effect. the game looks bad but turns out it was good this whole time.

I was bashing this game just everyone else until I played the demo. The demo itself should of been longer but it just enough to make me think "ok, this game has potential."

I simply like the drop in and drop out instant Co op that BL has. Combining shots with your friends to do double or triple damage on waves of foes.

I'm not so much sold on the story but the gameplay is there and I get it. I've been wanting to play a co op game for a while now. And if your into that kind of thing just give it a try.

To give BL a run for its money its seriously yet to be seen.

Azfargh1893d ago

Judging by the demo, Fuse is already a sinking ship.

And this is comming from someone that doesn´t liked much Borderlands (even so, was entertaining and compeling).

Insomniac is the new Rare... unfortunately.

RuleNumber51893d ago

No way man. I loved Borderlands and still play it to this day. I just thought there were some similarities between the two, IMO.

CRASHBASHUK1893d ago (Edited 1893d ago )

oh god big fail borderlands any day(enjoying the new psycho) but I like insomniac games(spyro ps1, R&C and resistance <3) but god fuse is the worst game from them ever


oh god if u want the digital edition of fuse on uk ps store its £59.99 now that is defo over priced the retail ver is around £40

Codey471892d ago (Edited 1892d ago )

That's the problem with the UK Store.....monumentally overpriced.
I once remember when Assassins Creed(The Original) was released on the PSN. Sony charging full price...when in reality, in a high street store charging £5-£10 for a brand new copy.

A Sony employee replied to the people sounding off
"It's not our problem, Blame the developer/publisher"

Yet when InFamous 2 released on the PSN for £59.99
who can we blame now?

Sony really need to get with the competition and price accordingly as opposed to charging R.R.P on everything !

I remember when PS Plus had a sale and TESCO matched their price for the duration of the sale


pop-voxuli1893d ago

Sorry but Fuse is just a poor mans Uncharted with team play. Borderlands is safe.

Burackus1893d ago

Uncharted and fuse don't belong in the same sentence

jc485731893d ago (Edited 1893d ago )

gotta admit, this doesn't impress. It's just this "fuse" thing that doesn't seem to click with me. Not trying to say it's unrealistic, but I think it would've been more interesting if it was some deadly alien life form invading the planet. IMO, the fuse weapon seems a little cheesy. It's like a children's imagination of a toy kind of thing or an excuse to create a squad based game where each character controls a different weapon.

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