Square Enix To Focus On Smartphone Games As Part Of Future Strategy

In order to combat their losses, Square have three major strategies in mind. One of them is to focus on smartphone games.

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Snookies121895d ago (Edited 1895d ago )

*walks away* Okay, I'm just about finished with SE now. Have fun with that. I won't be touching your stuff in that case.

AsimLeonheart1894d ago

I will join you too. SE is just so stupid! They never learn the correct lesson and always wander off in some other wrong direction after suffering because of their poor decisions. Why cant they get it through their head what fans actually want!? We want the old Squaresoft; its creativity and its quality games!

majiebeast1894d ago (Edited 1894d ago )

Snookies dont you want more of this?

Pyrrhus1894d ago

Well given that their strategy is:
1. Overhaul large-scale, long-term development
2. Target smart devices as a game platform.
3. Construct a product portfolio tailored to consumer tastes in respective served regions.

They hit the mark generally, but if they do just primarily focus on the smartphone or the tablet market, then I am done with them.

While the news is pretty shitty, it is interesting to see that they finally see long term development cycles and not catering to a consumers taste as viable and important issues. I truly hope their Luminous engine will legitimately cut down Dev times.

zerocrossing1894d ago

Surely this is BS, Squenix have made some offensively stupid decisions since their merger but this would be company suicide, there is simply too much competition in the smartphone sector, so much so that even if they created the spiritual successor to "FF7" it would probably fall due to the sheer amount of other games pushing it out of the lime light and into obscurity.

The only other possibility I can see is for them to pump out cheap shovelware and that is the case then I want nothing to do with them.

DragonKnight1894d ago

I read a similar article that says that SE sees the console market as "oligopolistic." I've never heard that word before so I looked it up and the dictionary defines it as this...

"a market situation in which control over the supply of a commodity is held by a small number of producers each of whom is able to influence prices and thus directly affect the position of competitors."

Forgive me but, does that sound wrong to anyone else? They say the market is too competitive, but at the same time are saying that there aren't a lot of producers? Sounds like B.S. to me but I could be misinterpreting. Anyway, let's move on to their points.

"publisher reporting that most of its games had underperformed relative to expectations and that the company had lost a significant amount of money due to restructuring and re-evaluating its products."

Here's the thing SE, you base your expectations off of review scores and metacritic. I don't think you've paid any attention but, gamers these days have a huge disconnect with reviewers and metacritic. Too often reviewers have proven themselves untrustworthy and potentially bought, and metacritic is probably the worst place to base anything on as their system isn't really objective. So, your expectations are your own fault. Your restructuring comes from the fact that people lack faith in your games. Why is this? Simply because, like the rest of the Japanese publishers, you're telling the user base what it likes and not listening to them telling you what they don't like.

This is very much proven with the entire FFXIII series and the fact you needed to relaunch FFXIV because you refused to listen to beta testers. You have this mentality that you can do no wrong, that you know better and that's an attitude prevalent with other Japanese publishers like Capcom. Some humility will go a long way.

"1. Overhaul large-scale, long-term development."

Good. We don't need another Versus XIII situation. But you need to overhaul your employee allocation as well. Stop pulling people from other projects because you want them to work on something else first. When you announce games, finish making those first before announcing other games that you intend to re-allocate your developers to.

"2. Target smart devices as a game platform."

Bad idea. Just because you've gotten away with gouging the hell out of the poor suckers that bought that microtransaction mess you call a game, doesn't mean that smart devices are going to be your friend. The mobile market is where everyone is trying to make easy money, and if you think that it's going to be a walk in the park for you when faced with hundreds of clone games and pricing competition, you have another thing coming. Don't come crawling back when you fail at this.

"3. Construct a product portfolio tailored to consumer tastes in respective served regions."

This has been Japan's problem since the beginning of this gen. Stop trying to cater your games to different audiences. Just do what you used to do best and the fans will come. We don't need a half-Western half-Japanese Mass Effect. We want Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy in their fullest glory. Fans were drawn to you for what you did best, not because you're trying to appeal to different cultures. You don't see the Western world trying to cater to you, so don't try to cater to the Western world. Do what you know, and do it best. Success will follow when the core fans realize that FF and DQ and KH are back in full force.

I guarantee that this plan is a bad one and SE will continue their fall from grace if they follow it.

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majiebeast1895d ago (Edited 1895d ago )

Just sell your franchises now square enix, when they are still worth a damn. If i look at those graphs its like they didnt learn anything from this generation. Mobile games market is clones,ripoffs,2% good games and redemakes.

Regional games: How about you just make stuff people want, like i dont know Versus,port and localize type 0,localize DQ7 remix,release KH birth by sleep and FF7 crisis core on PSN(FF7,9 have never left the ps1 classics chart on psn) i doubt you wouldnt make a profit from that. New IP's that arent westernized junk that noone buys.

The way square enix is going right now i doubt they will survive next generation, they need to learn how to keep a budget not lower a game budget and use those funds for marketing.

DOMination-1894d ago

I can't find it now, but I'm sure quite recently I even saw an article saying SE were flogging or downsizing their mobile department because it wasn't profitable at all.

I hope this isn't a case of Wada actually finally making a good decision and then a new guy comes in and overturns it for the worse.

Pyrrhus1894d ago

Remember that the article does not state explicitly that they would focus on the smartphone market.

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