New Bionnic Commando video

Capcom published a new Bionic Commando video where they show to us a new weapon. Enjoy.

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THWIP3806d ago

If you're not INTERESTED in Bionic Commando, why did you click on the LINK?

iAmPS33806d ago

You know, you are incredibly stupid.
I clicked in the link cause I was pretty interested, but hell, was boring, I hardly see trailers so badly elaborated.

That the reason for the Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!

The trailer was so boring that I couldn't find anything else to say.

pwnsause3806d ago

music makes this game very epic.

InMyOpinion3806d ago

The soundtrack sounded like something composed by Harry Gregson-Williams . Big strings...bigger strings...the BIGGEST STRINGS EVER!!!

Keowrath3806d ago

Metal Gear Commando? =)

I love the soundtrack to MGS3. I think I read that Harry Gregson-williams is from Hans Zimmermans school, another awesome film composer.

EastCoastSB3806d ago

Wow, this game is now on my radar.

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