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Submitted by john2 1008d ago | article

Hilarious: Triple-A Gaming Websites Getting Tricked - Yet Again - By A Reddit User

DSOGaming writes: "What really surprised everyone though was the fact that big gaming websites (Eurogamer, Gamespot, ibtimes, etc.) have included this image in their latest X720 rumor posts, suggesting that this could very well be the logo of the next-Xbox. Not only that, but these websites claim that this logo was leaked on Reddit. Leaked you say? Well… not exactly." (Industry, Xbox One)

Christopher  +   1008d ago | Well said
***And sadly, this won’t change anytime soon. You see, it’s better posting something tagged as a rumor (and getting lots of hits thanks to that rumor story) than not posting anything at all.***

And that's why I've been failing so many rumors in the last two months that don't provide a credible source.

People, be careful with what you read and accept as fact. Wait for an official response, be patient, eventually all the truths will come out. But, don't build up hype and anticipation by trusting in the plethora of rumors out there. And this goes for all platforms.
konnerbllb  +   1008d ago
The internet. Where rumors are fact and facts are ignored.
jsslifelike  +   1007d ago
And "journalists" are born.
Blues Cowboy  +   1008d ago
Agreed. Rumours can be really fun to theorise about and make for great talking points, but should always be treated with suspicion (if not full-on contempt in some cases).

More to the point, though, the sites that jumped on this bandwagon should have done some research themselves and traced the logo back to its source IMO.
ALLWRONG  +   1008d ago
Then why do only the negative rumors get through? I still see post about "always on" and that rumor has as much credibility as all the others. Sorry no offense, but it comes off like you mods cherry pick the rumors that will generate the most hits. Anything with a positive vibe gets buried in the failed section, fast. Sites like IGN, CVG and Gametrailers will post but not N4G.
Elwenil  +   1008d ago
For me the always on rumor had a bit more credibility just because of the MS employee raising hell about it. MS letting him go just adds to that credibility to me as well. Some are just spun out of thin air and never get anything to back them up, other rumors seem to get things stirred up and little details get leaked out that can confirm them. The always on rumor seems to be one of the latter. Just my .02
AngelicIceDiamond  +   1008d ago
Wait, so the logo on top isn't real then?

EDIT: I agree with @Wrong Many sites have picked this up already.
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Ilovetheps4  +   1008d ago
You are still trying to justify failing that one article about the MS memo. I don't agree with it getting failed. It was labeled as a rumor. Half of these always online rumors are quoting a source that didn't want to be named. I don't see the difference. Then other mods are like I wonder why they didn't have a screenshot of the memo. Well in all of the negative rumors, hardly any of them have a screenshot of anything. Either both the negative and positive rumors should be failed or they should all be okay. And that is coming from a Sony fan. Look at my name even. I like to get the full picture on a gaming website though instead of just one side.
Christopher  +   1008d ago | Helpful
***You are still trying to justify failing that one article about the MS memo.***

You think it's just about the MS memo submission and not a ton of others? In the end, my job is about explaining why things are failed. You can disagree, it's fine. But, there's some benefit to the decisions made as well as some downsides.

***I don't see the difference. ***

And that's why false rumors are so easy to create in today's day and age.

And, you guys don't see all the rumors I fail. There's a forum post where I share a few, check it out if you have time. You might find it's not as one-sided as you think.
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DOMination-  +   1008d ago
I can understand the need for some moderation but I don't see how it's right that a no name blog can post something (for example) about MS being six months behind on first party games with no source, yet when IGN, Gamespot or the very reliable Ars Technica do it, that's suddenly not allowed! That memo was quite big news - not only confirming no always-online but also a blu-ray drive and rumour or not - if the biggest websites in this industry are reporting it, surely it should be on a news aggregator?
Christopher  +   1008d ago | Interesting
***but I don't see how it's right that a no name blog can post something (for example) about MS being six months behind on first party games***

Because it's a podcast that discusses a lot of things other than just that, though they do focus on that in the title. If it were just that, a rumor piece and nothing else, it would get failed. But, it's not. Kind of the same way opinion pieces talking about the various rumors tend to be allowed as well.

I am also limited in my ability to utilize the rules to ensure better content. Per the rules, I can't not allow that because of the content it has outside of the rumor.
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cl1983  +   1006d ago
Can we (I) have a link to the forum post of fail articles.
legendoflex  +   1008d ago
To be fair, it really doesn't matter which logos they're using before the official logo has been revealed.
GamersRulz  +   1008d ago
Bummer...this logo was good actually!
Majin-vegeta  +   1008d ago
GraveLord  +   1008d ago
That logo looks unprofessional. Didn't believe it was real.

I believe the next Xbox will be called Xbox Fusion. Go to and you'll see that it redirects to the official Xbox website.
Jek_Porkins  +   1008d ago
Microsoft did the same thing when the Xbox 360 was being named, I don't know how old you are, and that isn't a knock, but the Xbox 360 came out 8 years ago, and the rumors before it released were Xbox Fusion.

Still from Destiny game reveal with the Xbox logo next to the Infinity logo. Plus throw in the fact that Windows 8 will probably be heavily used with it, turn the 8 on the side, there ya go. That makes the most sense to me, the marketing will just be crazy easy.
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Jek_Porkins  +   1008d ago
Did nobody watch the Bungie reveal of Destiny?

That is a still from the reveal video and we clearly see an 8 on its side, which is Infinity.
RuleNumber5   1008d ago | Bad language | show
RuleNumber5  +   1008d ago
Sorry for swearing so much. That was not needed.
McScroggz  +   1008d ago
A few things:

A) Most writers and editors are not actual journalists, they are enthusiasts. Video game journalism has declined as the web has increased, and more and more it's about reporting the news and sharing opinions on news and rumors. Calling these media people journalist implies they do their own reporting, checking sources, etc. It may be semantics because there are some journalistic responsibilities, but to me there is a difference. Regardless...

2) In an effort to be first and get the most clicks, many websites don't check the credibility of sources to the extent that they should. Take Kotaku for example, the site is notorious for getting facts wrong and often quoting anonymous sources (if not multiple ones); however, they are very often first as well. Subsequently a lot of people go to Kotaku for news because it normally breaks there first despite the not so perfect reputation. So, it's clearly a problem the industry faces, but while the bulk of the blame goes on the websites some goes on those viewers who continue to frequent websites who continue this practice...

3) Even though it's the website's obligation to check sources, can we really cast our aspersions solely on them? These people that make fake stories or even freaking send emails to a contingent of gaming press are culpable as well. Personally I've never understood the mentality of an internet troll, but I imagine there have been some pretty damn convincing rumors they have started. While I'm not forgiving the lack of proper follow-through in the gaming press, I'm almost as annoyed by those who want to circulate these types of stories.

So shame on those websites, and piss off to people who enjoy trolling others.
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