Capcom: Development costs are 'projected to soar' with next-gen consoles

Capcom has said that they expect game development costs to "soar" with the arrival of next-gen consoles. This can't be good news for small and middle of the road developers who were already struggling with the costs of developing current gen games.

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Reborn1963d ago (Edited 1963d ago )

If they do, I hope the amount of money put in, is equally shown in the quality of the game.

Especially with what Capcom do.

Root1963d ago

Well time to stop making crap and make games gamers would actually want to buy from you

Haven't got long Capcom....tick tock....tick...tock

Oh and if they want to know how to do a good Resident Evil reboot. Look at the Evil Within, no gameplay has been shown and it looks more creepy then RE5 and RE6 put together.

All they have to is redo the story and go different routes so the future games lead to different scenarios. Like the Butterfly effect, change one thing and you change the entire future. Same could apply here with the Mansion inncident, Chris or Jill could do something different in the story which leads to different outcomes in future RE games.

Relientk771963d ago

Breath of Fire 6

Capcom, stop ignoring your RPG franchise

Godmars2901963d ago

How about looking at older game styles and slightly upgrading rather than going for quantum level realism?

Just because Dragon's Dogma does not give you license to drop twice the amount of its profits to get a quarter of its improvements. Then expecting four times the sales.

dazzrazz1963d ago

At some point we gonna see $70 games with more sequels, rehashes and even more micro transactions 0_o

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