RTS games that have worked on consoles

Gioteck looks back at good RTS games on the current generation of consoles and asks what's next?

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GABRIEL10301925d ago

Endwar is an amazing game!

NegativeCreepWA1925d ago

I loved Endwar, it was just too hard to find a match, if you played on the American side you couldn't find anyone to play against, so I switched to the Russians and couldn't find any teammates.

HK61925d ago

Pretty much this. Really bad imbalances led to the Theater of War being pretty much useless. The complete lack of dev support for huge issues like units disappearing ended up killing the game for me.

Jek_Porkins1925d ago

Halo Wars is my favorite RTS on a console, really wish we would have gotten the chance to see the Gears Of War RTS, I could see something good coming from that. Still have my Halo Wars Collectors Edition on my shelf.

I think some RTS games work well on consoles, it just takes the right one and a developer willing to do the work.

Eldyraen1925d ago

Agreed--Halo Wars was probably my favorite console realtime strategy game as well (turn based is tougher, but loved Civilization: Revolution). Its sad it was the dev's last game but I think it was at least good that they went out proving they could do it and do it well. I really wish we got a part 2 or came out for PC as well (probably wouldn't had been "as good" compared to some PC strategy games but I would bought it).

I hope we see a few next gen at least as new control mechanics might make strategy games even better for consoles.

GABRIEL10301925d ago

Halo Wars is another great game, I enjoyed a lot this game.

TXIDarkAvenger1925d ago

Halo Wars was a lot of fun.

Bigpappy1925d ago (Edited 1925d ago )

Civilization actually played well on 360, even though it was stripped down a bit. I got my brothers to buy Civ5 on PC. They play that thing everyday. I can not afford to invest the time, or I may be playing with them.

Eldyraen1925d ago

Turn based but I agree--was a blast. Granted Civ games have always been right up my alley even if time consuming (PC especially). Revolution was a nice change of pace but definitely no replacement.

Persistantthug1925d ago

It was my first foree into Civ games back then, and I actually liked it.

SpringHeeledJack1925d ago

Hopefully alot more RTS games come out on consoles next gen. Loved playing c&c red alert and simcity on psone.

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