Avalanche Studios: Wii U install base is too small

Just Cause developer Avalanche Studios has no plans to develop games for the Wii U due to the small install base, according to studio founder Christofer Sundberg.

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iplay1up21896d ago

Uh, I am just saying. If you look at the 360/PS3 sales the first year the install base (more so for PS3) was not very large. So if developers choose to do this that is their mistake. Even if Wii U has only sold 5 Million by the time PS4/720 come out, well that is 5 million more consoles already owned when the others will have to play catch up for the install base. Also when those systems are released Nintendo will FINALLY have some better AAA titles that will make people want to pick one up. It will be an interesting Holiday season for sure.

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subtenko1895d ago

No one wants to develope for the Wii U even if it gets a bigger install base. They are just putting another excuse in so that it doesnt hurt some peoples feelings.

Sorry guys but the Wii U looks like another Gamecube (the way I saw gamecube) or maybe even worse. We'll give it time though. If they keep at this rate when the ps4 and xbox720 our out, Nintendo is done with that thing.

3-4-51895d ago

Install base will grow but it's once again up to Nintendo to grow it, via their good games, and then once it's "cool again" then everyone will jump on the Nintendo bandwagon and start making decent to crappy games for the Wii U.

I wish some of these Dev's had the guts to just be the person who makes you want a Wii U, by creating an awesome game for it.

Because there aren't that many good games for it yet, there is a huge opening there.....take advantage of it dev's....create the system selling game for Wii U instead of always relying on Nintendo to do it.

jmc88881895d ago

You're forgetting that games indeed skipped the 360 and PS3 when those were out.

Most people forget this because most 360/PS3 gamers were still playing games on the they didn't notice.

But there were some good games in 2005-06-07 era that came out and were not on the 360/PS3.

The same thing was bound to happen with the Wii U. The same will happen (but less so) for the PS4 and 720. One thing is that developers have been waiting for the next generation and so they built their next gen engines to take advantage of both, or at the very least did a half step and now will proceed the other half step upgrade with their engine.

There's also the other thing, being in the greatest depression mankind has ever witnessed and every day is getting worse, well most companies deep down know this even if they say the complete opposite, thus if they are going to take a hit by making games for consoles that don't have a large install base, they want to do that for Sony and MS, not Nintendo.

Ubisoft did though, so hats off to them.

The Wii U needs more games. I'm sure Nintendo will deliver. I know for a fact it's powerful enough to run many of the 'next gen engines'. The Crysis team even had Crysis 3 up and running on it quite easily.

But Nintendo right now is caught in a chicken and egg scenario. They need games to sell the system, but developers don't want to make games unless the system sells.

Nintendo needs to pump out a bunch of core titles and get that system selling so other devs will jump on-board.

But remember though, smaller developers will continue to make 360/PS3 games for a while until they think they can afford the risk to putting out a game for the PS4/720 with it's much smaller (as 100 million or so per system vs 10-20 million at that time) user base. So don't expect full buy-in by the devs of even the 720 and PS4 for a couple of years. The big boys will of course be there at launch, even more so then the Wii U, but the Wii U had a decent amount of games at launch...just a good portion people had played on other systems and after the launch there was nothing until Monster Hunters and Lego whatever.

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DivineAssault 1896d ago

smh... Wii U isnt getting any kind of support it seems

AKR1895d ago

Heh? You sure about that?

Tell that to:

- Rayman Legends
- Watch_DOGS
- Batman: Arkham Origins
- Splinter Cell: Blacklist
- Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag
- Shadows of the Eternals
- Dues EX: Human Revolution
- The Wonderful 101
- Bayonetta 2
- And the plethora of indie titles . . .

auragenz1895d ago

Too Short, Didn't Read.

AKR1895d ago (Edited 1895d ago )

@Auragenz ~ Yeah it's a short list, but at least it's SOMETHING right? And even so, all those games are QUALITY , high-demand titles. So even if it is a bit lightweight, that's still pretty good.

And hey, that list doesn't even include unannounced titles, as well as confirmed first-party titles. That's just all the 3rd-party games that have been CONFIRMED to be hitting the system, so far.

majiebeast1895d ago

"Shadows of the Eternals"

I really wouldnt get my hopes up for that one they are at 120K and the donations are now going slower then a snail they would be lucky if they hit 500K at this pace. Also doesnt help that its by Denis Dyack and SK people.

DA_SHREDDER1895d ago

They are just mad cause they can't hardly sell their game even with 2 big install bases that are the ps3 and 360. Boo hoo!

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DivineAssault 1895d ago

pretty weak list compared to all the games PS3/360 are getting.. Nx gen is going to be even worse if it barely gets current gen games

Qrphe1895d ago

>Shadows of the Eternals

The way the funding for this game is going I wouldn't even bother listing it.

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BitbyDeath1895d ago

Yet they're making games for PS4 and Xbox 3 which currently have no install base...

showtimefolks1895d ago

Yeh lets see 2 companies which have proven track record with 3rd party support to one with a proven track record not to get the support and when they do get the support 3rd party games don't sell

Also these are not my or anyone else's opinion these are cold hard facts

Wiiu will be like any other Nintendo console, I will buy one so will most other core fans to play Nintendo exclusives. I don't know why people are freaking out about wiiu not getting 3rd party support I mean the last Nintendo home console to get 3rd party support was SNES and that was a lot time ago

If people are pissed now on wiiu hate just wait after E3 when all news will be about next Xbox and ps4.

kagamer791895d ago

Wii u will be fine I think. They won't have as many 3rd party heavy hitters as ps4 or 720 tho. I really believe the wii u will produce some great looking first party titles. I'm not saying mario will save the day but I think when the wii u shows a game that looks stellar people will come around. I'm looking forward to a new zelda and I'm sure it will be better than any zelda before it.

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