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Submitted by xlockingupthesunx 1011d ago | opinion piece

Why Microsoft Will Win The Next Generation

Microsoft have always been a contending force in the gaming industry, ever since they emerged onto the scene with the original Xbox in the early 2000’s. While the original Xbox wasn’t nearly as successful as the PS2, it held its own and pushed forward, creating amazing titles such as Halo, and with Xbox Live, becoming the dominant online gaming system, a title that still holds true to this day. With all this in mind, I am predicting that Microsoft will have the best selling, most popular system next generation. Why? Read on to find out. (Xbox One)

ShugaCane  +   1011d ago
Which paragraph was not sarcastic ? I probably missed it.
majiebeast  +   1011d ago
"It’s not just RPG’s either. Look at Forza. Forza 2 sold over 2 million, Forza 3 sold almost 3 million, and Forza 4 sold almost 2 million. Compared to the likes of Gran Turismo, which sold a little over 2 million overall. Or, compare it to the likes of Motorstorm. The original Motorstorm sold 1.5 Million, Motorstorm: Pacific Rift didn’t even crack half a million, and Motorstorm: Apocalypse never even touched a quarter million."

I would say so or this guy is huffing too much paint thinner.
NeverEnding1989  +   1011d ago
Damage control! Save it for the 21st you guys (every person commenting so far).
majiebeast  +   1011d ago

Only Neverending,Green and Jekporkins show up.

Jekporkins logic MURICA is the world.
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Lucreto  +   1011d ago | Well said
GT 4 sold 2.25m in the US. 4.24m in Europe with a total for 8.89m globally.

Forza 2 sold 4.00m
Forza 3 sold 5.36m
Forza 4 sold 3.95m
Forza: Horizon sold 1.34m so far

If it funny how he ignores Europes figures. GT is a huge franchise in Europe which he seems to ignore.
MikeMyers  +   1011d ago
People need to consider that this is obviously in relation to the U.S.A. All the sales the writer used were not worldwide. In that case Microsoft could do good again in that area. It will be interesting if they even launch the new system in Japan? They just don't like the Xbox brand from the very beginning, doubtful that will change unless they bought Sega, Namco and Capcom. Even then they'd have a tough time.

I imagine this topic will gain lots of traction. Anytime the console wars is outlined in the topic people have knee-jerk reactions.
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darthv72  +   1011d ago | Well said
does each generation have to be about platforms winning and losing?

What happened to the gamers winning from having so many great titles to play from?
morganfell  +   1011d ago
This is the same site that published this:
Autodidactdystopia  +   1010d ago
Shit no one won this generation. This will be debated for years to come. yet still you all come with your facts and custom perspective to try to reason with people on the internet...

HAHA have fun arguing with a brick wall.
MikeMyers  +   1010d ago
does each generation have to be about platforms winning and losing?"

They don't. The real winners are the ones who play any game they choose regardless of which system it's on. I guess some people need to validate their purchase more than others.

Some see it as a sports team cheering them on. How can anyone actually cheer a company on like a sports team? Sony and Nintendo come from Japan, is this an East versus West sports team? I don't know of too many sports teams that have that many of the same players, do you? If 80% (just a guess) of the games on the PS3 and Xbox 360 are the same, play the same, and look the same how can one cheer one more than the other?

It's no secret the worst fans are the Xbox 360 and PS3 camp. Arguing for years over nothing. All because they are marketing the same gamer and each trying to get the others fanbase to cross over. I would like to see more separation from them next generation. You don't need two platforms that are going for the same customer. That's why it's good having Nintendo around. They try to go in a different direction but even they know the importance of 3rd party content. Sadly they just won't be able to compete in that area moving forward. Most of those publishers will not fully exploit the Wii U or even bother releasing games on it.

This is why all eyes will be on the next Xbox. People want to see just how much it will compete with the PS4. Sony fans are waiting anxiously and will put a damper on it as much as they can until then. Xbox 360 fans are excited and also apprehensive. They too want to know what direction Microsoft will take. I have a feeling it will be just like the current generation. Both battling over the same consumer and each side will argue again and declare their system the winner because to some there has to be a winner.
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GalacticEmpire  +   1011d ago
I think he may be serious guys, I'm scared for him.

lol it's pretty funny though, I've read more logical and informed fanboy rants here on N4G.
showtimefolks  +   1011d ago
Lol ok is this meant to be a joke? How did this get approved?

Gt5 is almost or over 10 million
Gt5:p was a demo that sold over 5 million

So one demo and game sold more than lifetime sales of Forza series

Also what does winning mean? This gen ps3 outsold xbox360 from day one yet everyone overlooks that. Ps3 had the best and most exclusive games but guess what 3 games from MS are better than 10-13 different gaming series from Sony

Seriously atleast try. Why can't people accept the fact we had 3 successful consoles?

Next gen we will again have 3 consoles that will sell 50 plus million

So why does one has to win the gen? Competition is the reason Sony brought out so much firepower so if you think that MS winning next gen is so good than get use to halo,forza and gears and not much else


Well so the author is giving sale numbers for forza for world wide yet giving sale number for GT only in the USA? How does that make sense? GT or any racing game does better in Europe than here in th US.

Stop trying to defend stealth trolling by this author
Tombinator  +   1011d ago
10 million? I think maybe you might be fluffing those numbers a little don't you think? So didn't you kinda just do the same thing the author did?
ThatCanadianGuy514  +   1011d ago
It was at 9+ million in 2012.I don't imagine it just stopped selling for no reason.

10+ mill isn't farfetched.
Tombinator  +   1011d ago
So basically you guys guess or make up numbers then complain about other people doing the same?

That sounds sooooo Republican
showtimefolks  +   1011d ago

Maybe just maybe you should google world wide sales for GT5, which were confirmed by Sony at over 9 million in 2012

Life time sales at 68 plus million for series, so yeh we make up numbers GT5 at launch did 7 million

Research some before blaming others

Also maybe forza team can learn something about giving some free DLC like PD has done with GT5. Big updates were released long after release and big improvements were made

Now forza is also a great series IMO

I believe GT can learn something from Forza when it comes to onlin community features and Forza can learn that SIM racing is suppose to be SIm not mixture of SIM and Arcady
Dark_Overlord  +   1010d ago
I'd say its pretty possible GT5 has sold over 10 million copies.

As of Sep 2012 GT5 sold 9.19m

Its now May 2013, that's 8 months later, so it is entirely feasible :)
dedicatedtogamers  +   1011d ago
Articles like this are why I tend to hate the Xbox culture. I'm not singling out individuals, just the overall culture.

See, I don't know if Microsoft will win next gen. They might! Honestly, they really might!

However, why should we give a flying ****? This isn't 2008. Playing the sales game was cute for a few years. Now it's boring.

Microsoft has more important issues on the table like their reduction of hardcore exclusives, their backing out on being THE Jrpg console like they first attempted, hiking the cost of XBL without adding any significant features, their shift of focus to the casual crowd, their shift in focus to being a "media center", their lack of investment in new game engines or new IPs or new middleware for developers, their backing out on being THE indie console like they attempted, the possibility that they'll DRM-lock every game you buy with an always-online requirement, whether or not they'll repeat their accessory price hiking with the NextBox like they did with the 360...the list goes on.

And yet, the Xbox crowd feels the desperate, desperate need to announce to the world "hey guize! MS gonna win next gen! XBLA 4EVR BROS!"
darthv72  +   1011d ago
oddly enough...
your dislike for the xbox culture didnt take an article to reveal that. You willingly showed it through the body of your post.

you have to understand that the delusional dont speak for the rational. There are just as delusional fans of one side as there are another.

It takes great restraint and character to stand in the middle and not let either side get to you.

I enjoy the industry as a whole and feel very fortunate to be able to participate with those who can embrace both the good with the bad. It cant always be one side or the other. There has to be a balance.
mayberry  +   1010d ago
@dedicatedtogamers- Well said.
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Tetsujin  +   1010d ago
@ Dedicated

I agree 100%; it was funny and entertaining with the whole "Sales" arguments however anymore it's rehashed arguments, and "What if" statistics. I've mentioned multiple times; all these people arguing over sales must be share holders in these companies because that's all they talk about anymore. I remember when 100K was good to sell a game, now if something doesn't break 2+ million opening night (According to the fanbase) it's considered a failure; yet the company themselves says they made profit, however the conspiracy theorists will argue "invalid information."
nukeitall  +   1010d ago

I find it ironic and hipocritical of you to call out one side, while ignoring the other such as Sony or Nintendo (whom essentially is barely doing anything at all).

Let's face it, you know virtually nothing about the next Xbox nor how MS shift (assuming it happens) will affect the core games.

You should really look at the facts:

"their reduction of hardcore exclusives,"

But those few IPs are heavy hitting, indicating demand as it is.

"their backing out on being THE Jrpg console like they first attempted,"

The sales were abysmal. Perhaps you should look in the mirror and ask why?

"hiking the cost of XBL without adding any significant features,"

One word, "inflation" and no, MS did introduce a lot more features such as beacon, internet explorer, party chat, and so on.

Also, MS actually pays employees to monitor the network and report to consumers, has their own division to manage the Xbox Live community that you yourself can reach. That is a huge cost, and I don't see the competitor have that.

"their shift of focus to the casual crowd,"

Whoever MS focuses on isn't really important. In the end, it is what they offer i.e. if they offer me plenty of games and want to expand their casual audience, why is that a problem?

That is just a fanboy excuse.

"their lack of investment in new game engines or new IPs or new middleware for developers"

That is completely false as MS has the most built out API of the three console manufacturers for just about anything and they are very convenient to use. Why do you think it is easier to program for?

Let me put it like this, the documentation isn't in Japanese (if it even exist on other consoles), and there are hooks for everything.

MS sends out engineers and put their teams on helping third party. Sony didn't do this until competitive pressure appeared from MS.

I cannot see how you are saying MS isn't developing middleware or investing in new game engines.

New IPs has been funded by MS through third party developers with some success i.e. Alan Wake for instance, but consumers just prefer sequels. If you look at MS new IP strategy and to some extent Sony't they haven't been that successful.

If you care about games, you should care about how the business operates as well. If business don't succeed, then there are no games either!
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nukeitall  +   1010d ago
"their backing out on being THE indie console like they attempted,"

so what?

Why aren't you asking why isn't Sony or Nintendo doing *anything* at all about indie games?

Just one fact proves this:

Who but MS has free development tools and self publishing rights, complete self-ownership of ip and self pricing control for $100?

Sony? Nope, requires several thousand dollar dev kit if Sony deems you worthy. Nintendo? Nope, even more strict!

This is most definitely a fanboy mis-information propaganda.

"the possibility that they'll DRM-lock every game you buy with an always-online requirement,"

This is just a rumor, that has internal emails leaked that shows that this is false, but people would rather censor that and want you to believe that isn't the case:

In fact, at this point it is Sony who has flip flopped on the issue, but nobody talks about that.

In the media MS has received some serious bad press due to a *rumor*.

"whether or not they'll repeat their accessory price hiking with the NextBox like they did with the 360."

MS offers their stuff at whatever the market can bear and that is important, because MS needs to fund their business like every one else.

However, the same question applies to Sony as well, such as the memory card for PS Vita or the exorbitant price for PSP Go.

... or why isn't the Playstation crowd asking, why is there a need for 8GB GDDR5 or how much is that cost especially if I might not need it?

Point being, you set yourself on one side, complaining about the other and in some cases ignoring facts!

In addition, the problem isn't MS. They are doing exactly what the market wants. I'm sorry, but MS isn't in to the niche sales thing, and I doubt Sony is either. They just haven't shown their hands yet!
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dedicatedtogamers  +   1010d ago
@ nuketail

While I'm flattered by not one, but two gigantic posts in response to my own, you'll notice that this article is about Microsoft, Microsoft's future plans, and no one else's.

Here's a tip: first to scream "fanboy" loses. And guess what? You lost already.
nukeitall  +   1010d ago

Ah, I see. You are one of them people without a proper response, then just claim victory.

I guess you win, because I got baited into thinking you were serious at debating, but instead trolled me into wasting my time. Well played!

That's ok, you go hang out with your biased friends here on n4g patting each other on the back. The rest of the world moves on as nothing ever happened.
MrBeatdown  +   1007d ago
"Why aren't you asking why isn't Sony or Nintendo doing *anything* at all about indie games?

Just one fact proves this:

Who but MS has free development tools and self publishing rights, complete self-ownership of ip and self pricing control for $100?

Sony? Nope, requires several thousand dollar dev kit if Sony deems you worthy. Nintendo? Nope, even more strict!

This is most definitely a fanboy mis-information propaganda."


I know this is a little old, but wow. This is some funny stuff.

Nuke demands some response to his two comment term paper, but he doesn't even have his facts right.

Just this week, Sony lowered their PS Mobile fee to ZERO from $100.

And they have the pub fund program, in which they pay developers royalties up front to support indie game development.

Hell, just this week, the PS Blog previewed three or four indie games.

But no... Nuke acts like Sony does nothing. There's only one explanation for his comments...

"This is most definitely a fanboy mis-information propaganda."

Sounds like he "sets himself on one side, complaining about the other and in some cases ignoring facts!"
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GT67  +   1010d ago

have we not heard enough of this saying??
6 months behind Sony ps4 announcement and we get this
SERIOUSLY??? must be slow day at the office again.
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AngelicIceDiamond  +   1010d ago
Hate these articles no matter what side. I guess its somewhat "refreshing" sorta speak that its the other console for change.

It might be a while until Wii U gets one unfortunately. Sony and hopefully MS will have stopping power come next gen.

Both need to survive to satisfy my and other gamers needs.
antbolton89  +   1011d ago
Time to wake up and stop dreaming
NameRemoved0017  +   1011d ago
The failbox running a rundown version of windows 8 with online 24/7 and kinect required to be used. Have fun, I'll stick with PC.
jmac53  +   1011d ago
Always online required was debunked today.
But if course you don't see this anywhere on N4G.
DragonKnight  +   1010d ago
@jmac53: That was an official confirmation, that was an anonymous source. Therefore, not debunked and the real reason why it's not on N4G.
GamersRulz  +   1011d ago
an article full of lies...that's not even funny.

WKC sold less than 250K!
Demon's Souls didn't hit 1 million!

and the big on:

Gran Turismo 5 Sold 2 million only!!!!

What a load of crap!
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Jek_Porkins  +   1011d ago
Maybe he means in North America? If you trust VGChartz, it has GT5 at 2.25 million in North America.
IRetrouk  +   1011d ago
Then why mention worldwide numbers for forza? Even though those numbers are slightly wrong too.

Edit for spelling mistake
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P_Bomb  +   1011d ago
He probably means "in the USA", but he never says that though. He says "compared to the likes of Gran Turismo, which sold a little over 2 million overall".


Well, no. Overall GT5 sold 9 million + . If that's even the Gran Turismo he's referring to. The article as a whole is misrepresentation run wild. One could just as easily write the same article using Japanese numbers in lieu of American and come to opposite conclusions. Suddenly Demons Souls outsells Fable 3 by a 7-1 ratio. Heck, suddenly Yakuza 4 outsold Halo 4 by 12-1. Dalton's deliberately spinning fractions. Meh article.
spongeboob  +   1011d ago
The author doesn't seem very smart. To date GT5 has sold over 9 million units globally.
Karpetburnz  +   1010d ago
And that was recorded last year, GT5 could possibly be at 10 million sold by now.
R_aVe_N  +   1011d ago
Wow this article is so full of fail I don't even know if he was being serious or not. Either he is just trolling or on some really good drugs.
Mariusmssj  +   1011d ago
I beg of you, every blogger out there keep your opinions to yourself until both consoles are out. You got no idea what PS4 can do nor what Next Xbox will so please STOP.
RuleofOne343  +   1011d ago
The only thing that can keep MS/Xbox from accomplishing that goal is themselves. but aside from all that I say go for it.
JAM_brz  +   1011d ago
Why we born? Why we die? Why? Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?

ps: its just me that have no patience anymore to read this type of articles?
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AceofStaves  +   1011d ago
I assume the author is basing sales figures on North American sales only, since the figures cited in the article are close to VGC's figures. That's the only explanation that makes sense.
nthstew  +   1011d ago
maybe Xbox 720 will dominate north america but worldwide it will be a failure........
LoveOfTheGame  +   1010d ago
World includes North America, the biggest market. Doubt it could dominate their and not still be a success.
Neko_Mega  +   1011d ago
Only way this could happen if they don't build another console with a huge fail rate. I love my Xbox but Xbox 360 seem like they didn't even try and why most they change the dashboard so much?

You get use to one and next thing you know it, theirs a new one.
jocomat9  +   1011d ago
spelling error in title, I think its spells s o n y. sony. yeah Sony
josephayal  +   1011d ago
No console will win, It's all a matter of opinion
Lucreto  +   1011d ago
A bit of a rose tinted look on Microsoft alright. As I said above

GT 4 sold 2.25m in the US. 4.24m in Europe with a total for 8.89m globally.

Forza 2 sold 4.00m
Forza 3 sold 5.36m
Forza 4 sold 3.95m
Forza: Horizon sold 1.34m so far

If it funny how he ignores Europes figures. GT is a huge franchise in Europe which he seems to ignore. It seems to be the sales are going down.

Sony don't have an in house RPG series like Microsoft do. They rely on third party. Ni No Kuni didn't see a million sales but it has great quality. I also have heard the opinion that Fable overpromises and under delivers but that is not my own. Since the author likes picking and choosing how about Final Fantasy XIII sold nearly 5 million on PS3 and only 2 million on 360 and FFXIII-2 sold 2.5 million on PS3 and 0.64 million on 360. Tales of Graces f sold 0.78m globally on PS3. Tales of Vesperia sold 0.65m on 360.

"The trend here is this: Microsoft knows how to propery market their games and get some money made, which in turn allows the studios to create more AAA games."

That is great for Microsoft but not for fans. Sony have thrown games at us for years now. They didn't see 10 million each but I got more games to play.

"As long as Microsoft continue pushing Xbox Live further and further, and keep it one step ahead of PSN, tons of gamers will choose it for that very reason."
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YodaCracker  +   1011d ago
LOL at the GameFAQs poll. PSN is a free service available across 3 platforms (PS3, PSP, Vita) that have together sold around 160 million units. Xbox LIVE is a paid service available on one platform. Of course PSN would win the poll. How many of the people who voted for PSN do you think have even used Xbox LIVE, let alone owned a 360? If we could see a real poll consisting of only people who have used both services, the numbers would probably be flipped and skewed even more in favor of Xbox LIVE. The poll question might as well be - which online service do you use the most? The results would be very similar.
#13.1 (Edited 1011d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(8) | Report | Reply
LoveOfTheGame  +   1010d ago
Create an unbiased survey? Good luck.

I have both and I still believe XBL is better than PSN. However, fanboys read this part too, PS+ blows Gold out of the water value wise.
KillrateOmega  +   1011d ago
Quality read... /s
Max-Zorin  +   1011d ago
Lmao this site approve anything. This generation of gaming is a parody of the one before it.
cell989  +   1011d ago
fail article, their credibility has been blemished by a troll's poor research
Shikoro  +   1011d ago
What credibility?
cell989  +   1002d ago
the very little they never had
ziggurcat  +   1011d ago
using false facts to try and bolster an idiotic argument = story quality? WTF!? like this website? NO.

"hey guise imma gonna say that the next xbox is going to win even though we know nothing about the system itself, and i'm just going to base it on false facts from current generation technology."

this idiot should look at the wii U, and realize that you can't predict the success of anything based on what the previous generation was able to accomplish.
#17 (Edited 1011d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
Supermax  +   1011d ago
Both consoles will be great next gen with top quality new ip games and fan faves.its a win win.
Saleem101  +   1011d ago
Wow another garbage article lol....
Tombinator  +   1011d ago
I don't understand the rules of this site. When I signed up I was under the impression that trolling was a no no. So far that's all I see here.

Why would anyone even try and predict the console war when we have no info about the Xbox? The little info we do have are based on rumors that are obviously made up for hits.

Damn... I was looking for a real gaming news site too.
stage88  +   1011d ago
Another crappy article. Another down vote to your crappy website.
Freeball  +   1011d ago
Where did this troll site come from and why does it keep getting approved?
DiRtY  +   1011d ago

At the same time, these articles get blocked by the mods:

Go figure...

It is easily the most talked subject today. But a N4G-mod did not like the rumor...

There even is a thread with 29 pages of responses on Gaf:
Septic  +   1010d ago
Well that's not right. The mods are blocking the article??
duli14  +   1011d ago
HAHA you're in the wrong place my friend. I'm here mainly for the comments section, and some gaming news on the side lol
InTheLab  +   1011d ago
Xbox no longer has the benefit of a 1 years head start. I'll be shocked if they come within 10m of the PS4.

People tend to forget about that whole year thing.
DigitalRaptor  +   1010d ago

This is get disagrees for sure, but PlayStation 3 has outsold Xbox 360 WORLDWIDE pretty much every year since it has been available on the market, AND is the fastest selling console this generation, whilst the Xbox 360 is the slowest selling home console of this generation.

In late 2006, when the PS3 launched in Japan, the Xbox 360 had roughly an 8 million unit lead on Sony. Today, that lead is utterly negligible. In the next few years, you're going to see the PS3 reaching the 100m stretch.

What this tells us is that if PS3 launched side-by-side with the Xbox 360, the 360 would be 8 million units behind the PS3 today.

Even with a stronger Xbox brand, without Sony's mistakes and industry circumstance to lean on (poor marketing, challenging architecture for developers, launching after the competition, expensive console, inferior network, media doom and gloom articles, misinformation about console and its games), PS4 looks to outsell the next Xbox, year-on-year... oh, and we're talking about a worldwide industry here, not just Murica.

Related video
#24.1 (Edited 1010d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
maniacmayhem  +   1010d ago
This may be true, but Sony has the benefit of being two consoles deep and establishing a brand/household name way before MS could. This means they have a more popular brand that should be expected to sell more than a company's sophomore attempt.

And there's no denying that MS and their 360 stole a lot if not almost all of Sony's thunder in the home video game console dominance. Who knows the outcome if they released side by side. I'm sure MS knew this which is one of the reasons they probably decided to release a year early.

And say what you want about "Murica". But this is the country you want to have the number 1 spot in. The 360 was captured it (plus UK/Canada)and was able to be consistent and keep their lead over PS3 for damn near 6 years.

Now that Xbox has become as popular as the Playstation it will be a very interesting race this coming gen. I expect the Nextbox to outsell the PS4 rry, I went into full fanboy mode what I meant to say is I see the WIIU outselling both consoles once it gets legs.

Belking  +   1010d ago
"People tend to forget about that whole year thing."

Which really means nothing and what stopped people from buying PS3 after it released? It should of passed xbox a long time ago but it didn't.
DarkHeroZX  +   1010d ago
Price and software at the time was what stopped the ps3 from being the greatest. Now it has the highest attach rate and is selling far better then Xbox 360 now that the games are there and the prices are within margin.
InTheLab  +   1010d ago
What does that have to do with what I said?

Speaking of nonsense... The WiiU Is killing both the PS4 and next Xbox by like 5 million units. Both should have caught the WiiU a long time ago...
JimCom95  +   1010d ago
Do people forget how much sony use to dominate the competition, hence the
PS2 selling 154 million compared to the Xbox at 24 million. I still believe if sony continues to focus on games, have a decent price on the ps4,market it more than the ps3, and simply focus less on gimmicks they can get back on top. I'm looking forward to both systems but at end of the day I'm looking forward more to the PS4 and I believe it can triumph over the next Xbox and Wii U and any other competitor.
McScroggz  +   1010d ago
I don't mind if somebody wants to make a logical article suggesting Microsoft will win next gen, but quite frankly if it were to happen it will not be based on games. If Microsoft hits a homerun with the cable/TV whatever its doing for the next console, then maybe financially they will "win." But comparing the games Microsoft will release (based on track record) and Sony will release (based on track record) will be no contest - especially with the PS4 very developer friendly.

Microsoft has four pillar franchises: Halo, Gears of War, Forza and Fable. Halo will sell and we have at least two more; Gears might be put on hiatus or it will be milked until serious burnout takes it down; Forza will continue to sell as it should; and Fable looks dead (good riddance in my opinion). Other than that, Microsoft doesn't really have any established 1st party franchises. One might believe Microsoft will have a ton of new, great IP's, but you can't base your opinion solely on mere assumptions with history going mostly against it.

By the way, I think we as gamers will win this generation.
DivineAssault  +   1010d ago
MS only has a chance at wining in NA.. Europe is iffy but as of late seems to be siding with Sony.. Japan belongs to Sony as well.. How in the hell can MS all of a sudden defeat Sony in all regions? It didnt happen last gen, it didnt happen this gen, & it wont happen nx gen either.. Sure, anything is possible & i could be wrong if MS makes a system the world goes nutts over but if they continue doing what they do by releasing few new IPs, charging for online play, & focusing on either Kinect or media apps, IT WONT BEAT SONY...

PS is a gaming machine & thats the point of buying consoles.. To play games.. I get that having media options is cool & a great addition but if the console doesnt have gaming at its heart, gamers wont go for it.. MS had a great start with the xbox & xbox 360.. They had exclusive 1st & 3rd party games & thats why i bought them.. MS also gets used to (& still does) get GREAT publisher support, but the last 3 yrs or so most of that ended...

Once EA bought bioware (MS shouldve imo), fable went to $h*t, & they no longer were getting great 3rd party exclusives (tales of vesperia, lost odyssey, elder scrolls, etc) i stopped playing the system.. Sony now has all 3rd party support again on top of great 1st party dev teams so i dont see how MS can possibly defeat them.. The only way i see them coming out on top is if they do something like nintendo did with the wii & make casuals go nutts over; trying to buy the thing because of a cool gimmick.. Other than that, as far as actual GAMING goes, PS is & always will be the name ppl trust for games..
nypifisel  +   1010d ago
Playstation has always been substantially bigger in Europe than the Xbox, always! this article is stupid, not cause it claims a winner, you can do that - but if you're going to do that you better support it with some plausible reasons. Ignoring the world sales of games and just count NA ones is incredibly stupid. If that was the case the Xbox will always win cause they're bigger in the US. Counting world sales, European ones specifically we get an entirely different picture. (The GT sales figures being brought up above being an excellent example, GT being a huge series in Europe)
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