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Submitted by Dee_91 1016d ago | news

Misleading GT6 Release Date, Box Art Floods the Web

GTPlanet:Beware, GT fans – the Internet has been overflowing with inaccurate information on Gran Turismo 6‘s release date and box art this week. (Gran Turismo 6, PS3, PS4)

iGAM3R-VIII  +   1016d ago
They did say that it wasn't the official box art..
sengoku  +   1016d ago
i'm sure we will see GT6 for PS4 and maybe PS3.
they might not release on day one but certainly in it's 1st year is very possible, they have been working on it for a long time.

Sony wants there system moving gran turismo 10 million copy's sold on there next gen system no doubt, and they would have been moving heaven and earth to make it possible.
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SolidStoner  +   1015d ago
I really hope GT6 will come to PS4... but IF it comes to PS3, then it must be on PS4 also...

I just remember when I got my ps3 on its release, I waited for GT5 for about 4 years... I buyed the ps3 for the GT in the first place, ok I got GT5 prologue, but still... thing is I want to say that PS4 must have Gran turismo on it period!
Salooh  +   1016d ago
I'm expecting a ps4 game. Ps4 or this is a waste of hard working to get more money instead of making the best GT ever. They have the option to make ps3 and ps4 versions but if they don't make a ps4 version it will be a failure in my eyes...
Venemox  +   1016d ago
I don't we'll see a GT for the PS4 in at least 2 years. Partially because Sony doesn't want to have two similar exclusives having to compete with each other (the other one being Drive Club) but also because it's obvious that if GT6 is a PS3 game, they have put all their efforts into making it as good as possibly can be, there for not splitting their efforts into making 2 versions.
Salooh  +   1016d ago
Drive club is not a sim. Why people mention it in gt6 articles?. It's like comparing GT to need for speed. Both don't effect each other because both aim for different people.

PD always try to make the best game they can. Ps3 is holding the game because of it's limits. GT5 premium cars supposed to be for next generation. Which means they were making GT6 before even GT5 finished. They can't even put good looking backgrounds because ps3 can't handle it so imagine if they put more stuff and features. They only can do tricks which is a waste of time to make what they want..
The_Troll_Whisperer  +   1015d ago
Plus, the trend was to make two Gran Turismo games per platform. It has a 70 million user base with PS3, and they have spent lots of time with the engine to just throw it away IMO
Gamer-40  +   1016d ago
I think, Gran Turismo 6 coming ps3, its Sony big mistake.
I really hope, GT6 Ps4 title.
ziratul  +   1016d ago
Can you imagine how HUGE mistake that would be. GT6 to be sold to ... 200k customers (at start) instead 75 mil PS3 consoles. It will take 5 or more years for PS4 to get such big market, until then GT6 will be obsolete.
Gamer-40  +   1016d ago
No, Gran Turismo biggest system seller for all PlayStation console.

Ps4 new console, ps3 not. Ps4 need true system seller for start or 1 year, Gran Turismo brand the biggest title.

Ok, GT6 coming ps3, GT7 coming 2015-2016 for Ps4? Not good.
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Jaqen_Hghar  +   1015d ago
Holiday 2014 there'll be a few million PS4s out and it will continue to sell as more PS4s are sold. It's not like GT5 sold 10m first week these games are all about legs. Also GT3 came out near the beginning of PS2 (2001 a man believes) and it's the highest selling game in the series.
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imahustla19  +   1016d ago
It's funny I'm on n4g a few times a day and this is the first I'm seeing n e thing about gt box art or dates .i thought its been all over the net for days?
Dee_91  +   1015d ago
Yes 2 or 3 days ago articles with these box arts and fake release dates started popping up,not no names sites but bigger name sites like the article states.Like most news on N4G since its user submitted chances are we wouldve been seeing those articles from Playstation blog topgear site etc eventually.So its best to nip those rumors in a bud before it even starts right?
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level 360  +   1016d ago
If GT6 on PS3.. maybe.. just maybe GT6: Prologue for PS4?

Please Sony no more teasing and make a full version GT7 for the PS4.
Jaqen_Hghar  +   1015d ago
Why would the prologue be on the next gen console? It would be GT7 prologue if any prologue was on PS4. A man hopes for GT6 on PS4 holiday 2014.
josephayal  +   1016d ago
There's no way they could release GT6 on PS3 right around the release date of the PS4, I will be very disappointed
Felonycarclub8  +   1015d ago
I want gt6 on my ps3 and gt7 on my ps4, why do people want to get rid of ps3 so quickly? I want a proper gt on ps4 and not a port or upscale version something that will take full advantage of ps4 and I think it will be a waste of gt5 engine if they didn't make gt6 on ps3 they will make more money if it was on ps3, and if they want to please some people do a prologue in the ps4
The_Troll_Whisperer  +   1015d ago
IMO I think the second picture should be the OFFICAL box art. It looks really cool :)

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