PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection poll – the results are in

Countries: AE, AU, GB, IE, NZ

by Chris Howe

Hi everyone! I know you’ve been waiting a little while but I am happy to say that the results are now in for the PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection (IGC) poll that we ran back in February.

Firstly, I want to say a big thank you to everyone who took the time to read, participate in and feedback on the Blog. We had over 450 comments providing some great insights into your views on the service and some great suggestions for future Plus titles!

PlayStation Plus is a hugely important part of PlayStation now and we believe it’s providing an incredible service that offers excellent value for money for gamers. This value comes not just through the games in the IGC, but also in the 2GB cloud-based storage available, the exclusive Plus discounts and early access to betas and demos, amongst other benefits.

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Majin-vegeta1855d ago

Less shooter and more variety.

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MikeMyers1855d ago

Agreed, but it's a bad sign they mentioned the top 3 when the 3rd choice (shooters) was well behind the other two. They should have just mentioned the top two as they were very close.

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Minato-Namikaze1855d ago

PS+ offers 2GB of cloud storage? I thought it was only 1GB all this time..... you learn something new everyday, lol.

GribbleGrunger1855d ago (Edited 1855d ago )

Yeah, it was updated a while back. Probably because of the inclusion of the Vita.

Minato-Namikaze1855d ago

Ahhh, thank you and you too Lucreto. I had just assumed it was 1GB shared between the vita and PS3.

Lucreto1855d ago

1GB for PS3 and 1GB for Vita.


looks like the PlayStation + nation want RPG and action/adventure more then FPS

majiebeast1855d ago

Yeah and thats a good thing i am almost completely done with the FPS genre at this point KZ:SF only fps im looking forward to and maybe BF4 but it uses Origin.

ApolloTheBoss1855d ago (Edited 1855d ago )

Yep and other people are starting to feel the same way. The 14% decline in overall sales for Black Ops 2 compared to MW3 should be a wake up call.

Snookies121855d ago

Ugh, Origin... It's the only reason I don't own BF3 on my PC.

H0TSHELLZ1855d ago

NOT ME i still love COD and FPS, hope we get a BF4 Beta !!!!

ABizzel11855d ago

My 2 favorite genres, and that's pretty much what I felt the PS community enjoyed the most.

Redempteur1855d ago

The question is : what kind of rpgs will they provide ?

MoveTheGlow1855d ago

I'd love to see Resonance of Fate. On the actiony side, Dragon's Dogma would be an easy pick considering they have a followup.

Sharius1855d ago

i don't think dragon's dogma is the good choice, the dark arisen abut to release, accord to some source it has no trophy, so if they offer the dogma sure the arisen sale will decrease, the most promise choice is dragon age 1 or 2, seeing the dragon age 3 will be surface soon

andibandit1854d ago

I just hope it's not more JRPG's

ziggurcat1855d ago

there are barely any FPS games on PS+ instant game collection as it is... actually, i've seen no FPS games ever.

rustyspoon801854d ago

We've had Bioshock, Dead Space and Deus Ex in the UK.

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Hellsvacancy1855d ago

Im hoping MAG gets released on PS+ eventually, not many players these days

TheUndertaker851855d ago

MAG 2 needs to be announced first. MAG would be a better game if it'd just got a little more support and fail safes for the future.

No point in trying to play MAG. Can't even get a game of Aquisition going. Domination is an afterthought.

Blastoise1855d ago

Hurray for RPG's

But why does everyone hate Puzzle games? I got a lot of fun out of Lumines

Minato-Namikaze1855d ago

Had no idea how fun Lumines was until i got if for my vita. I literally played it for a month straight when i 1st got my vita.

LakerGamerEnthusiast1855d ago

@Blastoise & Minato

I'm looking forward to the Vita and Lumines as well! I just ordered an awesome bundle online with like 6 games, 3 Memory cards one being 32 gb, and a bunch of other accessories all for 265. Lumines really caught my attention though, I LOVE games where Music is a factor and its fun. Been planning on getting the game ever since I wanted the Vita.

Looking forward to that game though! I also got NFS: Most Wanted. Super stoked :D

despair1855d ago

Not hate on puzzle but its low on the list of genres, just means people want to play the others more than puzzle games. I'm the same way, I love a good puzzle game, but give me a choice and it will be lower than many other genres on my list.

Plus PS+ has already gotten quite a number of puzzle games so maybe that's a factor as well (probably the main factor).

MuhammadJA1855d ago

Because people are stupid and don't like thinking?

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