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PlayStation Store update enounters massive delay

The April 16, 2013 PlayStation Store update isn't going as planned, and Sony hasn't offered any information as to why it's delayed. (PS Vita, PS3, PSP)

Update PStore has been updated.

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Snookies12  +   621d ago
Yeah, people are raging on the US blog. I'm kinda mad too, I've been wanting to check out the Soul Sacrifice demo all freaking day... :\
smashcrashbash  +   621d ago
People are always raging on the PlayStation Blog even when there is nothing to rage about.That is no big surprise.The one time PSN doesn't deliver and people fly off the PlayStation Blog attracts the worst group of gamers. Even worse then here
Snookies12  +   621d ago
Yes true, but as a company, Sony has to deliver when they say they're going to. Updates should be uniform on the same day. I can see an unexpected mess up occurring maybe once or twice, but this kind of things has happened multiple times in the past. Where they didn't update the store the day they were supposed to.

I love the PSN for what it is, but it's definitely not perfect.
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araman  +   620d ago
The "one time"? You haven't been on PSN long if you think this is the "one time". That said, this is no big deal, it will come up soon.
CalvinKlein   620d ago | Trolling | show
arronax-1  +   620d ago
I know right? Sometimes people need to get over themselves and realize that sh*t happens.
BrianC6234  +   620d ago
The least Sony could have done though was tell everyone what's going on. They did nothing though. They never mentioned the maintenance even. You had to check their Twitter account or another site to know about it. Not good. Usually they make a blog post telling everyone about it.
Majin-vegeta  +   621d ago
Seriously people need to stop being cry babies.What I've noticed is depending on the size of content we're getting.That's how long it takes Sony to update it.

E.G Little to minimal Content 2 P.M.+ ,Meidum content 4 P.M,+ and major content like today.6 P.M.+

Note this is all West coast time.

Edit:Gonna download Dragon Book
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BrianC6234  +   620d ago
The update doesn't seem that big this week so it should have been up by 3 pm PT according to you.
lex-1020  +   620d ago
So by your logic. This must be gargantuan size update. Sine it's now 1200hrs 17 Apr (PST) and it still hasn't been updated.
TooTall19  +   621d ago
Over 2,500 comments on the latest blog post. This time they are really fired up!
delboy   620d ago | Trolling | show
GribbleGrunger  +   620d ago
It's a great way to poll how many infants there are on PSN
UnholyLight  +   621d ago
I am certainly not defending Sony but I know from experience (with Xbox Live) that sometimes things happen from time to time. This goes for anything really, not just console companies. While it should be uniform and unobtrusive (like it usually is) there's always the chance that something can be overlooked or unaccounted for that causes this to happen.

Sometimes ya just gotta let it be and when everything gets fixed it gets fixed!! Like I said, sometimes it's beyond their control when it comes to pushing new updates and such.
nukeitall  +   620d ago
The thing with Xbox Live is that I don't remember ever encountering any issues since the holiday of 2007 I think. Sometimes there are issues reported, but it only affects some people.

That of course gets made into "news", yet it affects a small subset of people. You never hear about this on PSN, because PSN doesn't inform you at all.

Instead, PSN does this constant maintenaince updates that requires them to take the system down. It happens quite frequently too.

Why don't they hot patch it like MS? i.e. while the system is still online?
violents  +   620d ago
At least one person is sensible.
I agree, the people that are doing all this programming are just that, people, and we all make mistakes or things just don't go as planned and take a little longer. Just because you have to wait an extra day for a game demo or something doesn't mean you get to cry like someone is trying to take your first born or something. I mean really all these people making such a fuss out of an online store being down for a couple days, do you throw a fit on the street when the grocery store is closed too?


I love how the xbots claim this happens on some constant basis, I suppose it does when you only use your ps3 once every couple months or so. They update the store once in a while, get over it, at least they don't charge you to look at it. I would much rather they take it down once in a while to make improvements than deal with anything from MS. I use my ps3 pretty much daily and this is the first time in like 6 months or so I couldn't use the store, so saying this is some constant thing is just ludicrous fanboy trash.
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UnholyLight  +   620d ago
@violents, I agree with your first paragraph, the second one I don't. nukeitall actually speaks some truth in that Sony really isn't as good at addressing these issues. Xbox Live does hiccup from time to time when these updates occur but he is partially right when it comes to certain people being affected...It almost seems like Xbox Live affects certain areas more than others and PSN is like this too. When PSN goes down my friend tends to lose connection for much longer than other people do. Xbox Live has been the opposite for me, tending to get back on sooner than other people.

Anyways, I reiterate what I said before; They're people too and mistakes can happen. I do agree however that there ARE some things that Sony could do to try and make things a little easier and be upfront about stuff...but who knows, maybe the issues they encounter are more difficult to deal with and don't want to make any promises if they aren't sure they can keep 'em.

Everyone needs to just chill out and stop attacking each other's platforms for things that happen. Yes there's things both can do, but lets all just stop whining and be happy they BOTH can get their services up in the timely manner that they tend to do!!
violents  +   620d ago
I'm not attacking anyones platform of choice just expressing my opinions. I did state an unfortunate fact that may have come off a little fanboyish, I'll agree with that but it is a fact and that's undeniable.

I will agree if sony had some better communication with the consumers a lot of this backlash could be avoided. I think part of the problem is they are spreading the ps3 too thin. The hardware was not originally intended to do as much as they are making it do now and when they try to add more it creates unforeseen issues. I'm glad they are continuing to support the ps3 even into the later years of the console but its pretty evident that its about at its limits, and they need to tell people what's going on and be a little specific, "routine maintenance" excuse is getting a little tired. Really sony just be honest with the consumer and you will prob be surprised with how understanding the community would be rather than some vague BS.
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FamilyGuy  +   620d ago
The maintenance got in the way, about to download Malicious, been waiting a while ^_^
Donnieboi  +   620d ago
All I wanted was RPG Maker 3 and the Soul Sacrifice demo :(
WildArmed  +   620d ago
Yes! I wanna play community made RPGs!
Snookies12  +   620d ago
Always loved RPG Maker, but I have VX Ace on my PC, so... Not sure if I really need 3 personally.

Can't wait for Soul Sacrifice though, it's gonna be great if the reviews of the demo in Japan are anything to go by.
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dedicatedtogamers  +   621d ago
I already broke down and got a hold of the Japanese demo of SS, but what excited me is that your progress in the demo carries over to the full game. It's not really a "demo". Rather, it is the first chapter of the game.
violents  +   620d ago | Well said
I know its off topic but it ticks me off.
just on that page, there are two people cussing at sony for the network being down, when will people have some get some common decency and learn how to discuss problems in a civilized manner. I swear the thought of being cordial, even in an argument, is completely gone from this country.
mac_sparrow  +   620d ago
Well said bubble
violents  +   620d ago
thanks for the bubble mac_sparrow!

And how do we both get disagrees for that, would those 2 people rather everyone scream and cuss and throw fits over everything?
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ExCest  +   621d ago
I just want to point out: "enounters".
Snookies12  +   621d ago
Dang, I usually notice stuff like that, didn't this time though. Good catch.
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coolasj  +   621d ago
This happens from time to time sadly.
Kingthrash360  +   621d ago
man I was waiting for an article on this too. always happens when something big hits smh
imahustla19  +   621d ago
When mortal kombat was released the network went down for a month because of hacks.now the day injustice releases networks down again??? conspiracy any 1?
ziggurcat  +   621d ago
it's not the first time this has happened. i think one time it didn't update until around midnight...

i don't know why people are raging, really... it's not like the content is only up for a day or two.
Snookies12  +   621d ago
In this case, the demo has a timed multiplayer event. It's only up until the 30th. So yeah, time is a little bit of a factor on this one.
TheUndertaker85  +   621d ago
Cool story. Is it the 30th though? No? It's the 16th? Oh, sorry. Didn't know two weeks wouldn't be enough to play a demo.
Snookies12  +   621d ago
@TheUndertaker85 - Chill dude, why so mad? I was just making a point that some people might get angry about that. It doesn't personally bother me, but some people might take issue with it.
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HG_69   621d ago | Spam
r21  +   621d ago
Right on the day when SS demo comes out :C Its like a cruel joke.
AndreausAhazard  +   621d ago
WTF is the entire day i was waiting for soul sacrifice :| come on sony.
Brian1rr  +   621d ago
You guys are a bunch of cry babies just wait another day.
Kingthrash360  +   621d ago
not really trippin but..... paying customers aren't cry babys we just want what what we want WHEN its supposed to available. most are mad over SS for two reasons one its SS and two we heard enough about the game and it is our turn to enjoy hands on. a person can only watch YouTube's Japanese version so many times. it's like celebrating Christmas on the 26th
cr33ping_death  +   621d ago
oh well one more day for Knife of Dunwall
fOrlOnhOpe57  +   621d ago
MASSIVE delays *smh*
smashcrashbash  +   621d ago
See. They told us what happened on twitter and apologized.Was that really worth 2,500 comments? The PlayStation Blog is full of a bunch of whiny,rude,impatient people who complain at the drop of a hat and are NEVER satisfied.They are rude to everyone and get mad when they get told off.And they are even rude when developers are being cooperative and understanding and tell them nonsense like how their games look like garbage and how it isn't worth their money.The moment PSN isn't bursting with content they piss and moan even if we got lots of content for months before.Then people defend them and tell them they have the right. I don't remember consumer rights including you being an unreasonable @$$hole every second of the day.Thew way people cry and moan you would think that they said the demo for Soul Sacrifice was delayed until December 2014.It's just a day.The demo isn't going anywhere. Look at the stupid headline. MASSIVE DELAY. It's just a few hours and it's a MASSIVE DELAY. And every troll and idiot eats it up.
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smashman98  +   621d ago
Lol love looking at those comments on the day of a playstion plus reveals
insomnium2  +   620d ago
Yeah the word "massive" really needs to be taken out of the headline. Nothing but sensation seeking BS.
metalgod88  +   620d ago
The people on the playstation blog are simply trying to 3000 comments for whatever reason lol.
As for the psn not being updated, it's a little annoying as I'm most of us were anxiously waiting for the Soul Sacrifice Demo. Normally I wouldn't really care, but this is a pretty big title for the vita and to have a demo that transfers over all saved data to the actual game, people want to play the heck out of it... Just saying.
Serjikal_Strike  +   620d ago
There are far bigger problems in this world than a late ps store update.
Move on
WeAreLegion  +   620d ago
Yeah right...
Veneno  +   620d ago
What kind of high and mighty comment was that? You can say that about absolutely every single story on this website or any other gaming site.

Gaming websites are CONSUMER driven. So yeah, genius, people are going to talk and complain about CONSUMER NEWS AND EVENTS.

Should we start talking about the marathon bombing here in the playstation update article? Use your brain for crying out loud.
arronax-1  +   620d ago
Get over yourself and realize that sh*t happens. No one ever promised you paradise did they?
thebudgetgamer  +   620d ago
I'm so angry I want to kick at some dirt and wave my fist in a gesture of said anger.
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gano  +   620d ago
Wait, wrong blog
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Soldierone  +   620d ago
This happens almost every time something highly anticipated releases.... No matter what it is. Remember when Sony was hyping the hell out of Qore? That update didn't come till almost the next morning. Major game releases are often late in the evening too.

When its just standard stuff, its normally released timely. However I don't understand why they don't start uploading before, then just update the "new releases" and "featured" pages at a specific time? Especially when a hot release is coming out.

Been wanting to play Soul Sacrifice since they showed it off at that Japan meeting.
ger2396  +   620d ago
The delay actually worked in my favor, as I was able to purchase guacamelee today at the discounted price.
Congrats ^_^ Loved Guacamelee...

Seriously though wtf Sony :(
izumo_lee  +   620d ago
Not making any excuses for Sony but they did have a massive maintenance the day before. Also this weeks releases are highly anticipated so it may be Sony preparing for the possibility of an overload. If people have to wait might as well get all the problems fixed & be ready than have the store crash due to the many downloads that will be occurring.

Personally as much as i want to try the new games ala Soul Sacrifice & Dragon Fantasy the downtime gave me time to work on the backload of games that PS+ has provided.

We're getting free stuff, i don't think it would hurt any of us if we wait a day or two.
ironmonkey  +   620d ago
Even sony fans cry. I guess ms and sony people are the same.
Evil_Ryu  +   620d ago
this is one area that sony needs to take notes from xbox live
despair  +   620d ago
LMAO, yea, wasn't xbox live down for a while last week?
Mustang300C2012  +   620d ago
Yeah 3 hours sure is a while omg.


Come to reality
despair  +   619d ago
I will say that PSN doesn't update on time ever, the store is terrible(new one is worse than the old one and that wasn't all that great) and the very few(and its quite rarely) downtimes suck.

But to make a bigger deal out of it than it is, is ridiculous. 3 hours IS a "while", and its just a counter point to show that both systems get issues to deal with, not a dig at MS.
kenshiro100  +   620d ago
...Things happen people. No gaming company is invincible.
oldassgamer  +   620d ago
... nor infallible
o-Sunny-o  +   620d ago
I wasn't able to eat because of this :( jk and they say that EU is always getting stuff late well this round you win.
Roper316  +   620d ago
good thing for all the maintenance on Monday. /s
DJ  +   620d ago
I'm cool with it. Go read a book or something.
GamerElite  +   620d ago
or get laid
Kingthrash360  +   620d ago
I get laid WHILE playing the game and could also get laid while downloading SS...I should be getting laid while playing SS...but...
DarkZane  +   620d ago
The reason it hasn't updated is because maintenance from monday is still going on.

Now, if you want a bad launch, remember Gravity Rush. Store updated Wednesday early morning and there wasn't even maintenance.

Can't wait to see when Soul Sacrifice actually hit in 2 weeks, it's probably gonna be worst than Gravity Rush and then all hell will break loose on PS blog.
dkeat  +   620d ago
Update on their Twitter states, "UPDATE: The PSN team is working hard on the PS Store publish, happening later today. We’ll update here when live. Thanks for your patience."
That was 1 hour ago.
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