Let’s Reboot… Syndicate

PC Gamer - Dark streets. Electric nightmares. Perpetual rain drips down the side of silent chrome buildings, as the elite inside stare down at the dots below that dare to think of themselves as people. It’s a cyberpunk nightmare, where cybernetic Agents act with impunity, and ruthless ambition is as dangerous as any gun. This is the world of Syndicate, dragged kicking and screaming back from the 90s.

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Jdoki1919d ago

A proper reboot of Syndicate would be awesome. With the success of the XCom reboot / remake I think it's more viable now than ever.

The 'other' Syndicate reboot should quickly be forgotten.

pissed9991919d ago

I laughed when they said it "needed" to be a FPS then flopped. Haha silly suckers.