Army of Two Review for Xbox 360 by Loot Ninja

Army of Two is a great co-op game from EA that you can pick up with a friend and play either split screen or online. The game tries to push the envelope in the genre by really making the two characters interact with each other in order to finish objectives. The addition of a partner is vital to the gameplay, not like just having more marines in Halo 3 or an extra friend to help you finish Gears of War. Army of Two does a lot of things right and provides a full and unique experience.

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drunkpandas3658d ago

The game is fun, but I think they could have done a lot more with it. Good start though... looking forward to what EA can do with the sequel

taz80803658d ago

There will definitely be a sequel to this title, when you finish the game you will se what I am talking about, teaser city!