Orion: Dino Horde Trailer Is Like Battlefield Meets Jurassic Park

Gaming Blend "Spiral Game Studios released a new trailer in celebration of the game's multiplayer beta test that kicked off this week, showcasing some of the brand new dinosaurs that players will be exterminating (as well as playing), along with some of the enhanced vehicular physics, new weapons and environments."

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Zotaku871896d ago

This looks pretty interesting - more a mix of JP and Halo to me though.

It would be a much more tempting title if given the option to play as the dinosaurs, trying to wipe out the hordes of humans. Still, looks neat.

Neonridr1895d ago

Agreed, as soon as I saw the trailer I was thinking to myself, what if Halo took place 65 million years earlier.. LOL

cyguration1895d ago

You can play as dinosaurs.

Zha1tan1895d ago

this game is pretty bad but a good idea that just lacks overall polish.

Primal Carnage is a much better game and that lets you play as dinosaurs.

gedden71895d ago

This looks rather stupid....

HmongAmerican1895d ago

This how dinosaur went extinct 65 million years ago. Those aliens came by and killed them all and took them away.