New Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 patch goes live on Xbox 360 - what's fixed?

El33tonline writes:

"Weighing in at 48MB on Xbox 360, a brand new patch has today been released for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 players, but what exactly does it do?"

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iamlegend99991778d ago

Well for starters. Nothing.

RyuCloudStrife1778d ago

I am no longer playing CoD (sold BO2) because of the lag but still hurts to see another update and the lag/connectivity situation is being ignored. I tried for sometime getting at David Vonderhaar, no reply whatsoever...

I will not buy another CoD 'till we have dedicated servers and even then, I'm gonna hold out a couple months and see how it holds out, because PC has had dedicated servers before on CoD and they were very shitty.

You did this to yourself CoD, no one else to blame.

Statix1778d ago

I won't be tricked ever again into buying another COD game. Not unless the terrible lag problems are fixed.

M-M1778d ago

Guess what? Another patch released with absolutely nothing in the patch notes stating that the lag compensation has improved. Still not playing it.

sackboyhappy1778d ago (Edited 1778d ago )

that anoying sound bug that sounds like a weird helicopter still hasn't been fixed then... or the other sound bug that lets you hear voices only, the voices only bug is funny at first tho lol

ijust2good1778d ago

Hopes are fading for Lag Comp...

Statix1778d ago

Treyarch is just ignoring it. If you close your eyes, the problem goes away.

Evidence of inherent lag problems in Black Ops 2:

SonyAddict1778d ago

Shut up and leave my money alone!.

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