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Submitted by Queasy 1039d ago | opinion piece

Xbox 720: Microsoft has lost control of the message

XMNR: Sony revealed the Playstation 4 during an event in February that did enough to showcase the next-gen console’s new features and capabilities even though the console itself wasn’t shown. Meanwhile, Microsoft is still playing it close to the vest with the next Xbox (aka Xbox 720) and the result is that it has lost control of the messaging culminating in a furor Friday over comments from a director forcing the company to issue an apology. (Xbox One)

Supermax  +   1039d ago
Omg what are we to with it
JoySticksFTW  +   1039d ago
They sure did.

Sounds like MS could have some cool ideas. But with all the rumors and Orth's twitter horror show, everything they do now is being looked on with skepticism.

Always on is now looked at as forced connectivity. And now, it looks like the media part is the main focus instead of gaming.

Heck yes, they've lost control of their messaging, to core gamers though.

That Orth screw up even hit Time magazine's website. If this fumbling by MS continues, the casuals will be exposed to this negativity. Instead if being the cool club system, the next Xbox will be that controversial system that they heard bad stuff about.

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