Valkyrie Profile On The Way To DS

Jump magazine in Japan has announced that a version of Valkyrie Profile will be making its way to the Nintendo DS. According to initial reports the game will boast ideas similar to the older Valkyrie Profile games that found a home on PlayStation branded consoles. The game will go by the name Valkyrie Profile: The Accused One.

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midgard2293755d ago

although its on DS o well wud rather psp, just gotta borrow my bros ds now lol. i LOVE VP games, and now this one sounds interesting, a guy whos against the valkyries, YES...lalalala sry bit excited

MiniMii3755d ago

What the hell you smoking.

PSX - Valkyrie Profile
PSP - Valkyrie Profile (with added scenes)
PS2 - Valkyrie Profile 2

midgard2293755d ago

i meant this new VP shuda been on psp, but i know they will use the stylus so i guess its fine, lol like if i didnt know it was on the psp

MiniMii3755d ago

Its already on the PSP, dumbass.

PSX - Valyrie Profile
PSP - Valkyrie profile (with added scenes)
PS2 - Valkyrie profile 2